The Best Cabin Tents for 2021

best cabin tents

One of the best type of tents are cabin tents, because they have walls that are almost vertical to create more space inside. Being bigger than most tents means that anyone can easily stand up and move around inside and that you can usually put up wall dividers to make more rooms. Plus, cabin tents tend to be more durable.

All of the tents in this review set up quickly, saving you time and difficulty – ideal for first time campers. Even your children can help out when putting these tents up. This also means you have less gear that you need to lug around with you, and that you spend less time setting up your tent so you can start enjoying your camping trip right away.

Without further ado, I present to you five of the best cabin tents that I’ve found for 2021.

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Coleman 6-Person Cabin Tent with Instant Setup | Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds
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The Original-Authentic Standing Room 4-person Cabin Tent 8.5 FEET OF HEAD ROOM 2 or 4 Big Screen Doors Fast Easy SetUp,Fits Most 10x10 STRAIGHT Leg Canopy,FULL TUB STYLE Floor CANOPY FRAME NOT INCLUDED!
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CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'
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Best Cabin Tents – Our Top 5

#1 Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

This Coleman Instant Cabin Tent sets up instantly, in as fast as a minute, and can fit up to 4, 6, or 10 people. Let’s talk about all the features this one has that make it such a great cabin tent.

Setting up a tent has never been so easy and simple; all you need to do is unfold, extend, and secure it. It’s thanks to the preassembled poles that it’s so quick, and it’s also just as effortless to take back down.

It’s made with durable 150D/150D polyester which can withstand the elements of any season.

Taped and inverted seams and welded corners help keep water out, while the integrated rainfly gives you more protection and ventilation without the need for extra assembly. The four windows also help with fresh air, and they have mesh so that insects can’t come in. The large door makes it easy to get in and out, although it is not in the center.

The 4-person tent can fit a queen-sized air bed with dimensions of 8 x 7ft, and 4 feet 11 inches in height, whereas the 6-person tent fits two queen air beds (10 x 9 ft, 6ft center height), and the 10-person tent has dimensions of 14 x 10ft, which can fit 4 queen-size air beds and 6ft 7 inches center height.

It doesn’t just depend on how many people you’re going camping with, but also your preferences and how much gear everyone brings along. Personally, I like to be able to stand up in a tent, so the 4-person tent isn’t ideal for me, even if it’s just my partner and I. We usually have a lot of gear and our dogs with us, so the more space the better for all of us.

The tents come with a carry bag so that you can conveniently store it inside and carry along with you. The 10-person tent has something called Dark Room Technology, by using illumine reflective lining, 90% of the sunlight coming into the tent is blocked so that you can sleep in as long as you’d like without interruption by the sun. Plus, it reduces temperature buildup by about 10%.

  • Easy and quick set up
  • 3 different sizes
  • Large door
  • Built-in rainfly
  • A bit bulky and heavy to carry

#2 Standing Room Tents 100 Hanging Cabin Tent

The Standing Room Tents 100 Hanging Cabin Tent comes in the colour blue, grey, or tan and is perfect for couples or groups of 4.

The walls are straight so as to give you as much space inside as possible, and the ceiling is made out of waterproof fabric.

This 4 person cabin tent can be set up very easily by hanging from a canopy by hooks at the four corners. With straightforward instructions, it only takes around 10 minutes to have the tent put up.

With a height of 8.5 feet, this is a very tall tent, perfect for taller people or even the shorter ones, like myself, who just prefer to be able to stand up inside. And with dimensions of 28 x 9 x 9 inches, it’s really spacious and great for a family camping trip.

It has two very large windows for plenty of fresh air, as well as two large doors. Having more than one door can be really useful, especially if you’re a group of four people. If you happen to be an even larger group, it’s possible to connect two or more tents to create more rooms.

My absolute favourite feature this tent has would be the zippered skylight. It’s a must for me to be able to stargaze, and also take in more of the surrounding nature. It provides even more ventilation as well.

There are four storage pouches on the walls so that you can store small items in a convenient place and keep clutter off of the floor, and there are two power cord outlets that can be shut with Velcro. Not one, but two! It’s quite incredible really. Bringing electrical power inside is effortless. There’s also a separate storage bag for the tent included.

Standing Room Tents offer a 30-day-money-back guarantee because they want all of their customers to be 100% satisfied.

It’s important to note that a canopy frame does not come with the tent, so you’d need to get one separately.

  • Spacious
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Two doors
  • Large windows
  • Canopy frame not included

#3 Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

The Core instant cabin tent sets up in 60 seconds and 9 people can comfortably fit inside, as well as two queen-sized air mattresses. The total dimensions are 14’ x 9’ and it has a center height of 6.5 feet.

This was by far one of the easiest tents I have ever set up. The very first time I’ll admit that it took me around 5 minutes max, but I had done it by myself and wasn’t familiar with this particular tent. Now I can get it set up in a minute.

This cabin style tent has an electrical cord access port, which can be fully closed when you’re not using it.

