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Best Tents Under 100 $ – Detailed Overview and Round Up

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Finding the best tents under 100 can sometimes be a struggle. Finding one that has a great quality and durability in the long run for such amazing value is difficult. But I have searched through hundreds of tents and I have rounded up my top choices to make your decision in choosing your tent as easy as possible.

They are sure to meet your needs and offer an overall quality and build that is often unmatched in the sector. I will firstly give my round up on my favorite 5 tents under 100 and then my personal favorite for certain kinds of tent like a best backpacking tent under 100 or a best 2 person tent under 100. Let’s get started!

My Top 5

1: Coleman Sundome 4 Person TentColeman Sundome 4 Person Tent

This Coleman tent is brilliant option for any small family or small group of friends that likes to go camping once in a while.  Let’s start with the set up time. The set up time with this tent is a breeze and shouldn’t take you any longer than 20 minutes even if you are a beginner.

The size of the tent is 9 ft by 7 ft and could comfortably fit any queen sized air mattress with ease. You could place it to one side of the tent and there still would be room for another person to sleep. If you are only planning to have 2 or 3 people staying in the tent there will be ample room for equipment and pets if need be. The tent has great ventilation. It allows for the tent to breathe and stops it from getting warm and stuffy on the inside. This would be an ideal tent for warmer weather conditions.

The tent also has 2 pockets of the side walls where you can put a light pointing upwards to illuminate the whole tent.

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5 Features I Love about the Coleman Sundrome 4 Person Tent:

check-303494_960_720Simple yet effective protection from rain including WeatherTecs system welded floors and inverted seems.


check-303494_960_720Absolutely great value considering materials used


check-303494_960_720Very light and easy to transport


check-303494_960_720Easy set up


check-303494_960_720Solid design and build


2: Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent – 5 PersonWenzel Pina Ridge Tent – 5 Person

First of with this Wenzel tent I really like the overall design of this tent particularly the red color scheme. It has 2 mesh doors which is fairly uncommon is such an inexpensive tent like this one. It allows for easy access in multiple ways which is a valuable asset on such a small tent. It also has 3 mesh windows and a mesh roof. All of these parts allow for excellent ventilation and airflow throughout this whole tent.

The bottom of the tent has welded seems that are made from polyethylene which is much more reliable and durable that the materials used in its counterparts. There are no threaded seems on the underside of the tent. This is very important when keeping inside the tent dry because it is often the reason so many cheaper tents may become wet inside. A great addition by Wenzel.

The center height on this tent is pretty great as well considering that it is a dome tent at 5 feet it offers a solid space inside that competing tents just can’t offer.

This tent can hold up well to the rain. Many users have reported the tent comfortably surviving thunderstorms that lasted for hours all without a drop of water to be seen inside, impressive.

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5 Features I Love about the Wenzel Pina Ridge Tent – 5 Person:

check-303494_960_720Great modern and stylish design


check-303494_960_720Very consistent when keeping the rain out


check-303494_960_720Excellent airflow and breathability


check-303494_960_720Spacious interior


check-303494_960_720Inside can be divided up using a divider curtain


3: Mountaintop Outdoor 3-4 Person Camping TentMountaintop Outdoor 2-3 Person Camping Tent

First of let’s talk about the double door design on this tent. It offers you the convenience and you will not be affected when your companions enter or exit the tent. This also allows for better ventilation and access to see the scenery around you which is always a great joy as a camper.

The inner tent also uses a high density breathable mesh material that is again great for ventilation and is used to keep the humidity balanced between inside and out.

Mountaintop have used a sewing process here that uses a waterproofing adhesive that is used to keep the tent dry inside. This is often the weak spot on a lot of less inexpensive tents so it is nice to see that Mountaintop have added this for additional protection from the rain.

One feature that is definitely worth mentioning is what they have called a support system. They are basically brackets that act as structural support that is built to withstand strong winds. I have never seen this type of feature on a low priced tent before, so definitely adds a lot of value to this particular tent.

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5 Features I Love about the Mountaintop Outdoor 2-3 Person Camping Tent:

check-303494_960_720Brilliant design


check-303494_960_720Unique support system that actually works


check-303494_960_720Double door design


check-303494_960_720Very fast setup and take down time


check-303494_960_720Consistently keeps you dry


4: Coleman Evanston Screened Tent (6 person)Coleman Evanston Screened Tent (6 person)

Let’s start of by emphasizing it’s a 6 person tent for under $100. Not is that absurd on its own, it actually provides such quality in many areas, let me explain.

First of this tent can house 2 yes 2 queen size air mattresses, don’t get me wrong it is a tight fit but it’s still manageable which can’t be said for the other smaller tents I have mentioned thus far. The tent offers a porch area and it’s just brilliant. It offers a nice place to sit outside and keeps you protected from them nasty bugs outside. I wish more tents came with this feature.

Sometimes with less expensive tents it is recommend that you put down another tarp for additional protection from the rain. This is absolutely not needed on this tent, the floor is extremely heavy duty and can protect well against an endless amount of rain.

While this tent can be set up by one person I would recommend that it be done by 2 people. It would take about half the time if 2 people where setting it up versus 1. Once its set up this Coleman tent offers a brilliant amount of space. The value for money in terms of available space is really 2nd to none, Coleman have done a superb job with this tent. The central height of this tent is 5ft7 which is very good for a tent in this category. This is definitely one of my favorites.

