Orca Cooler Review – The Ultimate Guide to Orca Coolers

Orca Cooler review

I have had many people ask me for suggestions when it comes to choosing a cooler that is premium and of similar quality when it comes to a cooler like a Yeti cooler for example.

Are there are other  alternatives and if so what options are there? Well one of the best options I have come across is Orca and their coolers.

So here I have decided to review one of their coolers to better understand its quality and functions and if it really is worth the purchase?

Orca Cooler Review

When it comes to Orca coolers for sale, there is the standard design which is available in many colors and sizes. Anything from 20-quart all the way up to 140-quart, you are sure to find the size that is best suited for you.

A question I often get asked – is there option of a pink Yeti available and the answer would be yes but it’s a limited edition and you can’t simply just buy a pink yeti whereas if you want a pink Orca cooler you will have no issue to buy one right now if you need it.

They also have your standard color options like white and tan or you can opt for a nice aqua color. The main point being is you can choose what is best suited to you and this variety is a massive selling point for me! In my Orca cooler review, I went for the white 40-quart option.

When it comes to picking a cooler the main thing most people are looking for is long ice retention. That is what Orca coolers are known for and that is amazing ice retention.

Orca themselves claim that the cooler can retain ice for up to 10 days. I sometimes find that companies exaggerate these figures but I can see after using this Orca is does live up to these statements that Orca has claimed. I personally found it able to retain ice for a whole 7 days and that was in 30 Celsius weather all along and I am sure it could have lasted for longer need be.

The great thing is you most likely will find yourself having to refill the coolers contents more than the ice itself with is rare for me especially on a bigger cooler. One of the great things about having such an amazing ice retention is that per trip most people will only need to fill it once at the start of a shorter trip and you are sorted. You don’t need to worry about having to refill your cooler with ice everyday like you may have to with a lower quality alternative cooler.

This cooler is made in the United States which may not seem like a big deal to some but I can tell you that the quality shines through and you can tell it has been built by professionals.

The 40 Quart weighed in at 24 pounds when empty. When its full it can be quite heavy but the carrying straps are easy on your hands and shouldn’t be a problem if you are only carrying it a short distance or with 2 people.

For a moment let me talk about the design and overall build quality of this Orca ice chest. The latches used to close and seal the cooler work well and close it air tight as you would expect.

They feel premium and can take a lot of punishment. In terms of the material of the cooler itself, it’s a very strong and sturdy plastic that does a fabulous job of insulating. There are also 4 feet on the bottom of the cooler which stops the cooler from slipping or moving around on a smooth surface like on a boat for example.

There is also a net attachment on the backside for a little additional storage which may be handy for a fisherman to store some small pieces which could get lost otherwise, so it’s a nice inclusion. In terms of the style of this cooler – its top tier and is sure to catch some of your friend’s eye especially if you elect to go for the hot pink option!

I would also like to mention that these Orca coolers comes with a lifetime warranty. Not only does this cover you if you ever happen to have a problem with one of them but it also shows that Orca is willing to stand behind their product and cover it because they know it’s going to last a very very long time. It isn’t no surprise that products with a lifetime warranty often don’t ever need to make use of it!

Orca Cooler Review Summary

If you are on the market for a premium cooler that offers insane ice retention, then this Orca cooler is your best option without a doubt. While a company like Yeti may be more popular, a lot of people would argue including myself that an Orca Cooler will do all a Yeti can do and even more and often at a more affordable price point.

So, it easy for me to tell you that it’s a no-brainer to recommend an Orca Cooler. It’s an investment that you will be glad you made!

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