The 5 Best Emergency Flashlights in 2020 – For Everyday Use

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When deciding what is the best emergency flashlight on the market I always consider a host of different things.

The most important elements of any flashlight are reliability, build quality, battery endurance, light and portability.

With these features in mind I have shortlisted my personal favorites below and I will highlight the best elements and features of each of them.

Best Emergency Flashlight: My Top 5

Tactical Emergency Flashlight

#1 AYL Tactical Flashlight

First of with this AYL LED flashlight is its extremely portable so it’s perfect for the adventurer in you! In terms of build quality this flashlight has to be my number one pick.

It’s actually made from an aluminium, the same aluminium that’s used on aircraft so that’s a great indication. This makes it both water resistant and shock resistant, so basically its insanely durable. The one negative with this flashlight is that it comes with AAA batteries, that are not rechargeable. I would recommend if you go for this flashlight that you get some good quality rechargeable batteries like – EBL rechargeable batteries , and of course always bring enough to replace the batteries if they run out of power.

One feature I really like is that the flashlight can be extended to allow for 180-degree illumination which is prefect if you need a wider area of vision to be lit up. It can also be used as a normal flashlight which can reach up to 300ft of range which is crazy impressive for a light with such a small form factor. If you are looking for a flashlight that is durable and won’t use up much room in your backpack this is the a good choice for you and it’s also my personal favorite for my camping and hiking adventures!

#2 Fos Emergency Flashlight & Radio

This crank flashlight has a lot of ways that you can keep the battery topped up all of which work really well. There is the standard AAA batteries to top the battery, or the solar panel to be used in the light, 2000mAh power bank or lastly the hand crank where you can manually turn the crank and it will top up the battery and they all work really well. This light also has a built in radio which is very handy and the sound quality is very clear and consistent which is great.

Another cool feature of this flashlight is that it can be used to top up your smartphones battery, this is very important if you need to make a call and your battery is dead on your phone – this will allow you to get the phone powered up again to make that important call need be.

I really like the lights handle is makes using it very easy to operate. Also the light is very good and can easily light up to about 20 ft. in foot of you which is good especially for a light of this size.

The final thing that I would like to mention about this that it comes with a 3-year warranty which is brilliant, so if you did have a problem with the device you will be covered. But in my experience the quality and build of this product is very solid and its feels well made. Not only is this flashlight great but it’s also the best emergency radio I have ever used!

#3 MECO Emergency Flashlight

The first thing I would like to talk about with this Meco hand crank flashlight is it comes with a rechargeable battery on the inside. While this on its own may be nothing special it’s how you can top that battery up is what is really great.

The light has a handle which you can turn around and round to charge up the battery- cranking the lever for about 5 minutes with give you about 1 hour of light from a dead battery which is brilliant and it’s very important especially if you did happen to run out of power in a situation where you really needed it.

Even in such a case you can provide your own light. On top of the lever there is a solar panel which as well will be used to charge the battery during the daylight or even an artificial light would work! In my testing I was able to get about 10 minutes of light from a 1 minute’s solar charge. I imagine this is widely variable depending on the light intensity etc. but still its impressive, it works perfectly as intended. If you are a true adventurer like a camper/hiker/backpacker this is the a great flashlight for you and all at a very affordable price.

#4 Gama Sonic Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern

This emergency flashlight is more for use in the home after a blackout has occurred. Actually its not a flashlight it’s a lantern to be precise.

How it works is you basically leave it plugged into any outlet to keep it charged and when you need it it’s there ready to go, it will last about 6 hours in my experience.

The amount of light you get from this lantern is very good, it has 40 LEDs built into the lantern and the amount of light they put out is an very good. You can easily charge this up and take it with you on a camping trip, it’s very portable thanks to the handle and its overall size which makes it easy to transport.

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