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tents with hinged door

In this article, we are going to cover the 5 best tents with hinged doors. I know that there are some people out there who might be thinking that focusing on the door of a tent is a bit excessive or nit-picky.

To each his own, of course, but the door of a tent is one of the most important features. A tent could be perfect in every possible way, but if you don’t like something about the door… well, then it’s ruined.

Hinged doors are amazing because they make getting in and out of a tent effortless. Especially if you have a baby that you need to carry, or children constantly running in and out of the tent.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Best Choice
Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent
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CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent - 16' x 9'
Customer Rating
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Great for Family
Coleman Tent Octagon, 6 to 8 Man Festival Dome Tent, Waterproof Family Camping Tent with Sewn-in Groundsheet
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Tents with Hinged Doors – Top 5

#1 Coleman WeatherMaster

Our first Coleman hinged door tent is the Weathermaster, which comes in two sizes, for 6 or 10 people, and the color cream and brown.

The 6-person tent has measurements of 11 x 9 feet, a peak height of 6’8”, weighs 14.5kg, and you can comfortably fit two queen-sized airbeds inside with room to spare for your gear.

As for the 10 person tent, it has dimensions of 17 x 9 feet (W x D), the same peak height of 6’8”, and weighs 14kg. There’s enough room inside to fit three queen sized-air beds, and this tent also comes with a room divider for extra privacy.

Both tents are tall enough that anyone can comfortably stand and move around inside easily, and they are made out of 75T polyester taffeta with a PU coating of 450mm.

The main difference between the two tents is that the 6-person one has a separate and floorless screen room where you can lounge and relax without worrying about insects because of the mesh. Come rain or shine, it provides even more ventilation while keeping you protected from getting wet or the sun’s heat.

The second big difference is that the ten person tent has two hinged doors, one on each side. This is really useful, especially if you have the room divider up because that way each room has its own door. Both of the tents have very large D-style doors that make it effortless to get in and out of the tent, even if you are holding something like a baby.

Coleman has something called a WeatherTec system, which means two things; firstly, that their tents have been tested in a rain and wind room to ensure that their tents can withstand strong winds, from all directions, of up to 35+ MPH without ending up with any rips or tears in the fabric or damaged poles. The rain room’s test is for over 35 gallons of water to rain onto the tents, and if more than two tablespoons of water manage to leak it the tent ultimately fails the test.

The other thing the WeatherTec system means is that the tents have patented welded floors and inverted seams, making it more weather resistant by hiding needle holes on the inside. It also means that their tents have been engineered with a better, stronger, even more wind resistant frame due to the redesigned poles and guy-out lines. Even the zipper cuffs have weather resistant fabric, adding more protection on the doors.

The rainfly is made of 75-denier polyester taffeta and it has fully-taped seams and Velcro attachments.

These hinge door tents have storage pockets sewn into the side of the tents’ walls so that you can stash small items neatly and keep them off of the floor. They also have a convenient E-port enabling you to run an extension cord inside for electrical power.

Angled windows improve air circulation because you can keep them open when it’s raining and water won’t leak in.

Setting up this tent is really easy to do, and can be done in around 20 minutes. The color-coded and shock-corded poles, pin-and-ring design, and InstaClip attachments are what help make it really simple and quick.

It’s also easy to pack these tents back into their carry bags when it is time to end your camping trip.

I do have one complaint about the stakes the tent comes with, though. They seem plastic and I opted to swap them for some long metal ones I already had because I did not trust the ‘plastic’ ones because they can bend easily and come out from the ground.

  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • E-Port
  • Included carry bag
  • Below average tent stakes

#2 Core Extended Dome Tent

This tent with swinging door by Core is called the Extended Dome, and you can probably see why. It comes in two colors; bright orange with grey or wine red and grey.

It has a roomy interior of 16 x 9ft and a center height of 6ft so there is plenty of room for eight people and even the tallest campers can enjoy spending time inside this tent.

Included with the tent you get the fiberglass tent poles, rainfly, steel stakes, and a carry bag so that you have everything you need for the simple assembly.

The tent is made with 68D polyester with a 600mm PU rating. Its taped seams also help with keeping water out.

There’s also an adjustable venting system so that you can have the perfect amount of fresh air coming in.

The mesh ceiling is brilliant for several reasons. To start with, it makes this tent perfect for hot conditions because without the rainfly on there is a lot of air circulation. Also, the ceiling and vents work together so that cool air can be drawn in from the vents while hot air rises and escapes through the meshed ceiling.

With this tent, you can also enjoy stargazing before falling asleep, which is a big part of the camping trip for me.

Let’s not forget about the electrical cord access port, which closes securely whether it’s in use or not. If you have no use for an E-port, simply keep it closed and you don’t have to worry about that. Even when you are using it, hook and loop straps wrap around the power cord to add some security. There is also a gear loft with a lantern hook and storage pockets.

The rainfly is made with extra wide, thick tape that has been heat sealed to the rainfly’s fabric making it durable and resistant to rain.

This tent only has one door and one window though. I prefer only using this tent when it’s warm. The reason is that, since there is only one window, the mesh ceiling is the biggest contributor to fresh air, so it is better to use this tent without its rainfly on.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Limited ventilation with rainfly on

#3 Coleman Octagon Dome Tent

Another Coleman hinged door tent – the Octagon Dome. This one comes in multiple different colors – black with red, green and grey, orange with grey, or green.

The green one is the odd one out here because it has something special; it is a blackout tent. What that means is that 99% of daylight gets blocked out so that you can have a good night’s sleep and not get woken up by the sun as soon as it rises. Also, inside of the tent, it’s 5 degrees Celsius cooler during the day from the outside.

