5 Best Large Tents for 2021 – Detailed Round Up

best large tents

Whether you’re looking for a moderately spacious 8-person tent or a huge 12 person with enough room left over to spare, there’s definitely a great option here for you.

I have selected the top ten best large tents for 2021 so that anyone can easily find the right tent and get to enjoying camping trips as soon as possible.

Every single tent in this list has its own great features, and if there were any problems, I had during my experience with them you can be sure to find out about that.

Best Choice
CORE 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent - 16' x 11'
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OT QOMOTOP Tents, 4 Person 60 Seconds Set Up Camping Tent, Waterproof Pop Up Tent with Top Rainfly, Instant Cabin Tent, Advanced Venting Design, Provide Gate Mat
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Best Lightweight Option
CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent - 16' x 9'
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Best Large Tents – Top 10

#1 Core 12 Person Cabin Tent

The Core 12 Person cabin tent comes in the color bright orange with some gray and white. Being a cabin tent, this means that the walls are straight, maximizing the amount of space.

Easily one of the best large family tents out there, with a total floor area of 11 x 16 (width x length), making up 175 square feet total floor area, and a peak height of 86 inches.

The tent’s body is made out of durable 68D Polyester, whereas the floor is even more heavy-duty 115gsm P.E.

Core tents feature something called H20 Block Technology, which simply means water repellent fabrics that have active bead technology and sealed seams on the rainfly, doors, and all windows.

The poles are fiberglass and up to 12 people can fit inside in sleeping bags or four queen sized air mattresses.

The rainfly is removable and water repellent, allowing you to expose the mesh ceiling for more air circulation in warmer conditions, panoramic views, and stargazing on clear summer nights.

The advanced venting system uses an adjustable air intake vent to draw cool air from the ground, while hot air rises and escapes through the ceiling, keeping you comfortable in all seasons.

There are large T doors at the front and a D-style door at the rear, so that multiple campers can easily make their way in or out of the tent at the same time.

Other features include storage pockets to keep small items organized and off of the floor, and an E-port to easily bring power into your tent.

A room divider is also included, enabling you to create separate living and sleeping spaces. I really enjoy designating one room for sleeping and the other for storing gear and using it as a changing room. One side has a floor area of around 5.5’ x 11’, and the other side has 10.5’ x 11’. Another great way to utilize this room divider is to bring along a projector and use it as a movie screen.

Apart from the tent, rainfly, and room divider, you also get the poles for both the tent body and the awning, stakes, and a carry bag. There are 22 stakes in total, and when packed up in its bag the size is 30.5” x 13” x 15.5” and the weight is 41lbs.

This is a rather heavy tent, but then again it is to be expected when you consider the size. You wouldn’t want to be carrying this one around for too long.

  • Two doors
  • Mesh ceiling
  • Straight walls
  • Included room divider
  • Heavy

#2 OT QOMOTOP 4/6/8/10 Person Tents

One of the best large instant tents by OT QOMOTOP. It sets up within seconds and has many great features.

There are multiple different sizes available: 4, 6, 8, and 10-person tents. Depending on which size you opt for, one person should be able to set it up without any difficulty. Although, for the larger sizes you would want another person to help out with the setup. 

The 4-person tent has an interior of 8 x 8 feet and a center height of 11 inches, whereas the 6-person tent has measurements of 10 x 9 ft (5ft 9 inch center height), and a queen size airbed could easily fit inside both of these tents, as well as camping gear. These two tents have four windows and one ground vent each. 

The 8-person tent is 13 x 9 ft with a center height of 6ft 6 inches, and the 10-person tent has dimensions of 14 x 10 feet and the center height is 6ft 4 inches. There’s plenty of room for two air beds inside and gear in both tents. Both of these tents have two ground vents, five windows, and a detachable room divider. 

All of the tents have PU taping on both the rainfly and tent’s inner seams and PE tube floors with welded corners that keep water out. Even through a long night of heavy rain, you’ll remain bone dry inside. The rainfly has color coding so that it’s extremely quick and easy to assemble. 

They also have electrical cord ports so that you can easily bring electrical power inside, and can be fully closed when you’re not using it. 

A carry bag, tent stakes, mud mat, gear pockets, and a gear loft are also included. 

I love that this tent comes with a mud mat, and it’s made with the same waterproof material as the flooring. The reason I like door mats so much is because I find it quite useful to have a place where everyone can keep their shoes so that everyone doesn’t bring dirt inside the tent every time they come inside. 

