7 Best Tents with Stove Jacks

tents with stove jack

Tents that have stove jacks are a necessity if you enjoy camping when it’s cold. You may be tempted to try and DIY a stove jack into the wall of a tent you already own because it seems like it’s easy enough to do, right?

Unfortunately, no, it’s actually very dangerous to try and make one yourself because stove jacks are made from special material so that they don’t melt, or worse – catch fire.

That’s why I have found 7 of the best tents that have stove jacks, so that we can all prepare for the colder months and continue to enjoy camping.

Best Choice
WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent Premium & Breathable 100% Cotton, Waterproof, 4 Season with Galvanized Steel Center & Door Pole for Camping
DANCHEL 5M Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket (Top and Wall)
Portable Option
OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent, Weighs 2.6Ib, Black Orca Series
Customer Rating
Best Choice
WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent Premium & Breathable 100% Cotton, Waterproof, 4 Season with Galvanized Steel Center & Door Pole for Camping
Customer Rating
More Information
DANCHEL 5M Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket (Top and Wall)
Customer Rating
More Information
Portable Option
OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent, Weighs 2.6Ib, Black Orca Series
Customer Rating
More Information

#1 White Duck Bell Tent

This gorgeous 4 season tent with stove by White Duck is available in three different sizes; one that sleeps 6, 8, or 10.

The tent for 6 has eight windows, four roof vents, a wall height of 3 feet, a center height of 8 feet 6 inches, and the door height is 5 feet and 10 inches.

The 8 person tent has ten windows, four roof vents, a wall height of 3 feet, a center height of 9 feet 10 inches, and the door height is 6 feet and 2 inches.

As for the 10 person tent, that has twelve windows, four roof vents, a wall height of 3 feet, a center height of 11 feet 2 inches, and the door height is 6 feet and 6 inches.

Since space can be utilized from all angles, that makes this one of the most spacious and comfortable tents out there.

The 16oz. Poly-vinyl coated high density zipped-in groundsheet can be removed and rolled up for maximum ventilation on warm days. The groundsheet at the door has a hook & eye system to make it flat for movement.

There’s a 5” wide stove jack opening made from vinyl fire retardant material, and it has a weather flap that has been designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and to protect the tent fabric from melting in direct contact with a hot stove pipe so that you can stay nice and toasty in cold conditions.

The four windows and door have standard bug mesh and heavy duty trouble-free military grade YKK zippers, so you don’t have to worry about them.

All ¼” polyester UV resistant dura ropes are pre attached with triangular metal rope tension adjusters and elastic cords so that it’s really easy to set up this tent, and it’s very durable and reliable.

The standing steel galvanized center pole is great because you barely notice it and it’s not taking up much space at all, and the large A-frame door is brilliant for when multiple people want to get in and out of the tent at the same time. Plus, the large door also means scenic views and more fresh air.

This canvas tent with stove has an extremely functional tension cord at the door entrance and rain flap to ensure water does not make its way inside your tent. The four large strategic roof vents on opposite sides are perfect for airflow, and the tent has four utility pockets to provide a place to keep small necessities organized.

All seams have been double stitched, and corners are reinforced for added strength.

The tent comes with a 100% polyester waterproof bag that has a comfortable carry strap.

Setting this tent up is so easy that it can be done by just one person, and since it is made out of 100% cotton canvas you know it will last you for years to come. The tent has been treated with PFC free breathable finish, and it is water repellent and UV, mold, and mildew resistant. So, you can rest easy knowing that condensation won’t build up inside your tent overnight and that mold won’t ruin it.

A rubber mallet is also included which is perfect for when you’re staking down the tent.

The confidence in White Duck’s products is shown through their 2-year workmanship warranty. They offer a money-back guarantee no questions asked.

You definitely need to have a car when going camping with this one because it does weigh a hefty 95lbs, and when packed up the dimensions are 45 x 15 x 13 inches.

  • Easy set up
  • Large door
  • Removable groundsheet
  • Breathable & durable material
  • Single room
  • Bit heavy

#2 Danchel Bell Tent

This heavy-duty rainproof tent with stove vent is snow-proof and spacious enough for eight people (216 ft²).

It is rather bulky and heavy though, weighing at around 38kg and when packed up the dimensions are 45 x 12 x 12 inches.

It’s made out of khaki cotton canvas and it actually has two stove vents, not just one, and one is higher up and the other one is lower and on the other side. The diameter of the stove vents’ holes are 3.9 inches, they meet the industry standards and are professionally installed to protect the integrity of the canvas.

When not in use, they have flaps to cover them so that water can’t get in. You can also use the stove jack to run electrical wires or air-conditioning pipes through it, so it is multi-functional.

The stove jacks also have high temperature resistant strips around them that have been tested in 500-degree temperature and did not burn or melt.

Set up is easy and simple, and it has SBS zips that are strong and efficient. With a tall bathtub design for the floor, water is sure not to leak into the tent.

They have a 5-year quality warranty that excludes normal wear and tear, and they claim that they can propose an optimal solution plan within 24 hours and a customer problem can be solved within 6 days.

