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5 Best Family Tent Reviews in 2020

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When considering a tent for the next family outing there are a lot of things to consider.

Things like when you are going, how many people will be using the tent and how much space and room do you really need for each person. Everyone has their own needs and wants.

We have used a host of family tents along with doing extensive market research to come up with out top 5 options covered in more detail below.

Family Tent Reviews: My Favorite 5 Family Tents

#1 Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Canvas Tent

The first thing to note about this Kodiak tent is it’s made from a canvas material unlike from the other tents I have reviewed here which are made from a polyester material for the most part. Not only is this canvas material great at keeping the water out, and it allows for better breathability than that of polyester. This canvas allows better airflow and greatly helps prevent condensation. Also due to the canvas material it’s definitely quieter inside than that of a typical tent, it gives me comfort and pleasure camping when you are able to enjoy the peace and quiet, which the tent really facilitates.

Even though the tent is big it’s set up can be completed by one person within 20 minutes, the instructions are well laid out and should be easy enough to follow along. The tent has 2 doors which again is great for accessibility for the family and children. It’s also worth mentioning as you can see in the picture that this tent has a porch which is great for relaxing under and really being about to enjoy the weather and atmosphere around you, I wish more tent manufacturers had this.

In terms of the tents structure and overall build quality I am sure you will struggle to find a better tent, the materials used feel like they were meant to be used for a lifetime and I can wholeheartedly recommend this tent because of that, it’s one of the best tents I have ever used!

#2 Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

I had to included this tent mainly for the reason that the set up and take down times in this tent are incredible. As you have had presumed from the name this tents set up is instantaneous, it will literally only take you 5-10 minutes to get this tent out of the bag and set up, as Coleman shows on their amazon page it can be set up in under 1 minute which is really impressive.

One of the features I like about this tent is the room divider, not only does it offer you a nice element of privacy but it also stops you from going through other family members bedding just to get to bed. There are lots of small benefits with this that I really enjoy. Finally, it’s worth mentioning the rain fly does a great job when keeping the rain out and based on my research everyone who has used this tent has had the same feedback as myself.

#3 Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

This Coleman tent is available in both 6 person and 8 person sizes, I used the 8 person variant. First of this tent can fit 2 queen sized air mattresses inside, it’s really spacious inside. One of the features I love about this tent is the screened porch area. This allows you to sit outside and enjoy the views and the weather all while being protected against them pesky bugs.

With this tent there is a rainfly which covers all of the tent excluding a part of the porch area, this rainfly can be removed to allow for air to flow through the tent and through the big windows on each side of the tent. When the weather is hot this really opens the tent up and it’s brilliant for keeping inside the tent as cool as possible. There are very few tents which can do better than this one in terms of ventilation. Waterproofing in this tent is also brilliant, I have experienced a thunderstorm in this tent and everything inside stayed dry, though I must note the front portion of the porch is not protected by the rainfly and will therefore get wet in heavy rain, though this is nowhere near the actual main compartment.

#4 Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent

Let me start by talking about this tents set up. Even though this tent is big it can be set up by 2 people in about 15 minutes which is great. The instructions are clear and concise which makes the set up simple even for a beginner. Another feature this tent has which is great for families is having 2 doors, this is ideal if you have children consistently coming back and forth, it always allows them more accessibility to get in and out of the tent without you having to move around just to let them come back in. This may not seem like a big deal but it can become an annoyance over time in my experience.

The floor on this tent is thick, it is factory sealed at the seams which will greatly help with this tents waterproofing. The ventilation on this tent is amazing it has 6 windows with not only help with the airflow but also allow for a lot of light to come into the tent which I personally appreciate. This tent does not have a set number of people it can house but in my experience it could comfortably hold 6 people along with all their gear no problem at all, this tent really is massive inside!

#5 Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent

The thing that most impressed me with this tent is the hinged door. This was the first tent door I ever used that had a hinged door.

To get straight to the point this door is amazing, walking in and out of this door is no problem even when carrying something big and heavy. If you are type of parent who is concerned about your children entering and leaving the tent without your help this is the perfect tent for you. Even younger children can easily get in and out by themselves, this tent has the best door on any tent I have ever used and that’s why I love it.

This tent is a 10 person tent so the space inside is amazing. Also due to it more upright structure this allows for lots of space to move around in and it’s ideal if you have children moving around inside. For my full review click here: Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Review.

How My Top 5 Where Choosen

I have chosen 5 of my favorite family tents based on a variety of factors:


Of course with every tent it’s important for it to be spacious particularly with children running around. I always prefer tents with a more upright structure, not only does this provide more space but it makes for manoeuvrability which is perfect with the kids want to run around in and out of the tent.


An essential feature for any tent is of course the waterproofing. When doing these reviews, I am looking for tents that are able to remain dry inside no matter the weather. The tried and true way of confirming this is just getting the tent set up and seeing how it fairs in a storm. Of course though this method is obvious I also like to look for materials used. For example polyester is a great material for waterproofing and it’s much better than tents with a poorer quality counterpart.


This is a particularly important category especially with children being more careless sometimes its important to know that the quality materials are there and things like the zipper are well made which is often a troublesome issue on some lesser quality tents. All the tents I have mentioned below have excellent zippers and are very durable and never get caught or stuck.


Of course I always like to chose the tents that I feel offer the best value for money. Everyone has a different budget, so in the tents I have rounded up below I have included a range of tents with different prices, all of which offer great value in comparison to their competition.

Features with children in mind:

There are certain features that are often important when you are camping with children. For example, I only ever recommend tents that have a solid door zipper, this is of course because some children can be a bit more careless with it and if its more durable it won’t cause any issues versus on some lower quality tents you may have an issue such as the zipper getting caught on the material.

Not only have I chosen the my favorite family tents but I have chosen a variety in terms of both size and price ranges so there should be a tent here that should be perfect for you!

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