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5 Features I Love about the Coleman Evanston Screened Tent (6 person)

check-303494_960_720Offers value that some $250 tents can’t even match


check-303494_960_720Brilliant porch that offers a nice and protected area to sit outside


check-303494_960_720Did I mention this tent’s value to money ratio is just crazy good, excellent value


check-303494_960_7204 large windows that offer solid ventilation


check-303494_960_720Lives up to the promises to keep you dry


5: Wenzel Alpine Tent – 3 PersonWenzel Alpine Tent – 3 Person

The price for the tent is just right usually at well under $100, it provides a good quality especially considering the price. The set up with this tent is very simple and easy to build. There are only 3 poles needed to set it up and it’s sorted. Very simple and intuitive setup.

This Wenzel tent is spacious inside considering it is a tent for 3 people. It has a mesh like pocket in the loft which can be used for storage like wallets and keys for example which is very handy.

Moving this tent around the place is very easy due to its compact size. The tent is pretty light when packed away in its case and makes for easy transportation. The handles on the case are also pretty good and everything doesn’t feel crammed in unlike some other tents.

Often you find on cheaper tents that the zipper is of poor quality and often gets caught. Not with this tent the zippers works smoothly and seems pretty well made.

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5 Features I Love about the Wenzel Alpine Tent – 3 Person

check-303494_960_720Compact and easily transportable


check-303494_960_720Set up is fast and newbie friendly.


check-303494_960_7202 mesh windows provide solid ventilation


check-303494_960_720Can comfortably fit a queen size air mattress inside which plenty of space to spare


check-303494_960_720Consistently keeps the rain out even through long thunderstorms


My Favorite

The best tents under 100 that I could find have been rounded up and I the winner had to be the Coleman Evanston Screened Tent 6-Person. It offers such quality that tents even priced at over 250 often can’t and don’t match. It’s a 6 person tent for less than 100, that is a great way to start.

I would been cautious when I first noticed this tent thinking that because it’s a bigger tent for such a low price that they must have skimped on quality, but I could not have been more wrong. It offers a brilliant porch area that keeps the bugs away while still enjoying the fresh air and scenery, my personal favorite feature of the tent.

It offers 4 massive windows that provide brilliant ventilation. The set up and take down time of this tent is very quick and can be done in 15 minutes easily. And the weathered system features are designed to keep you dry and they actually live up to their promise. There are many more positives on this tent and that’s why it’s my pick for best tent under 100.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent (6 person)

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Best Backpacking Tent Under 100Best Backpacking Tent Under 100

My chosen best backpacking tent under 100 is the Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent. Now let me explain why. After doing a lot of research I have come to the conclusion that this tent offers extraordinary value and a high quality product. You really will struggle to find a backpacking tent as good as this one under 100. The setup time on this tent is great even if you are a beginner when it comes to camping I can’t imagine you having any problems setting it up.

Inside it offers a nice space for 1 person or a comfortable space for 2 smaller people as well. There is a hook on the center top of the dome which makes for a nice place to hang a lantern light which is brilliant to illuminate the tent inside when it gets dark. This tent comes with 10 metal stakes but you won’t need all of them for setting up, 4 should be sufficient. It’s great that Coleman provide a lot more than you really need so if some did happen to break or get damaged you still have plenty of spares which is great.

In terms of airflow this tent is solid. It has both windows on the back on front and a ground vent which gives you a great amount of control with the ventilation. This tent is a backpackers dream due to the tent being very lightweight and portable. Based on the countless reviews on amazon it seems it really is very consistent and reliable when it comes to keeping the rain out. Of course there are a few select people who had issues but this really seems like a rarity overall. It’s fast set up and take down times are perfect for someone who is frequently changing camp site.

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Best 2 Person Tent Under 100Best 2 Person Tent Under 100

My chosen best 2 person tent under 100 is the Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2 Person Tent 2015. The reason I have chosen this tent is because first of the space inside. A lot of the time when you see a 2 person tent it really is a cramped affair when you actually get 2 adults inside the tent, not with this tent. It offers an absurd amount of space when it comes to all other 2 person tents. There is room for both 2 adults and gear which can be stored using the vestibules.

The tent is made of mostly mesh which provides brilliant ventilation. Not only does it provide great ventilation but this mesh material allows for a brilliant view when lying down. If you are the type of person that loves to gaze up into the stars you are going to love this tent.

Based on countless people reviews this tent keeps you dry no matter the weather. It’s consistent and reliable which are very important features in any tent. I would also like to finally mention that I really enjoy the design of this tent along with the premium materials used including the better polyester material which is known to be better at keeping the rain out unlike that the cheaper and worse counterparts.

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Best Tent Under 200 Best tent under 200 $

Now let me talk about if after looking through these tents and you still haven’t found the one for you. Maybe you are seeking something that has more room or an improved overall quality and build. Let me suggest my favorite tent under 200 that is sure to blow your mind!

My choice for the best tent under 200 is the TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent (4 Man Version)

This tent is super durable and uses extremely high quality materials throughout. There is a reason that TETON offers a lifetime warranty yes you read that right a lifetime warranty on this tent. This proves they have the utmost confidence on their products standing the test of time and even if you did have a problem after a number of years using the tent you are covered, which I absolutely love.

I love the design and colors used in this tent. The yellow and black color scheme is attractive. The materials they have used throughout are very breathable and greatly helps with ventilation and preventing condensation inside. Finally the set up in this tent is fast and simple. Someone with no experience setting up tents should be able to set it up with no issues.

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Best Tents Under 100 Conclusion

I hope this article will help you with the deciding what is the best tent for you. Every person, group or family has different needs when it comes to camping and something that one person may want or need another doesn’t match. My insight has hopefully provided you with the needed information to decide what tent is for you, to really take your camping experience to the next level!

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