6 Best Survival Tents for 2021

best survival tent

Everyone should have a survival tent somewhere in their backpack or car, just in case, because it’s better to have it and not need it than to need one and not have one.

Most survival tents are just for one person, two people at most, but in this list, you will find one that is suitable for more. I’ve selected the six best survival tents of 2020 that are durable, light & compact when packed up, easy & quick to set up, and most importantly – they can protect you in the case of an emergency.

Even though these tents are very affordable, do not make the mistake of thinking that they are not high-quality.

Best Choice
Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent (Citron Green)
Customer Rating
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ALPS Mountaineering 5024617 Lynx 1-Person Tent, Clay/Rust
Customer Rating
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Instant Setup!
Coleman 6-Person Cabin Tent with Instant Setup | Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds
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Best Survival Tents – Our Top 6

#1 Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person Tent

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 is a great 2-person, 2 pole, and 2 vestibule backpacking tent. It comes in the color citron green, has a bathtub floor construction, is made with polyester, and is a three season tent that is really easy to set up.

The dimensions of this tent are (L x W x H) 92” x 56” x 43”, and the center height is 3.6 ft.

Included you’ll find everything that you need with this bug out tent: a rainfly, two guy lines, eight stakes, and two aluminum shock corded tent poles that are color coded in silver and gold.

There are straightforward instructions printed on the carry bag, but here’s the gist to give you an idea on just how easy it is;

Set up can be done by one person in around ten minutes. All that you need to do is first lay the tent body out on the ground, and place the poles in an X-shape over the tent. After you’ve staked the corner of the tents you can insert the poles into the color coded grommets and fix the poles with the small clips along the arc of the tent. At the top, there are two plastic J-hooks that secure both of the poles together.

As long as you’ve staked the tent well, then it can withstand strong winds without a problem. 

The rainfly is just as easy to attach because it also has color coding. The webbing attachments at the corners of the fly correspond with the corners of the tent. Thanks to the buckles, it’s not just easy but also fast to connect to the tent.

At the front and the back, there are guy out points to create vestibules for more ventilation when the fly is on. There are also vents on either side of the rainfly which can be adjusted so that you can have more air flowing in, and they are angled so that water doesn’t get in when it rains.

There are interior mesh storage pockets that are great for stashing small items in one place and off the floor, and the ceiling gear loft is removable if you choose not to use it.

When packed up it weighs less than 3kg, making it extremely easy to backpack with and carry around.

This tent is made with such high quality that it was even awarded the ‘Killer Deal’ and the ‘Killer Value’ award in the Backpacker Magazine’s Gear Guide.

There’s plenty of No-See-Um mesh so that you can really enjoy the surrounding nature from the inside while being protected from insects and letting in lots of fresh air.

  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Great value
  • Only 2 guy lines
  • Small vestibules

#2 ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

This next tent is the perfect survival tent for a single adventurer. It’s available in the colours clay & rust or grey & navy blue, and it’s really easy to set up as it’s made with an aluminum two-pole design.

The fact that this tent has a two-pole design means that you have fewer things to carry and therefore less weight. It’s also a freestanding tent, which is faster and easier to set up and take down.

Being freestanding also means that it’s not as securely fixed in place as other tents, so unless you’re inside it so that your weight anchors it down, then you should keep an eye out. This tent does come with guy ropes and stakes so that there is the option to secure it more.

It has a base size of 2’8 x 7’6, a center height of 36”, and weighs less than 2kg which makes it great for backpacking. When packed the size is 6” x 18”, so it’s not too big to hike with.

One of my favorite things about this tent is the rainfly, and you’ll soon see why as it’s not a common feature with small tents.

The 75D 185T polyester rainfly not only resists water but also UV damage. You can also keep gear and shoes in the vestibule that the fly provides, ensuring that they won’t get wet or blown away. The vestibule has an area of 10 square feet, so you can definitely find a good use for it.

The tent comes fully equipped with durable #8 zippers, guy ropes, stakes, storage pockets, and an overhead gear loft. There’s one doorway that has some mesh, and also a half mesh wall for extra ventilation.

Since this tent is breathable, with lots of ventilation, it’s perfect for the warmer months as it keeps humidity and heat out but would not retain much heat inside during winter.

Factory sealed seams and 2000mm coating are what help make this emergency survival tent so waterproof.

A footprint is not included so if you prefer to use one, you’ll have to find that elsewhere. The main reason I make it a point to note that there is no footprint is because I found that the floor isn’t as robust as the rest of the tent and can quite easily be ripped because of a sharp rock.

  • Durable
  • Easy set up
  • Lots of mesh/ventilation
  • Vestibule
  • No footprint included
  • Not ideal for winter

#3 Coleman Cabin Instant Tent

This Coleman Cabin tent is the perfect emergency tent because it’s instant and sets up in just 60 seconds thanks to the pre-assembled poles. Made with 150D/150D polyester with taped seams, you can either purchase the 4, 6, or 10-person tent depending on your needs as a group.

Let’s get into the dimensions of the three different tents so that you can choose what’s best for your group because, remember, it’s not just about the number of people you are but also how much gear each person has.

The 4-person tent has an interior of 8 x 7ft and a center height of 4ft and 11 inches – one queen-size airbed can fit inside.

As for the 6-person, the dimensions are 14 x 10ft, two airbeds can fit without a problem, and the center height is 6ft and 7 inches.

The 10-person tent is 14 x 10ft, four queen air beds fit inside, and the center height is 6ft 7 inches. This one has something special – dark room technology that blocks 90% of sunlight coming in so that you can sleep in if you want to, and it reduces temperature buildup by 10%.