The mesh roof, along with adjustable ground vents, provide enhanced ventilation and assure you that you’ll find no condensation overnight. 

After hearing about all these amazing features, I’m sure you can now agree with me that this is indeed one of the best easy set up tents. 

The only possible complaint that I had was that they all have just one door, and when you’re a really large group it’s better to have more than one entryway. Aside from that, the tents can be quite heavy when packed up so taking this one with you backpacking is not an option.   

  • Variety of sizes
  • Great ventilation
  • Spacious
  • E-Port included
  • Durable
  • Only one door
  • Heavy

#3 Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

This group tent by Core is known as the Extended Dome, and you can probably see why. There are two color options available: bright orange with gray or wine red and gray. 

It has a roomy interior of 16 x 9ft and a center height of 6ft, so there is plenty of room for eight or nine people and even the tallest of campers can enjoy spending time inside this tent. 

Included with the tent you get the fiberglass tent poles, rainfly, steel stakes, and a carry bag so that you have everything you need for the simple assembly. 

The tent is made with 68D polyester with a 600mm PU rating. Its taped seams also help with keeping water out. 

There’s also an adjustable venting system so that you can have the perfect amount of fresh air coming in. 

The mesh ceiling is brilliant for several reasons. To start with, it makes this tent perfect for hot conditions because without the rainfly on there is a lot of air circulation. Also, the ceiling and vents work together so that cool air can be drawn in from the vents while hot air rises and escapes through the meshed ceiling. 

With this tent, you can also enjoy stargazing before falling asleep, which is a big part of a camping trip for me. 

Let’s not forget about the electrical cord access port, which closes securely whether it’s in use or not. If you have no use for an E-port, simply keep it closed and you don’t have to worry about that. Even when you are using it, hook and loop straps wrap around the power cord to add some security. There is also a gear loft with a lantern hook and storage pockets. 

The rainfly is made with extra wide, thick tape that has been heat sealed to the rainfly’s fabric making it durable and resistant to rain. 

This tent only has one door and one window though. I prefer only using this tent when it’s warm. The reason is that, since there is only one window, the mesh ceiling is the biggest contributor to fresh air, so it is better to use this tent without its rainfly on.   

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Limited ventilation with rainfly on

#4 UNP 10 Person Family Tent

The UNP 10 person is a huge tent, great for family camping trips. It’s made with double layer durable 185T Polyester with a PU rating of 1000mm. The material is anti-tearing and anti-ripping, so it is guaranteed to last you for years to come.

Weighing around 23.1 pounds, with a floor width and length of 9ft x 18ft, making a total area of 162 square feet. The peak height is 6.5ft so that even the tallest of campers can comfortably enjoy their stay in this tent.

This dome shaped tent can easily fit 10 sleeping bags or 3 queen sized air mattresses. The Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer poles attach with J hooks, removing the hassle of needing to put poles through sleeves and making the process much easier and quicker.

UNP also have patented foot sleeves, which make it more convenient and easier to assemble as well, whilst also providing more stability. This way, poles won’t slip on the ground, and the tent is more windproof.

Two people can have this tent assembled in less than ten minutes, which is quite impressive.

Together, the vestibular awning and extended awning design in the rainfly do a better job at preventing rain from getting in than other tents, plus they provide some shade from the sun too.

The zippers are of high-quality and two-way, allowing you to zip up or down the windows or doors from both the outside and inside. Being able to zip from down to up is great if you have children so that they can get in and out easier as well. Also, it enables you to use the zippers freely, without having to grab onto the tent cloth.

I love that this tent also has a mesh ceiling so that I can stargaze at night without any hassle and insects can’t get in. Plus, it’s really useful in summer, to have more fresh air circulating in while being able to take in the surrounding view. There are three windows on the side and two on the doors in total.

A room divider is included so that you can create two rooms, and each room gets its own door. You also get eight guy lines to give the tent more stability.

The two main poles are 11.0mm in size, the two side poles are 9.5mm, and the rainfly pole is 6.0mm.

More features include an electrical access port so that you can extend a cord into the tent from an outside power source. There’s also a gear loft so that you can conveniently air clothes and mesh pockets to store small items in one place rather than on the floor.

A carry bag is also included, as well as pouches for the stakes and poles. With the tent inside its carry bag, the size is 25.6 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches.

