7 Best Teepee Tents in 2021 – Buyers Guide

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Despite everything I know about tents, I still get overwhelmed at times by the huge amount of choices out there. And it seems that teepee tents are all the rage right now. I can see why; some teepee tents have features that make them ideal for hotter or colder conditions. For example, some tipi tents have a removable floor which makes them perfect for summer, and some have stove Jacks making them ideal for winter.

Here we have a selection of seven of the best teepee tents of 2021, and no matter what your personal preferences are about tents I am sure that you will find the absolute best choice for you.

Best Choice
Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent, 14' x 14'
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12'x10'x8'Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person 4 Season Double Layers Waterproof Anti-UV Windproof Tents Family Outdoor Camping Tent
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Lightweight Option
Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent, 12' x 12' for Family Camping or Festivals with Windows and Mesh Vents, Pack Weight 15 Pounds (lbs), Includes Stakes, Poles, Rain-Cap, Stabilizer
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Best Teepee Tents – Top 7

#1 Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent

This teepee style tent by Guide Gear comes in the colors green and black and it is ideal for families and/or large groups of friends because the maximum capacity is 10 people.

The dimensions of this tent’s base are 14 x 14 inches, the center height is 9ft, weighs 24lbs, and when packed up the tent’s size is 33” x 10” x 10”.

There’s a roomy vestibule, with dimensions of 49.2” x 51.2” x 70.9”, which is fully enclosed. This is fantastic because you can leave your shoes there before entering the tent, minimizing the amount of dirt that comes in, and you can rest assured that the shoes will be safe from rain. You could also keep gear in the vestibule so that you’ll have more space inside of the tent.

My favorite use for the vestibule though is as a place to sleep for my dog. The vestibule is fully attached and just pops up when you set up the rest of the tent – which is also easy to do. 

The tent is made with a 190 denier polyester shell with 1200mm waterproof coating. The floor is sewn in and made of polyethylene, and it provides a sturdy base for the tent. There’s no need to use a footprint with this tent because of the durable bottom.

Factory sealed seams also ensure high water resistance. Not only that, but even the zipper cuffs have been sealed so that water doesn’t leak in through there either.

To set up this tent, all you need to do is position the steel center pole to hold the tent and then stake down all of the guy lines. That’s pretty much it.

The weatherproofed windows give you a clear view of the outside, maintaining ventilation while also keeping you dry and offering some scenery.

Ground vents also contribute a lot to air circulation, drawing in cool air from below.

This tent does not have a stove jack, so indoor cooking isn’t really an option. Although it can withstand winds up to 30-40 MPH, but you might need longer stakes, if you plan on camping above the tree-line, for more stability. I would not use this tent in poor weather conditions too often because, after all, it is only a 3-season tent.

  • Fully protected vestibule
  • Ground vents
  • 8-10 people
  • Good water & wind resistance
  • No stove vent
  • Not ideal for extreme conditions

#2 Vidalido Dome Teepee Tent

The Vidalido tee pee tent comes in black, green, white, or yellow and has dimensions of 12.5ft x 7.9ft (W x L) – two twin sized mattresses can easily fit inside. The peak height is 8ft, so even your tallest friends can join and enjoy the camping trip!

This tipi tent for camping is ideal for a family or group of friends because 5-6 people can comfortably fit inside.

There are two things about this tent that I find to be unique. Firstly, it has to be the flags of course. You can really make this tent feel like a home and it adds some more fun to your camping trip. Sure, it takes a little extra effort to put into the awnings but it’s worth it.

The other is about the door. Not only is it very large to make it easier going in and out of the tent, but it can be converted. With the use of a pole set at a short distance away from the tent, you can create a sort of ‘balcony’ where you can relax in the shade in front of your tent.

Since it is made with double layers of anti-tear 190T patterned polyester and 150D Oxford for long lasting performance, this tent does well in cold conditions and can be considered a 4 season tent.

Keep in mind that it does not have a stove Jack, so this cannot be used as a hot tent and you may not be warm enough during winter.

Stitching, taping, and caulking treatment ensure that it is waterproof and tough enough to withstand against strong wind. The premium anti-rust reinforced stainless steel tent poles help a great deal with the latter by providing a sturdy structural support.