All of these survival tents for sale are made with durable, double-thick fabric and welded corners with inverted seams that are very resistant to the elements. They also have storage pockets to keep small items organised & in one place, and an integrated rainfly that protects you from rain while also letting in some fresh air.

The large D-style door makes it very easy to get in and out, especially because it’s hinged, even though it wouldn’t hurt if the larger sized tent had an extra door.

Included with the tent is an expandable carrying bag so that it’s easy to take this tent with you wherever you go.

Coleman’s tents are great because they are all tested against wind and rain before being available for purchase. They have a rain room where over 35 gallons of water rain over the tent gradually, starting as a light drizzle to a heavy downpour. Afterward, they are checked for any leaks because if more than two tablespoons of water managed to get into the tent, then the tent will have failed the test.

As for the wind test, high powered fans blow winds at speeds of 56km per hour, while the tent is being rotated on a platform so that the strong wind is blown at the tent from all directions. Then the tent is checked for pole damage and rips or tears.

I do wish there was a vestibule, as I like to have somewhere to keep gear and/or shoes, and when packed up it is a little heavy and bulky but that is expected considering the sizes.

  • 4, 6, or 10-person tents
  • Instant set up
  • Large, hinged door
  • Great airflow
  • No vestibule
  • Bulky

#4 Go Time Gear Emergency Survival Tent

Here we have one of the best emergency tents, and you can get one in orange or green. It’s extremely affordable, and 2 people can fit inside.

If you are looking for a high-quality survival shelter for life-threatening situations that doesn’t break the bank, then it’s your lucky day. Considering just how well this tent has been made, it is extremely cheap and you’re getting more value for your money.

This tent is perfect to keep handy, perhaps in your car or home at all times, or for when you’re out camping or hiking and you think you might get caught in some extremely bad weather conditions.

It’s really fast and easy to set up because all you need to do is run the 20ft rope of 550lb nylon core paracord through both ends of the tube tent and tie it between two objects that are sturdy (trees for example) 3-4 feet off the ground. You can use rocks or your own gear to anchor the tent’s corners.

If there are no options for you to tie the rope, you can just use this 8 x 5ft tent as an emergency sleeping bag, improvised survival shelter, or as an emergency blanket instead.

Only weighing 8.7 ounces, and when packed up into its stuff sack it’s only 5.25” x 3.25” in size, it’s really easy to take this around with you anywhere.

Made with extra-thick waterproof and windproof polyethylene material that does not let in rain, wind, and snow. It’s also got extra-thick mylar material that is tear and puncture resistant, making it durable for repeated use.

The tent has been engineered specially to protect you from harsh weather, and the interior reflects up to 90% of your body heat so that you stay warm and dry inside.

Included with this tent are 550lb nylon core Para-Synch technology drawstring, which can be used to tie down or repair gear, and a survival whistle. The 120-decibel whistle can cut through wind and trees to alert rescuers up to a mile away. These two items can be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

The only thing I’m not too keen on regarding this tent is that Mylar is flammable, all it takes is a small flame and a few seconds… Obviously nobody intends to be too close to a fire in this tent, but it is for an emergency situation and anything could happen and that’s why this concerns me a little bit.

  • Lightweight & compact
  • High-quality
  • Quick & easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Weather resistant
  • Mylar is flammable

#5 Don’t Die In The Woods 2-Person Tent

This survival tent and shelter is by Don’t Die In The Woods and comes in the color army green, bright orange, or woodland camo.

There’s enough room for 2 people in this 8 x 5ft tent, it’s very affordable and made out of durable, tear-resistant, and waterproof mylar material. Perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities, or just to keep with you in the case of an emergency. When packed up it is ultralight, weighing only 8.5 oz, and compact.

The interior reflects up to 90% of body heat so that you’ll definitely stay warm and cozy inside no matter the weather. In hot conditions, you can just turn the tent inside out so that it reflects heat away from you.

Most survival tents are made for one-time use, but not this one because of the 425lb paracord and reinforced tape seams. It’s also super easy to set up – all you need to do is run the 20ft paracord through the tent and tie it up between two trees or something else that is sturdy. You can use rocks or your own gear to anchor the corners, and then just climb inside.

Rather than using this as a survival shelter, you can also use it as an emergency sleeping bag or blanket if you’re not able to hang it up.

Similarly to the previous product, mylar is flammable so you need to make sure you keep this tent away from flames.

  • Inexpensive
  • Reflects heat
  • 2-person
  • Light
  • Flammable

#6 River Country Products Tent

The River Country Products tent is a great backpacking tent for hiking or camping and is a great addition to your survival bag. It’s one of the best bug out tents, comes in the colour blue, and 1 person can fit inside with their gear or two people without much gear.

The dimensions of this tent are (L x W x H) 7ft x 5ft x 42 inches, and when packed up it’s extremely compact – it’s as small as a junior rugby ball and only weighs 2lbs 2oz. You won’t even notice it in your backpack.

It does come with 8 light aluminum stakes, however trekking poles are not included so you need to get those elsewhere, but you can just use a stick that is over 42 inches tall instead or tie it up between two trees.

Since you don’t need to stay threading poles through this tent it is really fast to set up. It can be done in just a minute because all you need to do is stake the corners, put the trekking poles in, and you’re done.

Honestly, not having poles is actually a good thing because tent poles are often fragile, break easily, and just cause problems. Being able to just use sticks if you want to is quite a unique feature.

This 3-season tent includes a carry bag, guy lines, a pouch for personal items, and loops in the corners so that you can hang lanterns or flashlights.

There are two small vents at the back that provide some ventilation and reduce condensation overnight. The door has mesh, so this helps with airflow as well.

  • 1-2 People fit
  • Easy to set up
  • Mesh door
  • Very compact
  • No trekking poles included

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