5 Best Glamping Tents For Sale in 2020 – Camping in Luxury


In case you didn’t already know glamping is short for glamorous camping. It is a way for you to experience the outdoors without really feeling like you are camping.

Basically it’s a form of luxury camping that most people would love to experience.

The most important part of glamping is actually getting a real quality tent that can provide all the amenities and luxuries to you. So that’s why here I have rounded up my personal favorite glamping tents for sale.

Glamping Tents – My Top 3

#1 Dream House Outdoor Glamping Tent

Let me start of my saying this tent looks incredible. I absolutely love the design and build of this tent. Not only does it look the part but it is also sturdy and can easily hold up to strong winds without any problems. The set up time on this tent isn’t too bad. It only took me about 40 minutes to set up the tent alone without the need for any help.

Even though you may have thought canvas may not be a great material when in contact with the rain you would be wrong. This canvas material is very thick and durability will be great in the long term with this tent. It will be a great investment. Not only does the canvas material provide excellent rain protection but it offers great breathability that immensely helps with airflow through the tent and ventilation.

Inside this tent is absurdly spacious. This tent can easily hold many camping beds and 2 queen sized mattresses. This tent also has screens on the windows instead of cheaper counterparts which often have flaps in other tent brands, this is perfect for keeping out those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs.

If you were buying say a diamond brand tent, you are forced to buy the tent and the poles separately which would cost you about $800, this tent is less costly and bigger inside and of a better quality and is usually a better price with the same quality of poles included!

#2 PahaQue, Pamo Valley XD Blue

One of the well-made tents that I have ever stayed in goes to this tent. It says it’s 100% waterproof and it actually lives up to the promises that it makes. Not only is this tent great for the standard glamping trip but it does very well on a beach as well. It is sturdy and can stand up to very strong winds without every becoming unstable or unsteady.

If you are someone who is used to camping in a lesser tent usually a smaller tent in size where you have to bend over to put on your pants you are going to appreciate this tent. Anyone even if you are tall can easy stand up in this tent due to the amazing room and airiness that it offers. Even though this tent is graded to hold up to 8 people I almost feel that this is undershot and this tent could hold more if necessary.

The poles provided with this tent are of the most premium quality. They are heavy duty and some of the thickest and most sturdy poles I have ever seen on any tent. This tent also has multiple windows that offer brilliant ventilation when needed. One of the most reassuring things when buying this tent is that it offers a lifetime warranty!

This really shows that Paha Que Wilderness(the company) has the upmost of confidence is their products and is willing to back that with this warranty. So even if you did happen to encounter problems with the tent in 5 years after purchasing it you are still covered which I absolutely love. I wish more manufacturers would offer this with their products too.

#3 HIMALAYA Yurt Tent

This tent is made with a strong polyester material that is durable and seems like it could really last a lifetime. Very impressive quality.

The space inside of this tent really is absurd. If can easily accommodate 12 people sitting inside. If you are planning on going glamping with a lot of other groups and campers this tent is perfect for that gathering of all the campers due to its immense spaciousness inside. In terms of using this tent for sleeping it can easily manage at worst case scenario half of a dozen people while providing plenty of room and spaciousness to go with.

I was really impressed with the windows in this tent which provide an awesome way to view the scenery around you. The flexibility of these windows is that they can be fully closed and you cannot see outside and that offers you protection from the rain and wind if needed. There is also the option of the mesh windows which can be used to keep the bugs out while allowing the breeze and light in. Or of course finally you can have the window open fully. All these options are brilliant as you can change it how you need or want depending on the weather and other factors.

It is very easy and simple to set up this tent. It can be done by one person and even if you are a new camper you shouldn’t have any problems setting this tent up.

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