Best 6 Person Tent Reviews for 2020 – Detailed Round Up

Best 6 Person Tent

One of the most popular sizes of tents is 6 person tents. That unsurprising because they offer both plenty of space along without being overly big or large and without giving more challenge to setting up like some bigger tents.

The only challenge you may be facing is actually choosing a 6 person tent that you feel is the best fit for you. Luckily we have tried and tested a massive selection of tents with our top 5 choices covered below!

Best 6 Person Tent – My Top 5

#1 Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

Firstly let me start with the design of this tent. I really love the design of this tent. If you are used to smaller 4 man tents and are considering an upgrade this tent will feel like another world to you. The upgrade in spaciousness and quality is excellent.

The set up for this tent is really simple, when setting up everything it is very clear on what part needs to go where. It feels so well laid out that some people may even be able to do it without the need for the instruction manual.

This tent is brilliant at keeping you dry. Based on my research not just from myself but from many people who have bought this tent, it is clear to me this tent never ever gets wet inside. I myself used this tent through 1 week of consistent rain and it was impeccable. I did not see one drop of water inside. Brilliant work by Coleman on this one.

One final thing to mention about this tent. It’s really spacious and very roomy and with it having 2 separate rooms. It is an absolute delight to be in.

5 Features I love about the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent:

  • Always bone dry
  • Quality build and materials
  • Can easily hold 2 queen air mattresses inside
  • Very wind resistant
  • Brilliant study hinged door

#2 Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Of course the fact with any instant tent is that the setup is much easier and simpler than a conventional tent. This is no different than any other. It can be set up in 2-3 minutes at most. This is absolutely amazing especially if you are in a rush.

This tents 4 windowed design really allows for tent to stay cool on the inside even on the hottest of days. So this tent is particularly recommended if you are going to be camping somewhere where it can get hot. The airflow in this tent is excellent and is definitely one of this tents major selling points in my opinion.

Includes a system called WeatherTec which like to me sounds like a marketing ploy. But I can say after using this tent and seeing that is really does live up to the promises it makes. Feature such as welded floors and inverted really helps with keeping the tent dry.

5 Features I love about the Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

  • Crazy Fast Setup Time and equally fast time to take down
  • Superb Ventilation
  • Reflective guy lines for better visibility at night
  • Quality stitching and workmanship
  • Portable and easy to transport

#3 Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent

While this tent is not going to break any records it really is a solid package especially for the price that it comes in at. Of course some people may hesitate when buying a budget tent but this tent really is brilliant value for the functionality that it provides and that’s why I had to include in this best six person tent roundup.

The overall design of the tent is solid. The poles that are included are continuous and really makes setting up much easier. The tent can be set up fairly easily by one person which can’t be said for all 6 person tents. So that feature is appreciated and a nice touch.

The ventilation on this tent is great, 2 of the walls are made out of mesh which significantly helps with that. Therefore this tent is ideal if you are heading somewhere that is warm and humid. There are many other mainstream places you can buy tents at a similar price but none of them are up to par to the sundome. Though this tent is rated a six person tent I would not recommend squeezing 6 people into because that’s what it would be, a tight squeeze. It’s really more suited to a family of 3-4 members with some gear, that would be a more ideal situation.

The setup on this tent is very simple and easy. It usually only takes 5 minutes to get the tent set up including both the unpacking and setting up the rain fly. This is a very fast setup, great work by Coleman on this aspect of the tent.

Even though the Sundome is a more budget tent it does not skimp on space inside. Inside is extremely spacious and you can stand up at the center of the tent if you aren’t super tall. You can easily fit in 2 queen size air mattresses inside and there is still more room for gear as well. Also one final thing to mention about storage is there are gear pockets on both sides of the tent and a good hook in the middle to hook something on to it like a light or lattern.

5 Features I love about the Coleman Sundrome 6 Person Tent

  • Value for money is absurd with this tent
  • Spacious interior
  • Solid build and materials especially considering the price
  • Extremely fast setup time
  • Great ventilation

#4 Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 Person Canvas Tent

Let me start by saying that I personally love the design of this tent. This tent is a real canvas tent; it has strong and sturdy steel poles, along with very heavy duty stitching and high quality zippers.

Now inside of this Kodiak tent is really huge. If you are the type of person who gets bothered by putting on your clothes and having to hunch over all the time due to lack of space this tent is your answer. I am 6”2 and I can easily stand up and still have room to move around with touching the roof or walls. The spaciousness in this tent is really top notch.

The durability of this tent is brilliant. The floor is made out of a thick and rubbery material and it just screams quality to me and durability. The walls and the roof are very good at keeping the rain out as well.

The tent bag is a good size.  I know some people may think if this is even worth mentioning but the tent is very easy to pack back up after use. The same cannot be said for some other tents where you will often struggle to get the tent packed up after using it.

One of the design features of this tent that I really love is the canopy. I really wish more tent manufacturers would include this too. It almost acts as another room outside of the tent which is somewhere really nice to sit and relax. It’s also worth mentioning this tent has 2 doors. If you are sitting under the canopy other people can easily enter and leave the tent through the other door without you having to make way for them.

The set up on this tent is very simple and can easily be done by one person without the need for any help. I would personally recommend that if you do decide to purchase this tent to buy a rubber mallet (hammer) from your local store. It really makes hammering in the stakes a lot easier and also makes it much less likely that they will be damaged than using a metal hammer instead.