This winter camping tent with stove is widely used, whether it’s for camping in your garden, a forest, in the mountains, festivals, and so on and so forth.

When it rains, the water easily slides down the sides of the tent and can’t enter inside, which is why bell tents are great for every season.

There’s also a rain cap on the top of the front door pole to stop water from entering through that.

The large A-shaped door pole helps to hold up the tent and keep it stable. The door also has a rather unique design, which is a Velcro strap at the zipper section.

The center pole has a rubber sleeve in it for anti-skidding and to resist scratches and other wear and tear.

Inside the tent there’s a storage pocket integrated into the wall so that you can keep small items organized.

What I find really cool about this one is how you can transform the bell tent into a canopy. You can do this by simply unzipping the floor and voila. This makes it perfect for keeping in your garden or for festivals.

On the other hand, I was slightly disappointed with the zippers as they’re not the most premium.

  • Two stove jacks
  • Canopy configuration
  • Spacious
  • Large door
  • Expensive
  • Subpar zippers

#3 OneTigris Smokey Hut Tent

The OneTigris Smokey Black Orca series hut tent is available in the color beige or coyote brown. It’s made out of light and durable 20D silicon-coated nylon fabric with 3000mm waterproof rating. The tent is 10.5 ft in diameter and 5.2ft tall and it weighs 1.07kg.

When packed away in its carry bag the dimensions are 18.5 inches long and 6.5 inches wide.

The tent comes with 12 tent stakes, 6 guy lines, and one 7075 aluminum tent pole. The center pole is adjustable, and you can raise or lower it as you see fit. It’s a lightweight pole that seems to be of good quality.

The hot flue pipe opening is 8.6” x 8.6”, but the problem is the stove pipe port does not have a stove jack. This is something you have to implement yourself otherwise the material will melt when you use a stove and put the pipe through there.

There is reinforced guy-line tie-out points and YKK zippers with waterproof seams.

This tent does not have any floor whatsoever, so you will need to look into getting a footprint and such separately.

It’s perfect for two people to fit inside nicely with a stove to keep you both cozy.

Inside the tent you have the reinforced top, two vents, and loops at the top so that you can attach gear or hang a lantern. That’s it, it’s a very simplistic tent.

Those two vents do not have anything to support them and keep them open though, and this causes a lot of condensation to build up overnight – it was like a sauna when I woke up.

The stove port closes with Velcro and can be rolled back so that you can easily keep it open. The downside is that water does get through here even when it’s closed. Apart from leakage coming through the stove port, the tent performed fairly well even though it rained overnight.

When you unzip the door, you can fold back the left and the right side in case you want to keep them open at all times.

  • Easy to set up
  • Nice vents
  • Lantern loop
  • Large door
  • Small

#4 OneTigris Iron Wall Tent

Here we have another tent by OneTigris, but this time it’s the Iron Wall version. This one also comes in Coyote brown or green. This one is quite similar to the previous product by them – honestly, the main difference is the name but let’s see what else there may be.

This is a 1-person tent, unless you don’t mind being really close with the other person then it can be for two people.

The tent is 5.2ft in height, 10.5ft in length, and weighs around 4.2lb. It’s made out of lightweight, durable, and versatile 20D silicon-coated nylon fabric that has a 2000mm waterproof rating. When packed up in its carry bag the size is 4.7” x 23.6”.

Included with the tent you get a center pole, 6 guy lines, and 14 stakes.

There are high-quality, snag-free YKK zippers, and the tent’s heptagon shape helps with wind and rain resistance, as well as stability. 

The door can be rolled up out of the way for when you’d like to keep it open, and there are two windows at the top that provide good airflow.

This tent with stove pipe vent has a double-chamber design, consisting of a half mesh inner where you can sleep and a front room for the stove.

What’s really great about this is that you can easily unzip this mesh section, one-handed, and reach the stove in the case that you need to add more wood, zip the mesh back up and go back to sleep. Also, the top doesn’t cave in when you use the zips either.

Like the previous product, this one also does not have a stove jack and it only has a stove port. Without a stove jack, you risk melting the material of your tent so you absolutely need to get one. This tent also does not have any floor or footprint, so that’s something else you’ll want to look into getting if you don’t already have one.

Again, similarly to the Smokey Hut, some water does leak through the stove port but the rest of the tent manages to keep rain out.

I found that, if the stake out points were longer setting up the tent would be much easier. This is because this tent has been designed with the idea that you are pitching it on flat ground, so, in the case that you’re not, it can be very difficult.

So, what I did was I got some cordage in order to make extensions. I tied slipknots into each one of the stake-out lines, giving myself roughly two feet of additional line. Now, it’s really easy to set up my tent whether the ground is flat or not.

  • Lightweight
  • Mesh chamber
  • Durable zippers
  • 1-person tent
  • Short stake-out points

#5 PlayDo Yurt Tent

The PlayDo yurt tent comes in many different sizes, so let’s go through them all. They all come in the color beige, and you can purchase one with or without a power cable port.

The first size is the 3m ones, which has 9.8ft in diameter, a roof height of 8.2ft, and the door height is 62 inches. Two people can comfortably fit inside.