These dome-shaped 4-season tents can comfortably fit 7-8 people inside, and they are made out of polyester that has a PU rating of 2000mm. The floor is made of polyethylene and is welded, and fully integrated/sewn-in so that water cannot leak in.

The dimensions are 3.96 x 2.15m (L x W x H), with a total interior of 15.7 square meters, weighing 20.7kg, and when packed up the size is 85 x 30 x 30cm.

The six large windows provide a 350-degree view so that you can see the beautiful nature surrounding you from every angle, and they enhance ventilation.

Without the rainfly on, the majority of the tent is a mesh inner body, allowing plenty of fresh air to come in.

The hinged door opens like an actual door, making it easier to get in and out. It even opens silently, which is perfect for those late-night bathroom trips since you won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else.

The fiberglass and steel poles keep this tent sturdy and can withstand winds as strong as 35 MPH. Coleman’s tents are also tested to make sure that, even after having 35+ gallons of water rain down on it, little to no water managed to seep in.

Even though this tent is heavy and bulky, its carry bag does have sturdy handles and wheels so that does make up for it. Keep in mind that the wheels are useless on grass though.

The process to pitch this tent is straightforward. You start with the inner, which consists of a sewn-in groundsheet with fabric and mesh sides and roof panels. Once you lay this down flat on the ground, ideally on a footprint if you have one to protect the bottom of the tent, you just need to make sure that the doors are in the right position. Then, you can proceed with the poles and metal pins for the ground sheet.

The poles are color coded, making it really quick and easy to know which go where. The first time setting this tent up took me about 20 minutes, but ever since I have gotten faster.

The rainfly was no easy feat to do by myself, unlike the rest of the tent, but that is only because of my short height.

  • Perfect for family
  • Silent hinged door
  • Lots of mesh/ventilation
  • Blackout option
  • Heavy & bulky

#4 Coleman Elite Sundome Tent

This hinged door tent by Coleman is called the Elite Sundome tent and comes in the color blue and white. It is a 6 person tent that is made of 68D polyester mesh. The floor is made out of 1,000D polyethylene, and the rainfly is 75D polyester taffeta.

It has something unique, which is a built-in LED light system that has three brightness settings that deliver up to 100 lumens. This is so that campers can read, set up sleeping bags, study maps, or just hang out together once the sun has gone down.

The dimensions are 12 x 10ft, with a center height of 6ft and weighing 20 pounds. Six camp pads or two queen-sized airbeds can comfortably fit inside.

It only takes ten minutes to set up this tent, mostly thanks to the snag-free continuous pole sleeves for the 11mm fiberglass poles. Also, the insta-clip suspensions that secure the tent to the poles in a snap help a great deal.

The patented welded floor and inverted seams provide more water resistance, especially the rainfly because it has a sort of ‘mini awning’ that protects the large D-style hinged door.

There is one ground vent and two windows, providing just enough ventilation when the rainfly is on.

Once it’s time to head home this tent easily packs back up into its extendable carry bag.

Lastly, this 3-season tent also has an E-port and storage pockets.

Although this tent does seem incredible, I do have just a few complaints. To start with, I wish there was another door. When I am staying with such a large group of other campers it can be really useful. Secondly, for the same reasons, there is no vestibule.

Also, I would not trust this tent in a storm with heavy rain… Even though it is water resistant, there is a limit.

  • E-port
  • LED light system
  • Rainfly protects the door
  • Easy set up
  • One door

#5 Coleman Montana Tent

This cabin tent with hinged door by Coleman is the Montana tent. It is suitable for 8 people, and there are three color options: black and white, black and blue, or green and cream.

This tent is made out of durable double-thick fabric that can withstand weather conditions of any season. It also sets up really easily and can be done in about 15 minutes.

For those who have never set up a tent before, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first and take longer than the estimated time. But rest assured, once you have done it once you will only get faster every time you set it up.

This tent, like all of Coleman’s tents, has been subjected to a wind and rain test before being available for purchase.

 To ensure the tents have sturdy frames, they are tested against winds of 35+ MPH.

For the rain test, a tent is placed into a rain room where over 35 gallons of water rain down at different rates, such as a light drizzle to heavy downpour. To make sure that the tent is water resistant enough, if more than two tablespoons manage to get into the tent then it fails the test.

It is the welded corners and inverted seams that stop any water from getting in, and an included rainfly offers you even more protection from the weather.

The large D-style door is hinged so that you can get in and out really easily, this is especially great if you have children that like to run back and forth. Or, even better, if you are carrying something like a baby this really helps. The extended awning does cover the door, providing even more protection.

The tent has an interior of 16 x 7 ft, which means that three queen air beds can fit inside. The center height is 6ft 2 inches so that it’s comfortable and easy to stand up and move around when inside the tent.

Storage pockets that are built into the tent’s wall allow you to keep small items organized and in one place.

It does come with a carry bag included so that you can keep the tent secure and easily take it with you when it’s time to go camping. 

There are only two small windows, but they are angled so that even when it is raining you can keep them open. Despite the benefit of having them angled, they are not large enough and I would have preferred more windows for a cross breeze.

Since there is a lack of ventilation there’s a higher chance of condensation inside. I am so glad that I had brought a fan along with me on my camping trip, otherwise, I do not think I would have managed to get any sleep.

An electrical cord access port lets you conveniently bring electricity into the tent.

Even though this tent does come with everything that you need, such as tent stakes, I invested in getting some stronger ones instead because the ones that are included do not seem very robust.

  • E-Port
  • Large, hinged door
  • Spacious
  • Waterproof
  • Lack of ventilation
  • Weak tent stakes

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