Included you’ll find a rain fly, 7-inch steel tent stakes, pre-attached telescoping steel tent poles, and a storage bag so that you can carry this tent with ease. Only weighing around 12.5kg, it’s not difficult at all.

There are storage pockets attached to the walls so that you can keep items neatly in one place.

This tent with room divider can be split into two rooms so that you can have some privacy. For me, it really came in handy to use one room as a changing room. Of course, if you don’t want the tent to be split into rooms, the room divider is detachable.

Although this is advertised as a 9-person tent, if you have a lot of gear it would be best to reduce the number of your group by a little bit.

Ground air vents provide plenty of fresh air, and any hot air escapes through the large mesh ceiling. Together, the vents, mesh ceiling, and large windows offer a draft to ensure you stay cool in the hot weather.

I absolutely love the large mesh ceiling, not just because it helps provide even more of a breeze, but because I can see the sky from the inside easily. If you think it might rain, the extra wide, heat sealed thick taped rainfly will protect you.

The tent is made out of durable 68D polyester, whereas the floor is made with 125gsm P.E.

A footprint is the only thing that isn’t included, and so if you prefer to use one, you’ll need to get that separately.

  • Instant
  • Large windows
  • Ground air vents
  • Mesh ceiling
  • Footprint not included
  • Ideal for 7/8 people, not 9

#4 OT QOMOTOP Instant Tent

The OT QOMOTOP tent sets up instantly, in just 60 seconds, and is available in multiple sizes: 4, 6, 8, or 10-person tents.

All of the tents come with a rainfly, tent stakes, a carry bag, gear pockets, a gear loft, vents, and a mud mat. The rainfly has colour coding so that it’s super quick to attach.

I particularly love having a doormat, so that I can always remove my shoes before entering the tent to minimize any dirt being brought inside, and this particular one is made of the same waterproof material as the tent.

The storage pockets on the walls are great for storing small items, and the gear loft can be used to hold a tablet so that you can comfortably watch a movie while lying down.

These instant cabin tents are made with PU taping. Both the rainfly seam, inner tent seam, and the PE tube floor are made with welded corners to keep water from coming in, ensuring you stay dry even throughout heavy rain.

The 4-person tent has measurements of 8 x 8 feet and a center height of 4ft 11 inches. Personally, even if I just go camping with my boyfriend, I prefer a taller tent because this one is shorter than I am. Just 1 air bed can fit inside with gear. The 6-person tent is 10 x 9 feet, 5ft 9 inches center height – two queen-sized air beds can fit inside as well as your camping gear.

The 4 and 6-person tents have four windows.

The 8-person cabin tent measures at 13 x 9 feet with a 6ft 6 inches center height, and has five windows.

Whereas the 10-person one is 14 x 10 ft, 6ft 4inches center height, and has six windows.

These large cabin tents have an electrical cord port at the corner of the tent so that you can bring electrical power into the tent with ease, and it can be fully closed when not in use.

All of the tents have a mesh roof and two adjustable ground vents which provide enhanced ventilation, while letting you adjust the temperature as you see fit, and combat condensation.

You might want help setting up the 8 and 10-person tents, as two people are recommended to set it up. This is just because since it’s large it makes it faster to have someone’s help to unfold the tent. These two tents also come with room dividers.

  • Spacious
  • Plenty of windows
  • Mesh ceiling
  • Electrical cord port
  • Instant
  • 4-person tent is quite small
  • Only one door

#5 Timber Ridge 6 Person Cabin Tent

This family cabin tent by Timber Ridge is suitable for 6 people and very easy to set up. It’s also very affordable.

The base measures at 10 x 10 feet and has a center height of 6.5 ft, so there’s plenty of space for everyone, whether you’re going on a trip as a family or a group of friends. It’s a 3-season tent, so it can be used almost all year round, with the exception of winter, come rain or shine.

This is an instant tent, so set up takes less than 10 minutes, and no assembly required. I really like this because I don’t have to spend too much time putting up the tent and can start enjoying my camping trip right away. Plus, instant tents can be set up pretty much anywhere.

It has three zippered large mesh roll up windows so that you can always have fresh air coming in. The ceiling also has some mesh so that there can be a breeze. A rainfly is included just in case it rains.

The door of this cabin camping tent is a large O-shape for easy entry and exit, even when multiple people want to get in and out. There are also mesh storage bags so that you can conveniently keep small items, such as phones and keys, in one place and off of the floor.

Very sturdy, this tent comes with four thick telescopic leg poles that continue on the roof where there are another four poles. There’s also a fiberglass pole, thinner than the others, that is above the door.

It does have an electrical cord port, a lantern hook on the ceiling, and a mud mat. I’ve already mentioned why I love tents that include mud mats, and electrical cord ports are a necessity for some people. I’m always happy when there’s a hook to hang a lantern too, as it makes it much easier to illuminate the inside of the tent at night.

It weighs around 11.5kg, so it’s definitely not for backpacking. No problem to put it in your car and take it with you, though.

  • Affordable
  • Instant and easy to set up
  • Great ventilation
  • Mud mat included
  • Heavy

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