The storage options offered are some overhead storage which is a nice feature by Kodiak and also some pouches on the sides of the tent for additional storage.

5 Features I love about the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 Person Canvas Tent

  • A premium tent in every aspect
  • Excellent design including canopy
  • Incredibly spacious interior
  • Durability that could last a lifetime
  • Canvas material that is durable, breathable and watertight.

#5 Big Agnes Rabbit Ears 6 Person Tent

Let me start by mentioning this tent has 2 door closure options. One of them of mesh or one is a polyester material. The mesh will offer better ventilation whereas the polyester will offer better protection from the weather. This flexibility is a nice offering so you can change it up depending on the conditions that you are camping in. There is also one window across from the door which allows for some better ventilation especially on those hot and stuffy days.

Don’t let the pictures of this tent foul you. It is extremely spacious inside and someone who is 6ft tall could easily stand in the middle of the tent with plenty of room to spare.

The zipper on this tent is very good, it feels premium and won’t get caught or damaged easily in the long term.  This tent also has guylines that are reflective. This is useful if you are trying to navigate the tent in low light conditions or at night.

Seems are made and taped with a waterproof tape that is designed to keep you dry and it does live up to that promise. Based on my research of what other people thought is it consistent with no rain coming inside ever.

Portability of this tent is 2nd to none. It is so light to carry with makes for easy travel and transport. Its also worth mentioning the setup is very easy, its definitely in the best 10% of set up speeds. You can set up in about 5 minutes alone, it really is a breeze.

5 Features I love about the Big Agnes Rabbit Ears 6 Person Tent

  • Very compact and easy to transport
  • Spacious inside
  • Great customization options
  • Solid and consistent waterproofing
  • Study and reliable zip

Alternatives to a 6 Person Tent

Sometimes even the best six person tent may not suit your needs and you may feel you need something with a little more space like a best 8 person tent would suit you better. Or perhaps you are only a smaller group with 2-3 people then a best 4 person tent would be more suited to you. There is always something available to suit your needs. Just have a look around the site and I’m sure you will find something just for you!

My Personal Favorite Best Six Person Tent

The best six person tent for me would for to be the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 Person Canvas Tent, Delux. It really provides a level of quality that most other tents can only dream of reaching. It offers a superior build and quality, keeps you dry no matter the weather and offers a brilliant design with canopy which you are absolutely certain to love once you have experienced it first hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

There are many tents available for many different kinds of people and different circumstances. One of the most common is a 6 person tent. While most people would prefer an 8 person tent. A 6 person tent offers most of the same features and qualities usually at a better price. A 6 person tent really is ideal for families and small groups of 4-5 people. Now let me show you the best 6 person tents available right now.

Who Really Needs a 6 Person Tent?

A 6 person tent is really aimed towards some families or slightly larger groups who want to tour around together and have the option of staying in the one tent together. Instead of staying in a 4 person tent where the options are really more limited.

Even though a family of 4 could stay in a 4 person tent it is really not ideal and would often be quite cramped for 4 people to stay. So it is often advised that a 6 person tent is the right size for your group or family. They would really provide an excellent experience for a group of such size (4-5 people).

Of course there is the option as well for an 8 person tent. Which will offer more space and airiness but often comes with a bigger expense. It really is at your discretion but if your group is sized anywhere from 3-5 people a 6 person tent is ideal for you and I think its the right size for you.

Is a 6 Person Tent Really Ideal for You?

It is often decided by your budget that you want to spend and on your expectation of what you would really like to get.

While a family of 3 or 4 could easily buy a 4 person tent. I would personally recommend that they go for the next size up which in the case is a 6 person tent. It provides much more space and airiness and allows for extra room for things like pets and storage of belongings.

This also allows for unforeseen circumstances where you may end up needing the additional space for something or someone. It’s nice to have that flexibility available and the extra comfort that the additional space provides.



 Affordability: as I mentioned before a 6 man tent usually offers a surprisingly good price when compared to its larger counterparts. Sometimes it is even possible to buy 2 6 man tents for less than the price of one 8 man tent. That really shows the value you often get with a 6 man tent.

Comfort: Offers more comfort and space than that of an smaller tent.

Privacy: Usually because bigger tents offer things like room separators inside and different compartments that of which is rarely found in small sized tents. It offers a great element of privacy if it is needed.

Storage: Ideal for small families or couples with a lot of gear and stuff that is needed to be stored. Also great if you have some pets coming with you on the trip.

 Size: Usually provides better overall size than other tents. What I mean by this is it not too big or too small. This particularly helps when you have strong wind and rain, a tent this size is more sturdy and durable.

Portability: Very portable considering the capacity and easy and simple to transport.



 Price: Slightly more costly than smaller tents but usually worth the difference in my opinion.

 Snow: Not well suited to deal with heavy snow fall.

Best 6 Person Tent – Round Up

camping roundup

We have looked at countless numbers of tents of different styles and sizes from many different manufacturers.

It’s no real surprise that Coleman has 3 tents in the top 5 because they just provide excellent quality with all the tents they manufacture. But the true king of tents in the end is the  Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 Person Canvas Tent, Delux.

Best of luck making your decision and happy camping!

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