The door and windows are made out of 2000D PU 3000mm nylon and polyester with a high-density mesh design, allowing you to enjoy the views of nature surrounding you without any insects invading your tent.

The doors, windows, and vent at the peak of the tent help a lot with ventilation so that you have plenty of fresh air coming into the tent at all times and condensation doesn’t build up overnight.

It’s easy to set up this tent and it can be done in 5 minutes or less. The first time took me more than that, around ten minutes but after that, I was able to get it assembled within the 5 minute mark the next couple of times I set it up.

Included with the tent you get a convenient carry bag, 6 guy lines, 12 stakes, colorful flags, and a tarp pole that has extra pieces so that you can increase the length if need be.

This tent only weighs 6.4 kg because it’s been made purposefully with lightweight materials for your comfort.

There is a mesh pocket conveniently integrated into the tent’s wall so that you can store small essentials and keep them within reach. Plus, you end up with fewer things on the floor. Also, there’s a handy hook on the ceiling to attach a lantern from and light up your tent at night.

  • High quality materials
  • Good ventilation
  • Multi-use door
  • Lightweight
  • No stove Jack

#3 Winterial Teepee Tent

The Winterial modern teepee tent is grey and green and can fit up to 6-7 people inside. It has an octagonal structure, with a floor area of around 119 feet squared, and the dimensions are 12’ x 12’, making the base 5 feet wide and the peak height 8 feet tall.

When packed up, it only weighs 15 pounds and the size is 23 x 9 x 9 inches. You won’t even notice that you’re carrying it with the rest of your gear – especially if you split up the pieces between your group. Alternatively, you could even cycle while carrying it.

The shell fabric is made out of long lasting and waterproof 210T polyester with a PU rating of 1500mm. The floor is tarpaulin bathtub style and it has the same water resistance rating, which is disappointing.

The door at least has a double-layer structure with mesh and panel, so that you can leave it open for fresh air while still being protected from insects getting in.

This is a 3-season tent. It does not have a stove Jack and cannot be used as a hot tent. Honestly, I don’t think this tent would work too well in neither very hot nor too cold conditions. It is ideal for around this time, fall, and spring when it’s not too cold or too warm.

The reason I say that is because the windows are of a solid material, they’re rubberized plastic, so it would be a struggle to have enough cool air coming in on a hot day. The vents can be closed, so it’s actually easier to stay warm in this tent than it is to stay cool.

Also, keep in mind that the doors have to stay closed when it’s raining, which can cause a problem, for obvious reasons, if the rain lasts for hours on end. Condensation is unavoidable in this tent.

Even though this tent has many guy-out lines you still shouldn’t use it in very windy areas, and especially not above the tree line.

The windows’ size is 20 x 20 inches, and they have blinds that can be rolled up and out of the way for when you’d like to enjoy the views and let some light in.

The A-shaped door is large enough that it’s effortless to get in and out of the tent, even if more than one person goes at the same time.

It’s easy to set up, can be done by just one person, and only takes about five minutes (excluding the first time). Simply unfold the tent, stake the perimeter, place the center pole and raise the tent, and adjust the guy-out lines. You get plenty of stakes with the tent, and some are to be used at the tent’s base whereas the others are for the guy-out lines.

Basically, all that’s needed for you to do is to prop the center pole to hold the tent up and then guy out the outside of the tent.

Included with the tent you get 30 ground stakes, an aluminum pole, a rain cap and a pole cap, and a stabilizer that protects the floor.

This tent also does not have a stove Jack so it cannot be used as a hot tent. Since you can’t keep a stove inside to keep warm this tent is best not used during winter.

Aside from the fact that there’s no stove Jack or stove pipe vent, there are some other more common things missing here too. To start with, there’s no vestibule, which is fine considering how a lot of tents don’t have one either. However, there are also no storage pockets. This is something every tent has at least one of, and even though it’s something really small, I really missed having one when I camped in this tent. It makes such a difference for me because I end up seeing so much clutter all over the floor and that bothers me.

  • Single pole structure
  • Lightweight
  • 4 vents
  • Tall
  • No vestibule

#4 Danchel Tipi Tent

The first tipi tent on our list is by Danchel. This spacious camping teepee tent comes in the color green and can fit as many as 7 people inside. The tent has a diameter of 13 feet (4 meters), and a center height of 8ft so that even the tallest of campers can walk around inside of the tent easily.