  • Room divider included
  • Two-way zippers
  • Hooks instead of pole sleeves
  • Mesh ceiling
  • Set up is a two-person job

#5 Coleman 8 Person Montana Tent

Another one of the best large camping tents, this time by Coleman – the 8 person Montana tent. There are actually three-color options for this one, and it’s great to have some variety: black and white, black and blue, or green and cream. 

This tent is made out of durable double-thick fabric that can withstand weather conditions of any season. It also sets up really easily and can be done in about 15 minutes. 

For those who have never set up a tent before, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first and take longer than the estimated time. But rest assured, once you have done it once you will only get faster every time you set it up. 

This tent, like all of Coleman’s tents, has been subjected to a wind and rain test before being available for purchase. 

To ensure the tents have sturdy frames, they are tested against winds of 35+ MPH.

For the rain test, a tent is placed into a rain room where over 35 gallons of water rain down at different rates, such as a light drizzle to heavy downpour. To make sure that the tent is water resistant enough, if more than two tablespoons manage to get into the tent then it fails the test. 

It is the welded corners and inverted seams that stop any water from getting in, and an included rainfly offers you even more protection from the weather.

The large D-style door is hinged so that you can get in and out really easily, this is especially great if you have children that like to run back and forth. The extended awning does cover the door, providing even more protection. 

The tent has an interior of 16 x 7 ft, which means that three queen air beds can fit inside. The center height is 6ft 2 inches so that it’s comfortable and easy to stand up and move around when inside the tent. 

Storage pockets that are built into the tent’s wall allow you to keep small items organized and in one place.  

It does come with a carry bag included so that you can keep the tent secure and easily take it with you when it’s time to go camping.  

There are only two small windows, but they are angled so that even when it is raining you can keep them open. Despite the benefit of having them angled, they are not large enough and I would have preferred more windows for a cross breeze. 

Since there is a lack of ventilation there’s a higher chance of condensation inside. I am so glad that I had brought a fan along with me on my camping trip, otherwise, I do not think I would have managed to get any sleep.  

An electrical cord access port lets you conveniently bring electricity into the tent. 

Even though this tent does come with everything that you need, such as tent stakes, I invested in getting some stronger ones instead because the ones that are included do not seem very robust.   

  • E-Port included
  • Large, hinged door
  • Spacious
  • Waterproof
  • Lack of ventilation
  • Weak tent stakes

#6 Core 10 Person Cabin Tent

Next in this large camping tents list, we have another by Core, the 10 person cabin tent. This one also comes in the colors orange, gray and white or wine instead of orange.

The tent’s body is made of 68D Polyester, but the floor is Polyethylene instead because it’s much more durable and is important for longevity.

Ten sleeping bags or two queen sized air mattresses can fit inside, with a floor width of 10ft and 14ft in length, providing a total area of 140 square feet.

The peak height is 86 inches so that even the taller campers have plenty of headroom. My 6’2” boyfriend reassured me of this on our camping trip.

Speaking of it rained quite hard that night and, in the morning, I could count the number of droplets on the floor with one hand. Quite impressive!

Core’s H20 Block Technology features an advanced venting system; adjustable ground vents keep you cool on warm evenings by drawing in cool air from the ground while hot air rises and escapes through the mesh ceiling, providing ample cross-ventilation.

All seams, doors, and windows have been thermally heat sealed so that rain cannot get inside.

A room divider is included so that you can create two 7’ x 10’ rooms, and there are two D-style doors – one at the front and the other at the rear so that each room has its own door. If you need to get from one room to the other, there’s a zipper at the center of the room divider so that it’s easy to do so when necessary.

Other features include a gear loft, lantern hook, mesh pockets, and an E-Port that is fully closable when not in use.

Apart from the tent and removable rainfly, you also get 16mm steel tent poles, 12.5mm fiberglass poles (2 black, 2 gray), 2-way plastic pole joints, the room divider, 8 guy lines, and 18 tent stakes (5mm)

What’s more, you get a fantastic carry bag included. It’s made of extremely durable 210D Polyester, is large, and has high-quality handles.

When packed up it weighs 35.5lbs and the size is 28.5 x 10 x 10 inches.

Set up is relatively easy and simple, my partner and I managed in around 15 minutes. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me had I done it alone though!

  • Spacious and tall
  • Adjustable ground vents
  • Fully closable E-port
  • Durable carry bag
  • At least 2 people required for setup

#7 CAMPROS 8 Person Family Tent

The CAMPROS 8 person is one of the biggest tents out there, ideal for family car camping. It’s available in the color red and is made of 185T Polyester with a water resistance rating of 1000mm.

