Buff Headwear Reviewed – More Than Just a Headband?

Buff Headwear Review

Buff Headwear is made for the not one person or group of people but can be seemingly used for an endless amount of options. If you didn’t already know and as you may already have guessed this piece is used for wearing on the head area but it is multipurpose when it comes to that, let me explain. It’s versatile in keeping you warm and protected from the elements weather than be sun or snow. It can be used however you like it whether it’s as a bandana, balaclava or ever around the neck it will really suit you for what you want and need. This is my Buff Headwear review!

The Buff Headwear is very useful in multiple situations. It could be used to keep your hair out of your face when working out or simply to keep your nose and ears warm when it gets cold on your long winter hike. It really is up to you how you would like to use it and its versatility is its greatest strength.

I personally used the Original Buff Headwear in black but they have a host of different color and pattern options available, anything from white to a rainbow pattern, you can find what you like and what suits you best.

buff headwear black

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In my usage I used it for a variety of different situations. I used it to keep my hair out of my eyes on a hiking sessions almost like a bandana, I used it around my face in the winter mornings to keep my nose and ears warm and I also used it around my neck basically as a neck warmer. Let me talk about each of these situations and how it faired for each task.

So firstly, when I used it as a bandana to keep the hair out of my eyes it worked well, it’s made from a micro fiber which is very breathable. It didn’t cause me to sweat and its fitted around my head very comfortably due to having some elastic properties which allowed it to fit my head well. I didn’t notice any heat buildup or sweating when wearing it there.

The second situation that I wore it was over my face basically like a balaclava, it covered my mouth nose and ears. Wearing it like this was the situation I thought would be most uncomfortable but I was wrong. Due to its material, which is a microfiber polyester its breathability is very good. The moisture from your mouth and heat doesn’t build up unlike most other materials and for that I was immensely impressed. As my nose and ears always get cold when hiking this is an invaluable piece that I now always wear in those cooler months.  The fit around the ears was snug and comfortable and didn’t irritate my ears after wearing for an extended time (2 hours).

buff headwear groove

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The third and final way that I used it was basically as a scarf, in order to keep the neck warm. So, you may say why would I use this instead of a scarf which may be more suited to the job at hand. Well in comparison to what a scarf offers, the buff headwear is lighter and is definitely more suited to someone who is moving around more whether that be hiking or going for a jog. With a woolen scarf, I personally feel it can get too warm at some point but the breathability of the original buff headwear stops that along with the massive benefit of being much lighter and more convenient to wear.

buff headwear pattern

Buff say that it can be worn in over 12 different ways, I haven’t tried all of them myself but I tried for the ways that seemed useful and beneficial to me and it worked well. Just for note it can be washed easily and due to its material, it dries very quickly too. Also, its worth mentioning that it you do decide to go for one of the pattern options instead of the black version it will be a one-sided coloring but any solid color option will have the same color throughout.

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Finally, I will round up by saying that I am very impressed by this Buff headwear piece and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It can be used in a variety of different situations whether that is for protecting your neck from the hot sun or keeping your nose and ears warm on a cold morning, it really is flexible and can be used in many ways. Buff really have got the material spot on with, its soft and comfortable and breathable and all at a very affordable price. Definitely worth considering!

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