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Here at Best Tent for You we love everything outdoors. Because we love the outdoors we cover everything to do with it including camping, backpacking, hiking and travel just to name a few.

All of our information we provide is written by our own team of experts in each of their respective fields. We only work with writers and editors who are knowledgeable in said topics and have a host of experience which we always verify before publishing any of their information. Point being is we aim to provide quality information that not only is fun and interesting but written by people who really understand the topic inside out.

On Best Tent for You we have 2 primary types of articles. One being informational which is based around a current informational style topic. In these articles we write from our own experience and lots of extensive research to make sure everything is backed up.

The second kind of articles we do is product reviews and round ups. These kinds of articles are from our own usage of the products and research from the market to give the best overall picture for the products in each topic that we cover. We also make sure that our testing is the most extensive with our team testing products for at least 30 days before considering adding it to our articles for recommendation.

Keep in mind that we do earn a commission for products that you purchase through our links. Though it’s important to mention that our reviews are never biased because of this fact. As mentioned are reviews and round ups are based on our own extensive usage and overall market research. It’s also worth mentioning that we would never benefit from recommending a product that wasn’t good quality. Because if the reader then decides to return the product we make nothing from it. Therefore there is really no incentive for us to recommend inferior products, even if pressured or persuaded by manufacturers.

We think we have a pretty in-depth and practical review system that really delves deep into the products which leaves us with products we are proud to recommend to our readers.

Our Team

david gray

David Gray, Founder

David is a long time adventurer and lover of all things camping.

email:  david@besttentforyou.com


Samantha Rose, Writer

Samantha loves her camping even in the winter, so much so she even did it in Alaska!

email: samantha@besttentforyou.com


Peter Williams, Head Editor

Peter is a long time traveller who have a particular love for backpacking!

email: peter@besttentforyou.com


Emily Ratana, Expert Hiker and Blogger     

Emily is our resident hiking expert. She shares he knowledge and advice brilliantly in our articles.

email: emily@besttentforyou.com

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