The floor width and length are 9 x 14ft, so eight sleeping bags or three queen sized air mattresses can easily fit inside.

It weighs 17.4 pounds, which is surprisingly large for a tent of this size and capacity, and has a peak height of 6ft so that just about anybody can comfortably stand up inside this tent.

Set up can be done in around 5 minutes by two people, it’s so simple and straight-forward that a parent could do this with their child helping out.

The 2-way zippers are a great feature, and it makes them more durable too.

You get plenty of ventilation thanks to the large mesh door, five mesh windows, and mesh ceiling. Enjoy the panoramic views surrounding your tent and stargazing at night without worrying about insects bugging you.

This is a 3-season tent, so it’s not ideal for very cold conditions, but can handle light rain and is great for warm weather.

In its carry bag, the size is 24.6 x 8.26 x 8.26, which is around the same size as a sleeping bag. You wouldn’t want to carry this for too long, but if you have a car you don’t even have to think about it.

A room divider curtain is included, enabling you to create two rooms and you can use it to project movies on at night. It’s great to create another room, designated for storing gear, as a changing room, or simply for privacy between campers.

Inside the tent, there are large storage pockets so that you can keep small items like phones, keys, and wallets organized and eliminate the risk of losing them. There’s also an integrated E-port making it easy to bring power into the tent.

You also get the 8.5mm fiberglass poles necessary for set up, 14 stakes, 6 guy lines, and the removable rainfly. The stakes and guy lines even come in their own little pouches for organization.

This tent’s stable structure means it’s able to withstand winds at speeds as high as 45mph, as long as you’ve staked it well.

  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Durable carry bag
  • Easy to assemble
  • Room divider included
  • Not for cold conditions

#8 Coleman WeatherMaster 6/10 Person Tent

The Coleman WeatherMaster is one of the best big tents out there these days. There are two size options, 6 person or 10 person, and they both come in the colors brown and cream.  

The 6-person tent has enough room for two queen-sized airbeds and weighs 14.5kg. The measurements are 11 x 9 feet, and it has a center height of 6’8”. Not only is there plenty of space, but even if you’re tall you won’t have any issues standing up inside.  This one also has a nice D-shaped door and a separate, floorless, and meshed screen room. Come rain or shine, the screen room provides even more ventilation while keeping you protected from getting wet or the sun’s heat.

The large D-style door makes it very easy to get in and out, especially because it’s hinged. I’m used to much more flimsy doors, but this kind of door makes it effortless to access the tent even when carrying something like a baby.

It’s great to have a screen room to enjoy lounging bug-free, and it doubles as a place to keep gear and thus have more space inside of the room. Or, if it’s a particularly hot summer night you could sleep in the screen room. 

The 10-person one has two doors, which is a great feature to have when so many campers are staying in one tent. The maximum height is 80 inches, weighs 31 pounds, and the tent is made with durable polyester taffeta 75D 450mm with PU coating.  

There’s enough room inside this tent to fit 3 queen sized air beds, the front door is hinged which makes it easier to enter, and there’s a room divider for extra privacy.  

The measurements of this tent are 17 x 9 feet (W x D), with over 6 feet in height. It even has color coded poles that make the assembly process that much easier.  

So, apart from the size and the screen room, these tents are more or less the same as they both share the rest of the great features. 

Firstly, let’s start off by addressing the name of the tent – WeatherMaster. It gets the name from having Coleman’s ‘WeatherTec system’, which means that Coleman has a rain room built in their factory to simulate rain conditions, varying from a light drizzle to heavy downpour, in order to test their tents beforehand.  So, you know for sure that you’ll stay dry if some unexpected bad weather appears while you’re on your camping trip.  

Basically, this tent is guaranteed to be one of the best Coleman tents for rain because of its excellent waterproofing and design. Inverted seams in the tent increase weather resistance by ‘hiding’ the needle holes on the inside and this tent is also engineered to have a strong frame to resist against the wind thanks to the redesigned poles and guy-out triangles.  

The windows are angled, meaning that you can even keep them open when it’s raining because they keep the water out and provide more air circulation.  

There’s also a mesh storage pocket sewn into the side of the tent’s walls so that you can keep small necessities inside them within close reach and off of the floor.  

The zippers on the doors are made of weather-resistant fabric, adding even more protection from the rain. Not to mention the floors, which have been made with welding-inspired technology that strengthens the tent floor, eliminates needle holes, and makes it even more water resistant.  