It’s a very lightweight tent, weighing only 11kg. This is great if you have a lot of walking to do before you can set up your tent.

The tent is made out of lattice anti-tear 300D Oxford, which is very breathable and has a silver coating that provides UV protection and reduces the heat inside of the tent. It also has a waterproof rating of 3000mm, so you don’t have to worry if it starts to rain on your camping trip.

The floor is made with coated oxford too, but it has a much higher PU rating – 5000mm, to be exact.

If the high water rating isn’t enough for you, then how’s this; all stitches have also been taped shut. No water is going to be seeping into this tent.

Although I do have to say that the tent does not resist wind like it does rain, unfortunately.

Included with the tent you have everything you need to transport and set it up; a carry bag, metal stakes, wind rope, and a metal pole.

There are five windows in total. Two have a transparent panel so that you can watch the rain or enjoy the scenery. You can choose whether you’d like to ‘close’ those windows or roll up the panel to keep it open easily. There are also three vents on the roof that help a lot with air circulation because hot air can rise up and escape.

The A-shaped door is 60 inches high, so it’s really easy to get in and out of this tent, and there’s a mesh panel for those days you’d like to keep the door open for a nice breeze.

When packed up, the carry bag’s dimensions are 30 x 10 x 10 inches.

On the center pole, at the top of it, there’s a plastic cap that deflects rain water and stops it from leaking in from there. This soft cover also serves as anti-skidding and scratch-proofing.

Setting up this tent is extremely easy and only takes a couple of minutes. All you need to do is open the tent and secure the outer nails to the ground. Then, add the bracket, stand the doorpost, straighten out the tent, and then secure the outer ropes. That’s all!

Teepee tents are great for so many reasons – The shape of the tent provides a way for the rain to flow right down and be deflected away from the tent, and their design not only makes them tall but also offers more space inside than other types of tents. It’s great having plenty of room to stand up and move around. Teepee tents actually feel more like a house than just a flimsy tent.

  • Good ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Water resistant
  • n/a

 #5 Eletorot Tipi Hot Tent

The Eletorot teepee tent for camping is indeed a hot tent. This may very well be one of the best tipi tents out there, mostly because of being able to keep a stove inside.

The maximum capacity is only for 2 people, and the tent is 10.5ft in diameter and 5.2ft in height.

It’s made with anti-tear 210T patterned polyester, which is supposedly better than nylon, with a water resistance rating of PU 2000mm.

Be aware that this 3-season tent is floorless, which is both good and bad – it’s up to you which way it leans towards more. On one hand, it’s less to carry and less weight overall, but on the other hand, if you prefer having a floor, you’re going to have to get one separately.

Since there is a stove pipe vent and you can keep a stove inside for cooking and to keep the tent toasty, this tent is great for cold conditions. Not too extreme though, like stormy weather or above the tree line because of wind.

The chimney window’s size in diameter is 7.88”, and you’ll need to get a stove Jack that fits before you can fit a functioning flue pipe through the vent.

Even the zipper cuffs and all seams have been taped for more water resistance. All zippers also have Velcro at the opening for even more security.

The tent only weighs around 3.5 pounds, and with a size of 18” x 5” in its carry bag, it can easily fit into a backpack for hiking.

Assembling this tent is straightforward and easy to do. It doesn’t take long, just about ten minutes, since you only have to raise the pole in the center of the tent, stake the perimeter, and secure the guy-out lines.

The double door, two adjustable windows, and two large air vents provide enough ventilation inside of the tent. Even with a stove inside, there’s still plenty of space for two people.

Included with the tent you get everything you need to transport and set up this tent; 12 pegs, 4 ropes, a center pole, and a storage bag.

  • Stove vent
  • Spacious
  • Two windows
  • Vents
  • Floorless

#6 Preself Tipi Hot Tent

The Preself winter teepee tent is suitable for 3 people, ideally a family with a child, or even for solo trips this is an amazing choice.

It comes in the color olive green or white, and it doesn’t just have a stove pipe vent but it does actually come with a stove Jack too.

