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9 Best Waterproof Boots for Men – Buying Guide

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There are many different paths to take you to your destination through rain, mud, snow or anything in between, the most important thing is to keep your feet nice and cosy and dry. It’s the last thing you want to worry about when travelling anywhere regardless of the route. So finding a pair of waterproof boots is paramount. There are many different styles but I have chosen my favorites that all provide the necessities like outsoles to be welded to keep you dry, or like a variety of styles to suite your taste, and well-made and sturdy shoes able to get you through any weather dry as a bone. Below I have listed my best waterproof boots that are sure to blow your mind!

Sorel Men’s Ankeny Mid Hiker Boots

If you are looking for a pair of boots that is going to get peoples attention these are the pair for you. They look incredible, my personal favorite is the all black style, very classy. Not only do these boots look the part but they also are brilliant for any kind of weather. If you are looking for comfort these boots are great, I wore them for 4 days straight right after receiving them and had no problems whatsoever.

Sorel Men's Ankeny Mid Hiker Boots

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Rockport Men’s Redemption Road Waterproof Plain Toe Boot

Stylish and durable are the 2 words that come to mind when talking about this Rockport shoes. I love the black leather they are made with that not only looks great but does a perfect job of keeping your feet dry no matter the weather. I also really like the lighter color stitching, it really makes the boots stand out from the crowd.Rockport Men's Redemption Road Waterproof Plain Toe Boot

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Timberland Mens Canard II Mid Waterproof Leather Boots

These Timberland boots are going to make an impression wherever you go, they have a unique two color design which I really enjoy. If you are looking for a boot that offers an insane amount of traction and grip, these are for you. The tracks are perfect especially if you are somewhere where are ground is more inconsistent, or the weather is bad. You can easily track through snow in these and your feet will remain warm and dry all while keeping you safely upright. Timberland Mens Canard II Mid Waterproof Leather Boots

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Rockport Men’s Road and Trail Waterproof Blucher Rain Shoe

While these shoes are technically not boots it is worth considering them none the less. If you are looking for a low profile shoe that is certain to keep you both dry and comfortable then this Rockport pair of shoes is ideal for you. These shoes also have amazing traction so if you will be passing some more treacherous ground or have to navigate things like ice or snow, these are great. The value for money with these shoes is astounding, if they were double or triple the price I would still recommend them, they are that amazing!Rockport Men's Road and Trail Waterproof Blucher Rain Shoe

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Palladium Men’s Pampa Sport Cuff WPN Rain Boot

These boots are not made of a leather material which is may appear like they are. The main part of the boot is made from nylon material that is woven and is very rugged. When you put them on you will know they are well made and created with quality materials. One thing worth mentioning is the laces on these boots are made from a strong nylon material which is much better than the competition if you like to tighten up your boots nice and tight these should be ideal choice for you. They are also available in many color combinations so if you enjoy the overall style, you will have a lot of flexibility based on what colors you would like.Palladium Men's Pampa Sport Cuff WPN Rain Boot

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Geox Men’s Mbrayden2fitabx1 Rain Boot

In terms of style these boots look incredible and their suede outer material may trick you into thinking they aren’t waterproof, but you would be definitely wrong with that assumption. While I wouldn’t recommend these boots for a hiking adventure or long treks through the snow they are definitely capable of keeping your feet dry on a wet afternoon and they are the best waterproof work boots that have an amazing amount of style and elegance that is sure to catch everyone’s eye!Geox Men's Mbrayden2fitabx1 Rain Boot

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Lowa Men’s Renegade II Leather-Lined Mid Hiking Boot

These boots are ideal for activities like hiking and camping adventures. They are a mid height boot that offers a lot of comfort, the inside leather liner is amazing and does a brilliant job with comfort. The sensation this lining gives me is similar to how memory foam bed works, it groves and shapes to your feet, not only does they allow for a lot of comfort but also a lot of support to the foot, which is a brilliant mixture. I also appreceaite the white on black with the inside to out. It may not seem like a big deal to most but I enjoy the subtle style differences Lowa have incorporated in this boot. Lowa Men's Renegade II Leather-Lined Mid Hiking Boot

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Lowa Men’s Renegade II GTX LO Hiking Shoe

These shoes offer an other alternative to a boot that provide a lot of qualities that a boot would also have. These Lowas offer a lot of shoe in a rather small profile, this makes them the perfect shoe to wear to work. They have what they call a climate control footbed. What this basically means is your feet are never going to feel the extremes of the weather around you. They will stop you feet getting to hot and also keep them warm enough on those snowy and cold days. Of course when I read this I was a little bit weary this was true until I tried them myself. But I have been nothing but amazed with the overall consistently with them in regard to that. Lowa Men's Renegade II GTX LO Hiking Shoe

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Rockport Men’s Redemption Road Waterproof Moc-Toe Boot

While the same as the model mentioned above this version has the Moc-Toe, is so great I had to talk about it separately. If you are looking for a boot that will keep your feet warm in the freezing cold winters, these boots may be just for you. The comfort on these boots is second to none, it really feels like you are walking on clouds because that’s how comfortable they feel! They have the moc-styling with the stitching and they look stunning. I would definitely feel comfortable wearing these to work on any day, not only practical but also can be formal if you want them to be. They are some of the best waterproof shoes for men I have ever worn.Rockport Men's Redemption Road Waterproof Moc-Toe Boot

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I hope you have found the waterproof boots that will suite you best. Rest assured your feet will definitely be grateful for the choice you are about to make!

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