Apart from having fully taped rainfly seams, the rainfly covers the doors and windows and incorporates Velcro frame attachments which are easy to use.   

You have everything that you need to set up the tent included, as well as a convenient carry bag that even has straight forward instructions sewn into the bag.  It’s also simple to do so and can be done in about 20 minutes thanks to the two color-coded poles, shock-corded fiberglass poles, pin-and-ring design, and InstaClip attachments.

Coleman have been in business for over 100 years, producing high-quality and affordable products, and the WeatherMaster 10 person Tent includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

The very first time I set it up, it did take me longer than 20 minutes, but that’s because I did it by myself and it was the first time – every time after that it only took about ten minutes.  

My only complaint is the tent stakes, even though they’re metal they are quite flimsy, and it seems like they could easily bend if they’re not staked carefully. For our full review – Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Review.

  • Lots of ventilation
  • Spacious
  • Easy set-up and take-down
  • Rain & Waterproof
  • Flimsy stakes

#9 Free Space Canvas Tent

Another best large tent, the cotton canvas bell tent by Free Space.

With a diameter of 5 meters, a door height of 63 inches, center height being 118 inches, side wall height of 31.5 inches, one king-sized and 2 twin-sized mattresses can easily fit inside. The stove jack hole’s diameter is 17.7 inches in diameter. 

Set up is quite easy but it’s definitely better with two people.

Made with 100% cotton canvas and in the color beige, this winter canvas tent is water repellent. All seams are double stitched, and corners are reinforced for extra strength. 

This tent also has a canopy configuration; the sides can be rolled up so that you can have more air coming in on hotter days.

There are four windows and four vents with mesh to make sure bugs can’t get in from there. The half-moon windows have zip-up covers so that you can adjust for your desired ventilation and privacy.

The floor is a sewn-in PE groundsheet, bath-tub style to keep water out. 

This large canvas tent is very easy to set up, and even easier to clean – simply wipe off or hose down. 

Canvas tents are the only ones that can maintain high water-resistance while also being breathable and stable. 

The only downside seemed to be the carry bag. It’s very flimsy and of poor quality, as it didn’t last long till getting ripped.   

  • Stove jack
  • Durable
  • Canopy configuration
  • Poor quality carry bag

#10 Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent

This big camping tent by Wenzel is called Klondike, and it is an 8-person tent. There are three color options: blue, green, or grey.

The tent’s body is made of Polyester, meanwhile, the bath-tub style floor is made with more durable polyurethane with water resistant coating all around. All seams have been double stitched, and seam sealed, including those in the removable rainfly, and all threads, zippers, and webbing has been treated with water repellant as well.

With a total area of 98 square feet, you can easily fit eight sleeping bags or two queen sized air mattresses inside this 3 season tent. Even with two mattresses, there’s still plenty of space left over around the tent for gear and such.

Even the tallest of campers will be comfortable inside this tent thanks to the 6.5 feet peak height. This one does weigh 27.3 pounds, so it is not good for backpacking but is perfect for a family car camping trip.

The best feature about this one has to be the screen room. It has an inverted T-style door to enter the screen room, and then a circular shaped door to enter the main room. All three of the windows have zippered flaps as well for added privacy and weather protection.

The screen room is 9 x 6ft, whereas the main room is 11 x 7ft, thus the total length is 16ft. Plus, this screen room does have a floor, which is great because a lot of tents tend to not bother. Having a separate living/sleeping space and place to keep your gear will keep the main room cleaner too.

With a shock-corded fiberglass roof frame with steel uprights and corner elbows, combined with a pin and ring system makes for easy assembly and a stable structure.

There are convenient storage pockets integrated into the tent’s walls to keep small items organized, such as keys, wallets, and phones – it’s nice not to need any of these for a little while.

The adjustable ground vents and mesh ceiling together provide great air circulation, keeping you cool in warm weather. Even with the rainfly on, this tent doesn’t maintain warmth much so it would be no good in cold conditions.

When it comes to set up, it can seem confusing at first with so many poles, I was able to get it up all by myself, albeit in 25 minutes. I got much faster the more I did it, as it only took 15 minutes the second time. There are instructions sewn into the carry bag, which is a nice touch.

Although the stakes are thick, mine came loose overnight and it wasn’t even that windy (around 15mph), and unfortunately, there is no electrical cord access port with this one.

  • Screen room
  • Large T-style doors
  • Bug proof
  • Double-stitched and sealed seams
  • Very water resistant
  • No E-port
  • Weak stakes

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