Buff Headwear Review – More Than Just a Headband?

Buff Headwear Review

The Buff Headband. Is it just a headband though? Definitely not.

In this Buff headwear review, I’d like to tell you what makes this product great. Not only that, but I’m also going to give you an idea of some of the many ways you can wear this multi-purpose headwear. Pretty much any type of headwear you can think of, you can transform this Buff headgear into. Whether you’re looking for a mask to protect yourself, or something to keep your hair out of the way, you can make it easily.

You can even transform the headwear into a cap. I know it seems really difficult to make this into any sort of hat, but I can promise you that it’s definitely possible and extremely easy to achieve. There are tutorials everywhere that show you exactly how to wear or use this buff in numerous different ways.

BUFF Unisex Tolui Black, Black Multi, OSFM
  • 100% Merino wool
  • Lightweight construction; 125g/m2 for versatile, all-season performance
  • Dries quickly, breathable, stays warm if wet
  • Naturally odor resistant
  • One-size-fits-all adults

Buff Review

The Buff headband comes in a wide variety of colors: Castlerock Grey Multi, Grey Multi, Denim, Denim Multi, Forest Night, Purple Multi, Purple Raspberry, Rubi Multi, Rusty Multi, Snow, Snow Multi, or Touli Black.

The names of the colors don’t do them any justice. For example, ‘Snow Multi’ is white with a really nice pattern in pink, so you really do need to see each one for yourself before you decide and not just choose based on the name.

Those are just the colors that are available from amazon – you can find countless more from the official Buff website. Pretty much anything you can imagine, there’s probably a design or pattern for it.

Having such a wide variety means that anybody can find the right color for them. I personally like having a lot of different options to choose from as it makes it feel more ‘you’, and the dozens of patterns mean you can find something more unique.

It’s made with breathable, eco-friendly merino wool that is naturally odor resistant. It doesn’t matter what size of head you have, because the headband is 9” wide and 2” high so that it can fit well on just about anybody. The elastic helps a great deal, too.

The Buff Headwear even won the Editors’ Choice Gold Award from Backpacker Magazine for its years of proven performance. It’s soft, warm, wind-resistant, and lightweight, making it absolutely perfect for pretty much any season.

If you do choose one of the multi-color options, keep in mind that it won’t be reversible. In the sense that, if you were to choose a black headband you could wear it inside out because it’s black on both sides. The ones with patterns, however, only have color on one side. It’s worth mentioning this because for a lot of the styles to wear it you need to fold it over in some way, and some people might find it annoying that the inside is just white.

This buff headgear is washable, but you should handwash it, because otherwise there is the chance that it could become itchy. After being washed, it dries up really quickly so you don’t have to spend ages waiting to use it.

Now let’s finally get to the question on everyone’s mind. How on Earth am I supposed to wear this?

The possibilities really are endless because there really are so many ways.

Definitely one of the best Buff products, here are a bunch of examples on what styles you can transform it into.

Firstly, you can have it around your neck just as a neckerchief or scarf. Or, most importantly due to COVID-19, as a face mask.

If you would like to keep your hair out of your face when you go hiking, put it on as a headband or hairband.

Of course, there’s also the balaclava for those especially cold days, and it is brilliant to be able to cover not just your mouth just also your nose and ears. It makes a huge difference in winter.

Some more stylish ways are as a do-rag, cap, sahariane, or a foulard. If you’re imagining that it’s complicated to do so, it’s really not. As mentioned earlier, there are tons of tutorials.

You can even wear it like a pirate-style hat! I think this is really cool and quirky.

As I said, endless possibilities, these are just a couple to give you the idea.

What’s really important to me is that it didn’t cause any sweating and that it doesn’t cause any irritation after wearing it for long periods of time. I was mostly worried about my ears, because I can’t even wear headphones for a long period of time but when the headwear was covering my ears they didn’t get uncomfortable – even after a few hours. Quite incredible.

The reason those two factors I just mentioned matter so much to me is because I mostly wear the headgear to cover my mouth while cycling, so as to protect myself from any fumes because of cars, and I often wear it when I go jogging when it’s chilly out.

When I said that this headwear is great for every season, I meant it. I know that you’re doubting how this could be used in summer, I did at first as well, but it actually makes a really great wristband to wipe off sweat. The Pirate, Sahariane, and neckerchief also work great to protect you from UV rays and avoid getting sunburnt.

Since it uses micro polyester, it can retrain heat really well for when it’s cold.

Also, it’s made with great quality. There’s no stitching because it has a seamless construction, which isn’t very common, and makes it very durable. Even after multiple uses and washes, the color doesn’t fade.

You can take this everywhere with you because it can fold up really small and compact so that it doesn’t take up much space at all.

This both is and isn’t a one-size-fits-all because even though it does fit most people if you have a larger or smaller head than most you may find it too loose or tight.

Personally, my head is rather small because I am a petite woman and so when I would use this as a face mask, I had to use something like a clip, in order for the mask to stay up and not fall down off my nose.

  • Variety of colors and patterns
  • Odor resistant
  • Multi-purpose
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Too loose or tight for some

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