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kelty tent reviews

In this Kelty tent review, I am going to cover our three favorite tents by Kelty. All of them have great features but I have to admit – there is one in particular that is my favorite, simply because of my own personal preferences. I am confident that one of these tents is the perfect choice for you. Below is our Kelty tent reviews and are top 3 choices.

Kelty Tent Reviews – Top 3

#1 Kelty Late Start Tent

There are Kelty Late Start tents for 1, 2, and 4 people.

If you’re looking for a tent that has an easy setup, great ventilation, is reliable, and durable then these are for you. It’s the reason it’s the best Kelty tent for us.

The one-person tent has measurements of 85” x 40” x 30”, with an interior area of 20.6 square feet and a peak height of 36.5 inches. The vestibule protects 6.4 square feet of storage space, and the tent weighs around 1.5kg. When packed up, the dimensions of the tent in its bag are 15” x 7” x 7” and you won’t even notice that you’re carrying it.

The Kelty tent 2-person’s dimensions are 85” x 54” at its widest point, providing an interior area of 29.5 square feet. It has a peak height of 40 inches, weighs 1.83kg, and the vestibule protects 7.85 square feet of storage space. When packed up the size is 16” x 7” x 7”.

As for the Kelty 4-person tent, it has measurements of 99” x 81” and an interior area of 55.7 square feet. The center height is 56 inches, the tent weighs around 2.83kg, and the vestibule protects 9.14 square feet of storage space. In its carry bag the size is only 18” x 7.5” x 7.5”.

The two aluminum poles have been pre-bent in order to create extra room inside the tent. There are pockets at the corners of the tent that keep one end of the poles secure while you move around to deal with the other end. This prevents the all too common problem of tent poles jumping right back out of their grommets as soon as you walk away.

There is one door, the walls are no-see-um mesh, and the floor is made out of tough 68 denier fabric that is water resistant to 1800mm. Inside the tent there are internal storage pockets and a gear loft.

The tent is protected by a waterproof rainfly with sealed seams to ensure water doesn’t get in. The rainfly is also exceptionally easy to put on because it is color-coded.

This is a 3-season tent because it can hold up well against wind and rain, and its freestanding design means you can pitch the tent and then move it around if necessary. Since this is a freestanding tent, though, I wouldn’t trust it in a really bad storm. Considering the amount of mesh when the rainfly is off it’s perfect for summer.

  • Easy to setup
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Full coverage fly
  • Aluminum poles
  • 1 door
  • Short

#2 Kelty Outback Tent

This Kelty 3-person tent is made out of 68D 1800mm Polyester, has durable fiberglass poles, and is extremely easy to set up.

The center height is 4ft 11inches, with a floor area of 57 square feet, when packed the size is 27 x 8 inches. The tent weighs around 2.7kg, one queen sized air mattress can fit inside with ease, and the vestibule has an area of 15 square feet,

All you need to do is place the tent down flat on the ground, stake the corners, and place the two poles over it in an X-shape. Then, attach the tent to the poles with clips and that’s it!

There’s a very large D-style door with smooth and noiseless zips for easy and convenient access.

The double stake-point vestibule adds extra space to keep your gear, in turn providing you with even more space inside of the tent.

There are attached guy lines that are very easy to use and help stabilize the tent in windy conditions, and they even tuck away neatly into the integrated storage pockets when you’re not using them.

For increased ventilation, the walls are made of no-see-um mesh, which also make it perfect for stargazing at night. Due to the full-coverage rainfly, you can only stargaze if the rainfly isn’t on.

The floor has taped seams for more weather protection to ensure water can’t get in, and there are internal storage pockets inside so that you can keep small items organized and in one place.

  • Easy setup
  • Water resistant
  • Good quality
  • Lots of ventilation
  • One door
  • No vents

#3 Kelty Night Owl Tent

This is by far one of the best Kelty tents, most likely because of the rainfly which I’ll get into soon.

This is a 2, 3, and 4-person tent that is spacious and easy to pitch. Just one person can have this tent set up in about ten minutes. All you need to do is clip the tent body to the poles, and there’s color coded webbing on the tent corners as well as adjustable buckles for a perfect fit.

The 2-person tent measures at 90” x 54”, with an interior of 33.75 square feet and a peak height of 43 inches. The two vented vestibules each protect 10 square feet.

The 3-person tent only differs in interior space, which is 90” x 73” with 45.6 square feet.

As for the 4-person tent, it measures at 99” x 84” with an interior of 54.75 square feet, a peak height of 43 inches, and each vestibule protects 13 square feet.

Although this one is a bit expensive, it’s worth it. The pockets at the corners of the tent keep the ends of the poles secure so that you can deal with the other side, and there are small pockets for the guy lines to be stored in when you’re not using them.

The walls are no-see-um mesh for increased ventilation and the floor is made of tough and durable 68 denier 1800mm fabric. All seams are taped to avoid moisture build up and not let any water inside the tent.

With a freestanding design, you can easily scoot the tent and move it if needed.

There are internal storage pockets and a gear loft where you can keep a night light for increased illumination and avoid clutter by keeping small items organized.

What I love about the rainfly is that it’s full-coverage, and you can roll up half of it to have a mix of shade and fresh air. You can easily stargaze at night before falling asleep, which adds so much to your camping experience.

The rainfly also provides vestibule space on the sides to keep your gear and have more space for yourself inside. There are even two large doors, making it easier if multiple people want to get in or out at the same time.

The tent’s aluminum poles are stable and durable so you won’t have anything to worry about if it gets windy.

The carry bag is conveniently shaped for quick and easy packing.

  • Full-coverage rainfly
  • Two doors
  • Plenty of mesh for air circulation
  • Easy pitch
  • Spacious
  • n/a

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