Coolers like Yeti but Cheaper – Can Any Cooler Live up to Yeti?

coolers like yeti but cheaper

When it comes to coolers most people know Yeti are the leading brand but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other alternatives that can meet the same quality as Yeti and some of them even surpass Yeti in terms of quality. Here I am going to show you some coolers like Yeti but cheaper that live up to the Yeti brand. When it comes to coolers that are like Yeti there are a few brands that stand out from the crowd not just because they are like Yeti but they have such quality products.

Coolers like Yeti but Cheaper – Top 3 Brands


Pelican are a top brand which really resemble Yeti in some ways but I personally like their more rugged design and they are going to be top notch when it comes to durability.


I often get the question about Yeti vs Grizzly and it is always an interesting discussion but truth be told Grizzly coolers are top notch and have a classy style just like Yeti. They have a nice selection of different coolers for different users, so their selection is very good.


Orca coolers are some of the most similar coolers to Yeti visually and in terms of quality, I prefer them to Yeti, yes, they are that good! They are also available in many different sizes and color options so you are sure to find the one that best suits your needs.

Yeti Competitors – Best 3 Coolers

When it comes to options, the 3 brands that I mentioned above are without a doubt your best options but here I have chosen the best 3 options from all of their different coolers to help you make the best decision.

#3 Grizzly Coolers Cooler

Grizzly offer some incredible options when it comes to coolers and for me this is their best option, even though it’s not exactly a singular option. Let me explain. This Grizzly cooler is available in many different sizes ranging from 15-Quart all the way up to 75-Quart. They are also available in an assortment of different color options anything from white to a seafoam green. So, in terms of options these Grizzly coolers are a great choice because you are going to get the cooler that is suited best for you and your needs. In terms of looks and design this cooler is right up there with Yeti, it looks top class!

Now when it comes to choosing a color you are of course looking for long ice retention. This Grizzly cooler delivers when it comes to holding ice for a long time. In my personal experience, it could last for 6 days at least and that was in temperature of 30+ Celsius, it’s a top-notch cooler when to comes to that.

The handles on this Grizzly cooler are quite nice and make for moving the cooler around easy even when full capacity. There are also feet on the bottom of the cooler which is very useful if you are storing it on a smooth surface. Finally, I would like to mention that this cooler is so durable, it’s one of the best I have ever user when it comes to durability. In fact, it has the Bear Proof certification so no bear can get inside it, which I am sure is a selling feature for some.

Grizzly Coolers Cooler

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#2 Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler

This Pelican cooler is the 20-quart option. It is available in a host of vibrant color options so you are sure to find something you like. I really like the design of this Pelican cooler, it has the Pelican logo along with the latches with the red detail which I personally enjoy. If you didn’t notice it also has cup holders built into the lid which can be handy. You may have also noticed the almost silver latch on the front middle of the cooler. That is a bottle opener, which again is handy if you are using the cooler to keep your beer ice cold!

In terms of ice retention on this cooler it is very good, while I think it is a little worse than the Grizzly cooler it can easily retain ice for 4-5 days in 30 Celsius+ weather. So basically, you wouldn’t need to be changing your ice especially on shorter trip. Because this is a smaller option ice retention won’t be as long, if you do elect to go for a Pelican cooler that is bigger in size you will get improved ice retention times but this smaller size is the perfect option for shorter trips. When you receive this cooler, you will know it’s a top-quality cooler, it looks and feels sturdy and durable, and it’s quite weighty too, it’s one of the best coolers in terms of value for money on the market.

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler

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#1 Orca Cooler

This Orca cooler is your best option not only does to resemble a Yeti cooler in terms of how it looks and is designed. In fact, in terms of its overall quality I personally prefer it to a Yeti cooler. This line of Orca coolers are available in many different sizes and cooler options. They have the biggest selection when it comes to choosing the best size to suit you, anything from 20-quart up to 140-quart are available and there are many different color options.

When it comes to design, this cooler look classy, I am sure you will get many remarks from friends asking about it because it really does stand out. The handles on this cooler work very well, they were easy enough to use on the 40-quart option that I used. This cooler also has 4 rubber feet on the bottom to stop the cooler from moving around on a slippery surface. It has a section on the backside which can be used for additional storage as well.

When it comes to ice retention this Orca cooler is brilliant. I could get 7 days of ice retention which is remarkable, even I was surprised. Orca in fact claim you can get up 10 days. When I used it, the temperature was 35 Celsius. If you are on the market for a cooler like a Yeti but want a cheaper option, then an Orca cooler like this one if the perfect option for you. For a full review of this Orca cooler check out my Orca Cooler Review.

orca cooler

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Things to Consider When Buying a Cooler

Build Quality – When choosing a cooler is it important to find one that has great build quality. I tend to find that rotomolded coolers are always a great choice.  They offer strong build an structure and usually some of the best insulation.

Value for Money – You want a cooler that is great value for money and something that is premium as well, so one of the coolers I have mentioned above are a good choice when it comes to good value.

Size and Color Options – Of course when choosing a cooler, you want a size and color that best suits your needs so the more flexibility when it comes to these, especially the size is important. You don’t to have to buy a bigger size than you need if you don’t have to.

Warranty – A warranty is always something you should consider when purchasing a cooler. The longer the warranty the better. Not only does it cover you for the duration if you have a problem but it often speaks volumes when a manufacturer offers a longer warranty. It shows they are willing to stand behind their products, which is always a great indication.

Ice Retention – Of course one of the most important factors is ice retention. Some coolers will simply not hold ice for as long as others. Let’s say for example you will be using you cooler for weekend trips and you are considering 2 different coolers, if one offer 4 days of ice retention and the other offers 6 days then both are more than suitable for you so then you can pick one based on other factors like price-point for example.

yeti competitors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best size for me?

There really is not a simple answer to this question, of course it depends what you are using it for, but for the sake of this example let me assume you are using it to keep beverages like beer inside. A smaller size like 20-30 quart would usually be plenty for 2-3 days’ worth of drinks for 2-3 people. One of the main pieces of advice I would offer is always go for size that is slightly bigger. So, if you can’t decide to go for a 30-quart or 40-quart option for example it is always better to go for the bigger option. It’s better to have a little more space than you need and not to use it than have not enough space and need more!

Knock off Yeti Coolers – Should I Buy One?

When it comes to knock off Yeti coolers I would advise you not to consider buying one. They are usually nothing like the real thing in terms of quality and usually have problems straight out of the box (speaking form experience). Of course, I would recommend going for one of the less expensive options here that offer quality that is on par with Yeti coolers and in fact sometimes even better!

Should I pay more for better quality?

Yes, of course! All the coolers I have mentioned above are of premium quality and will last for many years. Just think about the saving in the long run and then it should begin to make sense that is it the best decision to spend more on a quality product. You can save money on various things – like ice will not need to be replaced as often and you won’t have to go to the store to get a cold beverage because you always have one in your cooler. Not to mention that if you were to buy an inexpensive cooler you would likely have to replace it in 1 year or perhaps even less which is of course another expense you won’t have to consider when going for the quality coolers like Orca.

Should I buy a Yeti cooler instead?

Actually, you don’t have to, you can find cooler that are better than Yeti and some of my favorites that I mentioned above are actually of better quality that Yeti and offer better value for money. If you are considering a Yeti instead check out our article – Yeti Coolers on Sale.


I hope I have shown you that you can save money and go for a different brand of cooler instead of a Yeti and you will still get quality that matches and even surpasses Yeti in some cases.

Take care and happy cooling!

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