Next, we have the 4m, which has a diameter of 13.1ft, a roof height of 8.2ft, a door height of 62 inches, and it can fit 4 people inside.

The 5m one can sleep 6, has a diameter of 16.4ft, a roof height of 9.8ft, and the door height is 66 inches.

 As for the 6m one, 8 people can fit inside, the diameter is 19.6ft, the roof height is 11.4ft, and the door height is 70 inches.

 Lastly, we have the 7m one which has a diameter of 23ft, a roof height of 13.1ft, the door height is 70 inches, and 10 people can comfortably sleep inside.

All of the tents have a wall height of 23 inches, a 5-inch stove jack, 4 windows with mesh, floor vents, and 4 top vents that also have a mesh panel.

They are made out of 300GSM cotton and can be configurated into a canopy. They also have durable SBS zippers, a large A-frame door with mesh, and a rain cap on the top of the door pole. The door can even be rolled to the sides and secured with loops in case you want to keep the door open for more air circulation.

As for the floor, which this one thankfully has, that is waterproof treated and fitted PVC.

It only takes 20 minutes or less to set up this tent, and it can be done by just one person.

The power cable port (15cm) can also be used for an air conditioner instead.

This is a 4-season tent because it does well in hot conditions, especially thanks to the canopy configuration, and the shape of the tent helps to repel rain water. It goes without saying that any tent that can have a stove inside works well during winter.

If you’re not using the stove jack it can be covered by long-lasting straps.

This one is rather heavy. Depending on which size you choose, the weight can range from 44lbs to 97lbs.

Also, it is absolutely essential that you let this tent dry completely before packing it away. Otherwise, mold will ruin the tent in no time. Make sure you roll it up really well before you pack it, otherwise it won’t fit back inside its carry bag.

What I did really like about this one was how quiet it was despite the wind. Since the walls are staked down quite tightly, you don’t hear a lot of loud rustling sounds all night long. It’s actually quite relaxing since it’s just a gentle rustling.

  • Canopy configuration
  • 5-inch stove jack
  • Several sizes
  • Breathable
  • Pricey
  • Heavy

#6 Preself Tipi Tent

The Preselt tipi hot tent comes in the color olive green or white, and 1-2 people can comfortably fit inside with a stove.

It’s ultralight and compact, as it only weighs 3.4lb when packed and the size is 18” x 6” x 6” which is small enough to bind onto a backpack.

This cheap tent with stove jack is 10.5ft in diameter, 5.2ft in height, has one window, two air vents, and double doors. It is a 4-season tent, like any other that you can have a stove in.

There is something unique about this tent’s stove jack, though, because you can cut the hole out yourself so that it will definitely fit any pipe that you might already have. Regardless, you will have the perfect fit and so you won’t have an unwanted opening for rain or cold air to get in.

The stove jack is made out of silicone coated fabric which is, of course, fire retardant to prevent fire hazards. It won’t melt even up to temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius. When not in use, the port is closable for your convenience and comfort.

Included with the winter tent with stove jack you get 12 aluminum stakes, 8 ropes, a pole, and a carry bag.

Setting up this tent only takes about ten minutes, and it can be done by just one person because it is so simple.

The cold weather tent with stove jack is made out of anti-teat 210T patterned polyester. The performance of this anti-tear is meant to be better than nylon, and the waterproof rating is PU2000mm.

This tent is made up of a single wall, so there is no mesh chamber, and there is no floor. With certain tents, I don’t mind not having any floor because it usually means that the tent is lighter and has less to it. Not only that, but you don’t have any risk of bringing dirt into the tent. It depends on your personal preference though.

Lastly, I wasn’t pleased with the zippers at all. One broke off while I was setting my tent up, so to say that they are flimsy would be an understatement it seems.

  • DIY stove jack cutting
  • Easy & quick to set up
  • Ultralight
  • Affordable
  • No floor
  • Delicate zippers

#7 Dream House Pyramid Tent

This tent with chimney by Dream House is pentagonal-pyramid-style and is available in the color coffee brown.

The side length is 185cm, the diagonal length is 310, with a peak height of 220cm, making it perfect for 1-2 people.

It’s made out of 200D tear resistant Oxford cloth with waterproof and anti-UV coating. The seams have been sealed by PVC tape so that water can’t get in. 

It comes with a separate floor, so it’s more like a footprint, but at least it has one. This helps with keeping it clean because if any dirt does get into the tent you just have to remove it and shake it clean.

The central pole has a diameter of 25mm and is made out of steel.

This tent with stove jack is portable and easy setup. In fact, it’s so simple to pitch, that it can be done in ten minutes or less by a single person.

It does come with a carry bag, so that you can take this with you anywhere effortlessly.

There’s a removable rain cap for the top of the tent, so that water can’t get in. On sunny days you can remove it to let more ventilation in. 

The tent weighs around 6kg, so you wouldn’t want to be carrying this on your shoulder for too long.

Considering everything and comparing this one to the other products in this list, I’d definitely say this is a pricey one.

  • Simple setup
  • Removable rain cap
  • Footprint included
  • Heavy
  • Pricey

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