Beach Tent Stakes : The Ultimate Round Up

beach tent stakes

Anytime I set up a tent with regular stakes in the sand it always ended up a disaster. 

They would become undone and the tent would start to move and could even blow away. Though with the proper stakes this simply will not happen.

So, I have searched long and hard and after using over 20 different kinds of sand tent stakes, I have found the ones that do the best job in the sand. Below are my top 5 beach tent stakes.

Best Choice
Orange Screw: The Ultimate Ground Anchor | Small 4 Pack | Made in USA (Orange)
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Ground Anchor Kit, Set of 8 Earth Augers, 15" Long, 3" Wide Helix, 3/8" Diameter Stake Shaft, Includes Torque Bar, Rope, Carrying Sack & Eight Heavy Duty Rods
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Canopy Stakes Camping Stakes Beach Tent Stakes Heavy Duty Screw Shape 25 cm 10 inch - 10 Pack Yellow
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Best Sand Stakes – My Top 5

Best Stakes for Sand – Our Favorite

#1 Orange Screw: The Ultimate Ground Anchor 

These are not your typical tent stakes – they have a screw like design, but they will have the same effect as stakes. I find them to work better in sand because of how they screw into the sand.

You don’t hammer them in like most stakes, but you screw them in using the top section of them. It is very easy to do by hand and I feel it allows for a more secure hold than most other stakes. It offers more resistance and grip that regular stakes simply can’t offer.

This is because they are quite long at 9.5 inches which really allows them to get deep into the sand where it’s firmer and offers a much more secure hold. If you know where you are planning to set up has a lot of soft sand, I recommend going for these because they will go well into the firm sand where you will get the most secure hold.

These are perfect for sand, but I personally wouldn’t use them in the soil for holding a tent as I feel they would be more prone to breaking when user heavy pressure from wind. While these are not actually ‘stakes’ they perform better than most of the tent stakes for sand and are available at a reasonable price point.

  • Hold securely
  • Easy to set up
  • Good value
  • Perfect for sand
  • Not the best option for harder ground

#2 Gray Bunny Ground Anchor Kit

The thing that stood out with these stakes is how secure they made the tent even on soft sand. These stakes from Gray Bunny really are heavy-duty stakes. They are 15 inches long and 3 inches wide! They without a doubt are some of the heaviest duty stakes I have used.

The shaft of the stake really helps secure the stake well into the ground. It offers stability that a lot of other stakes simply can’t match because of the shaft and the length of them.

They go really deep into the ground which means they get into the much firmer sand and offers you a secure tent that you wouldn’t believe. Even in high winds these stakes simply don’t budge or move. You can tell once you put them into the ground that they really are secure and won’t be easily moved. You can really try pulling them out yourself and you will see how secure they really are.

You might be thinking it may be difficult to place these into the sand but it’s quite easy. There is an included torque bar which makes installation simple and easy. Only took me about 10 minutes to put 4 of them into the ground and attached the tent.

The value for money on these stakes is also really good considering their quality and durability.

One small downside I noticed with these stakes is that the paint particularly at the tip can chip especially if you are using on regular dirt.

  • Heavy duty
  • Extremely secure
  • Great value
  • Paint can chip

#3 Tzt Canopy Tent Pegs

So, my 3rd choice is these Beach N Sand Stakes. As I am sure you can tell by the name, they are designed specifically for use in the sand, but they can also be used as regular stakes in the normal ground if needed.

The main test for these stakes is that will they work well in loose sand or even soil primarily due to their spiral design which allows for more grip and resistance when it really gets windy. Even in strong cross winds they held in place with little to no movement.

It’s also worth mentioning you can easily twist them into the sand with the grip on top of each of the stakes. It makes setup incredibly quick and simple.

They are made from an ABS plastic which is very durable. I tried bending them to see if they could take the pressure – they were strong and able to flex when under pressure.

While you can use these stakes in regular ground they really work best when used in sand or snow and that’s where they really shine.

Overall, as the name would imply these are great stakes for quickly setting up a canopy for the beach. This is because of being really strong and sturdy and quick to setup which is ideal when you are using them for a tent or canopy on the beach.

While not necessarily the most durable stakes, for the prices it’s really hard to complain. They exceeded my expectations and are a great option for someone who would only use them occasionally and are without a doubt one of the best tent stakes for beach camping.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • Affordable option
  • Not the most durable option

#4 HJH Aluminium Tent Stakes

These stakes are made from an aluminium material with an anodized finish. They may not be the most heavy-duty looking stakes but they certainly do more than you could expect.

The first thing that’s worth noting with these stakes is that they are 12 inches long. That allows them to be hammered deep into the ground which makes them incredibly secure even on soft sand. The second thing I like about the design is the holes. This was particularly useful to get things adjusted more easily and allowed more flexibility basically.

Regarding holding your tent in place these stakes are great. I think it’s to do with their length and their shape which makes them not only secure but also easier to hammer into the sand. This also allows for better angling which sometimes is more effective than driving them directly down into the ground.

The thing with these stakes is that they are designed for sand and snow so you know that their design has been tailored with that in mind and you can really tell that they simply work.

While these stakes are quite a bit longer than normal metal tent stakes, they are also quite light and can be quite neatly placed together making them one of the best options for backpacking and hiking. It’s also worth mentioning that there is a Velcro strap included to hold them all together which is handy to have.

In terms of downsides I don’t really have any for them. I guess you could say they aren’t as effective for regular ground and that would be true, but they haven’t been made with that in mind anyway!

  • Great design
  • Lightweight
  • Works great in sand/snow
  • Super easy to put in place
  • Not as versatile for regular ground

#5 MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit

The first thing I really liked about these sand tent pegs is their quality. When you have them in hand you will know what I mean. They feel great quality. They are made from an aluminium that is strong and both lightweight making them a solid option for backpackers.

They come with in 2 different sizes one, the longer ones which I recommend are 7.5 inches long.

When putting them into the sand they are strong enough to remain straight even if you had a rock underground in the way. Point being that they won’t easily bend or break under pressure

The loops on top of them are made from a nice material that feels strong and reliable. It makes removing them from the sand very simple.

You may have noticed that these are my only recommendation that is more like I typical stake that can be used in any type of ground. This makes them one of the more versatile stakes out there.

If you are using these and don’t know exactly the terrain you are going to use them on these stakes are an excellent option because they work well in most terrains.

I have used them on both sand and regular ground, and they work great for both. Even in high winds they have proven to remain in the ground no matter what. This is due to the cross like design I feel and being a good length that can get deeper into the ground which is particularly important for use in the sand.

In terms of overall quality and the ability to use on many different ground types these stakes are definitely a contender for the best tent stakes out there.

Of course, they aren’t perfect there was a small issue where I felt the tip was a little blunt. This wasn’t really an issue on sand because it tends to be softer but on regular ground it makes them a little more difficult to hammer into place. Not a massive downside but something worth noting.

  • Very lightweight
  • Quality material
  • Work well on multiple ground types
  • Reasonably priced
  • Tip is a little blunt which can make hammering in a little more difficult on harder ground

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