Stance Socks Review – Rolls Royce of Socks?

Stance Socks Review

After reading about a lot of different sock manufacturers I have decided to try out Stance socks not only because of their overall admiration and positive feedback from their users but I am a bit of a sucker for eye catching socks of which Stance has me well and truly covered! If you want an America flag pair of socks they have that, if you want Star Wars pair they have that and if you want a regular pair they have that as well.

My point is they have a seemingly endless amount of design and color options and they all seem to be well designed not like some tacky socks you may have found somewhere else. If I ever was to call socks classy this would be the perfect opportunity for that here. So, let me get into my Stance socks review.

Stance Icon Sock 3 Pack
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Athletic Ribbed

Stance Socks Review

I ordered a few different styles of them in to see how they were and how each of them felt and looked. You can see the different ones I ordered in the pictures throughout the article. The first thing that will strike you when receive them is their sheer quality. Once you open them out of the package you can immediately tell they are a premium product especially for someone who has never tried a more premium pair of socks.

Of course, one of the main things of importance is the comfort test. They are incredibly comfortable, they are thick and very well thought through socks. What I mean by that they have been closely designed to make them as comfortable as possible as well as extremely durable.

On closer inspection, you can see they have reinforcement in the right areas such as the toes and the heels which helps with comfort when wearing shoes and its bound to improve the life span of these socks.

One thing you may not have noticed before on cheaper socks, is near the toes on the inside you may have a small flap of fabric where the seam is, not only can this make them less comfortable to wear but typically they are more prone to come apart when they are like that. With these stance socks the toe closure is seamless so you won’t get any of the little annoying discomfort there like the cheaper socks you would most likely of tried in the past.

Some people may be concerned after buying these and washing them that the color may become faded but after personally using them for 3 months myself I cannot see any discoloration whatsoever. So, that’s something worth considering especially if you are someone who will be wearing and washing them frequently.

When I said before that these socks where thick I don’t mean thick like some thermal socks you have come across before but thick like slightly more than your typically sock you would buy from the store. So, a question I would be typically asked is, would they be suitable when doing some more physical activity?

Yes, absolutely they would, they are perfect for hiking with boots and wearing on longer walks because they are more comfortable than your average socks. Now I make a conscious effort to wear them when I know I am going on a longer trek – simply because my feet will love me for it!

This socks really are suitable for really any situation, you can wear them when you go for a run or along with your suit to the office, they feel comfortable for every occasion.

They are a nice fit, they won’t roll down or become loose when doing something more energetic. The material combination of cotton, spandex, elastic and nylon seems to really work a treat.

If you are wanting to impress with your socks these are sure to do the trick. The brighter variants are sure to catch the eye of anyone nearby.

I have had many people remark to me about them when I am wearing them. Of course, if you want to fly under the radar you can with a more conservative color/pattern option, but I personally do love the more unique and interesting styles.

The final remark I would like to make here in my Stance socks review is something people would often ask – Are these socks worth the price? – Well for socks they are not cheap by any means but you absolutely will love them if you do decide to buy them and I can guarantee you, you will wish you never wore anything else.

But be warned after you have worn these you will likely be tempted to only wear them and throw your other socks in the trash – they are really that great. So be ready to buy enough pairs to last you all year round!

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