How to Attach a TV Mount to an RV Wall (Step-By-Step Guide)

tv mount on rv wall

Mounting an RV TV mount is not the same as doing so in your home; a camper has much thinner walls, and just drilling anywhere can result in damaging your plumbing. In fact, the wall most likely cannot even handle the weight of a TV and that’s why it’s important to know exactly how to attach a TV mount to an RV wall.

Before we find out exactly how to mount a TV in a camper with a step-by-step guide, we first need to establish what tools you will need.

Things You’ll Need

  • An RV TV Mount

Mounting a TV in a RV requires a mount. Ideally, you have one that is especially for use in an RV. It is possible to use a regular TV mount in your RV but if it doesn’t have an adjustable arm that locks, you have to remove the TV from the mount during travel to avoid vibration damage.

Some people remove their TV even if they have a proper RV TV mount just for safety.

  • Power Drill

You could use a regular screwdriver but that is much more time-consuming.

  • Drill Bits

Masonry bits and a Phillips screwdriver will be needed in order to create pilot holes and drive the mounting screws in.

  • Level Tool

It is not wise to eyeball it as you are likely to end up with a crooked TV and extra, unnecessary holes in the wall of your RV.

  • Stud Finder

You’ll most likely need this to find the spots in your RV that provide the best support. Your RV’s wall surface cannot handle the weight of your TV unless there’s a stud.


Some other optional things you might want to use are:

  • Screw Adhesives for extra support and stability.
  • Painter’s Tape to mark where your wall studs are.
  • Cable Covers route your cables through the wall or tuck them away behind something. This may not always be possible as it depends on your RV’s layout. If you are able to find cable covers that match the walls this is a great way to keep them neat and out of your way.

Step 1

The first step is to find a stud in your RV’s walls. You shouldn’t screw anything without one. Typically, there are stickers on your RV’s walls to indicate where the studs are but not all have these.

Once you’ve found the wall stud, you’re going to want to find the perfect position for the TV. It is recommended to sit down wherever you plan on watching it because if you don’t have an adjustable mount your viewing angle is going to be limited.

How to Find a Wall Stud?

For anyone who is unfamiliar; wall studs are vertical framing members inside a wall of a smaller cross-section, and they are a fundamental element in frame building.

Finding a stud isn’t difficult and there are several different methods. Most people use a magnetic or electronic stud finder, which is very affordable ($10 – $20) and they are able to find both wooden and metal studs. Infrared thermometers are also very useful because there’s no insulation in the studs, so they are much cooler than the rest of the wall paneling.

You could also look for the rivets that attach the interior wall covering the studs.

Another way is to go outside in the early morning when there’s dew on the exterior of your RV, and you should be able to see an outline of the studs.

One final method is that you could simply get a framing diagram directly from the factory, as they include all sorts of useful measurements.

Step 2

Next, you need to drill the pilot holes. Make sure that you use drill bits that are the exact same size as the screws or bolts that you intend to use. Start by holding the mount up on the wall where you’ve decided to attach it and make use of a level to keep it straight. You can use painter’s tape, a marker, or a pencil to mark the places where you’ll drill holes. It is crucial not to skip this step, as pre-drilling those holes help prevent the screw from cracking the wall as you put it in.

Step 3

Step three is to install and connect the mount to your TV. There are two parts to a wall mount; the one that goes in the wall and the other connects to the television. All TV mounts should come with multiple different screws and/or bolts so that they can fit a range of different sizes of TV. Always check the mount’s packaging when in doubt.

Once you’re sure you have the correct bolts, you should need four of them to secure the mount to the back of the television. Don’t tighten the bolts just yet though, that needs to be done in the next step.

Hold up the mount against the wall and drill the mounting screw into those pilot holes you made previously. Then, find the mounting plate attachment holes in your TV and remove any packaging. If your TV has a stand you need to remove it first. Now you can attach the plate to the back of your TV.

Step 4

Finally, it’s time to mount the TV. If you have a fixed TV wall mount, you should attach all cables to the television before mounting it. We do this beforehand because the space behind the TV will be tight once it’s mounted and it might be very difficult to connect cables.

Most brackets of TV mounts tend to have a ‘hook and slid’ mechanism, but some differ so it’s advised to check and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

So, simply lift up your TV, line it in place with the wall bracket, and connect them. You may want to have a friend help out with this finoal step. An extra pair of hands can make all the difference, and there’s less risk of accidentally dropping the television.

Once you’ve mounted the TV, tighten the screws so that it won’t fall off.

There you have it; that’s how to install TV wall mount in an RV. All that’s left for you to do is connect the TV to your Wi-Fi if it’s a smart television that is. Otherwise, you’ll need to hook up the TV to your RV antenna or to your RV satellite dish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you screw into RV walls?

RV walls are thin and you cannot just hang things wherever you want. It is imperative that you find the stud in your wall first beforehand to avoid accidentally drilling or installing any screws and nails into any plumbing. As long as you find the stud, then it’s fine to screw or drill into that wall.

Can you mount a TV on a trailer wall?

Yes, it is possible to mount a TV onto a trailer wall. You just need to find the location of the stud in your wall first. Without it, your wall cannot manage the weight of a TV.

How do you find studs in an RV wall?

There are several different ways to find studs in an RV wall. The easiest way is to use a magnetic or electronic stud finder. Infrared thermometers also do the trick since there’s no insulation in studs.

Another easy method is to go outside in the early morning when there’s dew on the exterior of your RV, and you should be able to see an outline of the studs.

Can you mount TV wall without drilling?

It is possible to do so but not advised when mounting a TV in an RV. The reason for this is because, since camper walls are so thin, if you don’t pre-drill holes before you put the screws in you could crack the wall.

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