3 Best Inflatable Tents in 2020

If you are getting ready to experience the great outdoors, make sure you are prepared with a great tent to boot. With new technology for inflatable poles, this has massively improved the pitching of a standard tent. Below are the 3 best inflatable tent options that might be perfect for you, your family, and your friends. You will quickly see why these inflatable tents are the most popular and best- selling in the market today.

Let’s dive into the world of tent shopping! You are about to see how shopping for tents has changed drastically in the last decade.

Best Inflatable Tent – My Top 3

Coleman Pop-Up Tent

This inflatable camping tent, by Coleman, has a wonderful design for you and your camping buddy. This pop-up tent is water and fire resistant and made from durable polyester material.

This inflatable camping tent also has enough room for pads and your camping gear, making it deceivingly bigger than you might think. It has an easy set-up of only 10 seconds. After a long day of hiking, a camper’s worst nightmare can be setting up camp, but not with this specific tent.

Having pre-assembled poles allows you to stay at peace. The taped floor of this blow up tent keeps its seams dry and cool. When you are done camping for the weekend, it can be packed up easily for storage. Its nice additions are the two pockets for easy storage. These pockets are a great way for you to get organized.

There are also multi-positional rainflies that have a perfect balance of ventilation and protection on this tent. It can stand up to light and medium rainfall. However, if the storm gets fierce, you may see some drop off with this product. In addition to that, this tent has a center height of 2 feet and 11 inches, so don’t plan on standing straight up in this tent, and hopefully you are only lounging around in it anyway.

Outsunny Compact Portable Pop-Up Tent

The Outsunny Compact Portable blow up tent is a unique one compared to the others. This tent is different from most because it is stationed on top of a cot.  The air mattress is of the blow-up variety. It is very easy to take down and to set back up. It is amazing how everything you need could be in one tent! It even includes a pillow and sheets. You will stay cozy and satisfied as you sleep elevated off the floor. Also, you will feel quite protected staying off the ground that could be littered with insects and rodents.

Keeping it simple is what this tent has to offer you. But, don’t plan to fit anyone else inside this tent with you. It is for one person only. There is a large door that has zippers for easy exit and entry. The tent can be separated from the cot, if you choose to place it on the ground. However, you will need to bring a tarp along, just in case it rains. The cot keeps this tent above ground to protect against the elements. With this tent, there is a large storage bag to hold its components together. Ultimately, you can spend a great night’s sleep in this tent and wake up ready to go for all the world has to offer you.

FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Tent

FiveJoy Instand 4-person inflatable camping tent is the best on this list. This is even hailed as one of the best tents in the market because of its lightning speed set-up time. Having a tent like this makes for a stress free set-up for you and your camping buddies.

Its free-standing device makes it easy for you to just sit back and watch the magic of your tent growing before your eyes. Mesh windows are added to both the right and left side of the tent to provide great ventilation and privacy for you and your guests. The bugs will stay out but the fresh air will come in. Double doors are added to keep it completely sealed but there is another area with ventilation coming through its screened material.

Looking for storage pockets? Well, this amazing blow up tent has it all. There is enough storage to keep your tent organized and thoroughly clean. This tent is pure quality. It is completely water resistant against the elements and the quality zippers keep everything outside.

One drawback however, involves heavy rain as it is not encouraged for this tent’s use. Make sure you go camping on a favorable day to allow this camping tent to work to the best of its ability. However, if you do decide to go camping out in the elements, make sure to bring an extra tarp to keep you and your guests extra protected. You will be happy you did.

FiveJoy makes some of the best tents on the market today. With easy fold-up technology, you can carry this device around portably, even with the stakes! In 3 minutes flat, you will be on your way with your tent all packed and ready to go. This is a shelter that could be used for hiking, the outdoors, camping, and even festivals.

Bottomline is, this tent is so worth it! No matter the venue of your camping excursion, it is sure keep you happy and comfortable. Have fun and enjoy!

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