5 Best 4 Person Tents in 2020

I would like to start out by saying that even though a 4 person tent can hold 4 people I would not recommend this instead if you going to be using the tent for 4 people I would recommend going for a 6 person tent.

Though I feel a 4-person tent is the ideal size for 1-3 people, this way you won’t feel too cramped and will really be able to enjoy your adventure as much as possible!

If you are bringing a lot of gear with you or pets, it’s worth considering them as an additional person in terms of the space they will use inside your tent. I have put countless tents through their paces, and I have considered many different things that are important with any 4 person camping tent.

Best 4 Person Tent: My Top 5

#1 EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4 – 4 Person Tent

Usually I recommend people to go with a size bigger than the amount they need, so if you are looking a tent for 4 people I would often recommend a 6 person tent. But not with this tent, its crazy big and spacious and can do a great job even for 4 people, though as I have mentioned before 2-3 people would always be a better choice. One of the main reasons for being so spacious is because of the shape and the structure of the tent. The tent has one of the most upright structures I have seen on any 4 person tent. Its central height is 7 feet so if you enjoy to ability to move freely around your tent this is a great choice for you. You don’t have to duck to move around inside even if you are very tall. Also I don’t have to bend over when putting on my pants, I know it may not seem like a massive deal to some but I really appreciate that.

Another one of the cool features of this tent is the mesh floor not only does that greatly help with ventilation but it also helps prevent condensation. There are also windows on every side which again greatly helps with ventilation. 

#2 Sundome 4 Person Tent

This is one of the most popular 4 person tents on the market, and it’s the most popular for many of good reasons. The first thing I would like to mention about it is the set up time. It can be easily setup within 15 minutes and take down time is just as fast. Instructions are clear and simple which makes it easy even for a beginner.

This tent is made from polyester which is brilliant material at keeping the rain out. Cheaper tents often use a cheaper material that is nowhere near as great as polyester at keeping the rain out. So it’s really great Coleman have included in this tent for such an affordable price. The waterproofing on this tent seems great based on my experience, you can even read the amazon reviews on this product, the majority are praising the tent and its extremely rare any of their tents has a waterproofing problem. This tent is the best 4 person camping tent for 2 people with plenty of gear or 3 people with little gear. It’s also one of the best cheap 4 man tents on the market!

#3 Mountain Trails South Bend Tent – 4 Person

In terms of sheer value for money this Mountain Trails tent is the best.

One thing I really like about this tent is the flexibility with the protective rain cover on top of the tent. This can be removed to reveal mesh windows which not only help with regulating the tents temperature but offer the flexibility to allow better airflow in the hot and stuffy days and can be covered when it gets cooler or it starts to rain.

I also enjoy being able to lie down in the tent and look up into the night stars in the sky when the cover is removed at night, its magic, I wish more manufacturers would include a feature like this. I really enjoy the overall build quality of this tent, the materials feel well made and able to stand the test of time.

#4 Kelty Salida 4 Person Tent

This Kelty tent is easy and simple to set up and offers tremendous quality for a reasonable price point. In terms of this tents design and style it is my personal favorite, it has an urban style, I also love the orange ascents they have used.

I have experienced a week of consistent rain in this tent, and I didn’t ever see one drop of water or moisture inside, I’m really impressed with the waterproofing on this tent. One final thing to mention about this tent is its one of the more spacious 4 person tents available, it feels roomy and airy inside. So if you are the type of camper who appreciates more space this is a great choice for you.

#5 Wenzel Vortex 4 Tent

This Wenzel tent is another one of the more upright style tents. Of course this tent will provide you lots of space to more room inside because of its upright stature which I always personally prefer. A downside sometimes of some upright tents is they don’t often stand up well to the wind. This tent can easily handle winds of 20-30mph in my experience, it feels strong and the overall design and shape of the tent obviously helps with this.

This tent is one of the most lightweight tents. It makes for carrying and transporting it around a breeze, this is an ideal backpacking tent. This tent has one of the most solid zippers and doors I have used in this category, the zipper seems great and able to withstand some abuse and also it very easy to get in and out of the tent. This is one of the best 4 man tents for sale today.

My Personal Favorite

My personal favorite has to be the EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4 – 4 Person Tent.

I really like the spaciousness that it provides inside, you will struggle to find any 4 person that offers such space and roominess, it’s amazing! This tent is a cabin style tent that provides a brilliant camping experience.

The things I love about this tent are its easy maneuverability inside due to its upright stature, its brilliant ventilation due to windows on all sides, the rain cover with can be removed on top for even better airflow, solid and consistent protection from the elements including the wind and rain and finally the overall build quality and materials.

Features and Qualities I Consider with any 4 person tent.

Spaciousness: Just because a 4 person tent is presumed to be smaller and it doesn’t mean it has to be cramped and can’t be spacious. In fact, I can say all of my favorite 4 person tents I have mentioned below feel roomy and spacious inside. It’s a very important thing for me to consider when reviewing and analysing each tent, as spaciousness and general comfort are very important when camping to me and they should be to you.

Waterproofing: Another one of the most important things to consider when choosing a 4 person tent is it waterproofing capability. If a tent can’t keep the water out and the inside dry I would never recommend it so its paramount that every tent I test is well waterproofed and will keep your dry in the worst of storms.

Value for Money: Not every tent is priced the same and there are of course different levels of quality and value depending on each individual tent. My favorite 5 tents while not all the same price point, all provide excellent value for their price range. Therefore, in my top 5 list I have included tents of different price ranges to try and meet everyone’s price needs and desires, as not everyone will want the same tent and will have different reasons and uses for their purchase.

Material and Durability: I like to consider the quality of each of the elements of the tent. Some common things I like to consider are the quality of the door zipper which is often poor and can get stuck on lower quality tents and the durability of the tents floor and how it’s made. A floor that has inverted seams for example would be preferable as these seams tend to much better at keeping the tent dry than that of normal seams.

Warranty and Cover: Of course a warranty should be considered when buying any tent. A warranty will cover you if anything does happen to go wrong. Also if the manufacturer has a longer warranty not only does it cover you but it shows that the manufacturer is willing to stand behind their product which often reinforces a quality product at the helm.

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