I prefer the white color because it stays cooler in the summer and retains more heat during winter.

The floor length and width are 10.5 feet, and the height if 5.2ft. I do usually prefer a taller tent, but it was manageable.

The material the tent is made out of is anti-tear 210T patterned polyester, which is supposedly better than nylon, and the waterproof rating is 2000mm.

This cheap teepee tent only weighs 3.4lbs, and set up is quick and easy. As a tip, the pole’s length is equal to the distance between the center and the stakes. Just unfold the tent, place the pole’s head into the peak loop and the end of the pole at the loops at the bottom, and fix the bottom loops with stakes.

What this tent does not have is a floor or any mesh inner lining. If you have a preference for either of those things, you’ll have to get them separately.

Not having a floor means less weight to carry, and you also solve the problem of dirt getting into your tent by simply having no floor to get dirty in the first place, which ultimately saves time too.

Also, when camping during winter, a tent’s floor quickly becomes muddy and wet whereas this can’t happen with this tent.

The lack of mesh isn’t always a bad thing either, because this means less fabric that is susceptible to rip or tear easily. The only mesh that there is, is on the small top vents.

By expanding the gap between the tent’s bottom and the ground you can adjust as needed to allow for more ventilation coming in.

It’s also really easy to adapt and adjust staking down this tent even when the ground is not perfect.

All that said, it’s pretty safe to say that this is a 4-season tent so long as that works for you.

Included with the tent you get 12 pegs, 8 ropes, a stove Jack, and a carry bag.

Despite everything sounding absolutely wonderful so far, I did have one small issue during my experience with this tent. A zipper broke at the after about 2 months of use. Perhaps it was just bad luck but, in my case, the zippers were clearly too flimsy.

  • Stove vent & Jack included
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Floorless
  • No mesh
  • Flimsy zipper

#7 Hasika Teepee Tent

The Hasika Teepee Tent comes in a nice shade of green and is ideal for a family or a small group of friends of four.

The dimensions are 12 x 10 x 8ft, and the rainfly is made out of 190T polyester with a waterproof resistance rating of 3000mm. The rainfly provides full-coverage and even some UV resistance.

The floor is made of 201D Oxford fabric and has been waterproof treated with a PU rating of 4000mm, which is great. All seams have been factory sealed as well to really make sure no water can get into the tent.

The central pole has a diameter of 25mm with a thickness of 2mm and is made of aluminum.

With a simple structure and single pole design this tent can be set up by one person in ten minutes. It’s lightweight and durable thanks to the double layers.

The inner is just a 360 degrees mesh body so that you are able to sleep completely protected from insects like mosquitoes. Plus, you can stargaze when you remove the rainfly! Those of you who read regularly know that stargazing is a must for me when I go camping so, a tent that allows me to do this is a good tent.

It goes without saying that what I just mentioned also means it is ideal to use this tent in summer especially.

The large triangular door can be rolled up at the center to create two open doors and not have the cover in the way. This, as well as the top vents, also provide excellent ventilation.

It gets better – the floor can be removed for even more air circulation and for this reason I love using this tent at the beach or at festivals.

Lastly, the door can be converted into an awning! This way you can create an area with more shade to relax in right in front of the tent. All you need is a pole, or even just a stick really, to prop the door’s cover up.

So, what you get when you purchase this tent is the mesh inner, rainfly, aluminum pole, an iron support rod, 6 ropes, 12 stakes, and a carry bag for your convenience to transport.

There is even a mesh storage pocket integrated into the tent’s inner wall so that you have space to keep small necessities within reach and minimize clutter gathering on the floor.

I think it’s safe to say that this is a 3-season tent because it is absolutely perfect for summer and does well in mildly cold conditions during spring and fall, but I am not too confident in its abilities against strong rain and wind.

Also, as you may have noticed that I have not mentioned anything about a stove Jack or a stove pipe vent, and that’s because there isn’t one, unfortunately. So, this serves as another reason to not use it during winter because you cannot use it as a hot tent and it will be a struggle to keep warm inside this tent.

  • Mesh inner body
  • Good water resistance
  • Convertible door to awning
  • Removable floor
  • Stargazing
  • Not ideal for cold conditions

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