5 Best EDC Flashlights 2020 – Hands On Round Up

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We have all experienced what it is like to walk in the darkness of night. You walk gingerly forward, unsure of what lies ahead and then, all of a sudden, you trip on something, you fell and got hurt. How you wish that you had the best EDC flashlight on hand? Or another scenario: as you walk out in the darkness your flashlight dies right when you need it and at the most crucial of times. Sometimes, it seems too much to ask to have a flashlight lasting longer than a few hours at a time. So, let us talk about what you just need for these situations.

What type of flashlight should you buy? What should you look for in one? Is it the size, battery life, distance, durability, or brightness that matters most to you? How well will this flashlight take the punishment you will ultimately give it over time?

EDC, or every day carry, is a type of flashlight that you can have on your person at all times. It is so compact that you won’t even know it is there. Its importance starts with how it is created. Manufactures such as Streamlight, Fenix, American Tactical, and Hyper-V are some of the most well-known brands that are trusted most when it comes to EDC flashlights.

Best EDC Flashlight – My Top 5

Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Light

One of the EDC flashlight options is the Streamlight 66318. This flashlight has a super-bright, half watt LED that lasts up to thirty-thousand hours, so you won’t have to worry that your flashlight will not be usable in times of unexpected power shut-offs or emergencies. It includes a micro-optical system which helps utilize run time and output at the highest level. Some of the safety features of this LED torch include a waterproof build with an unbreakable lens that is made out of polycarbonate, and an ultra-small creation at only three and a half inches in length. No need to worry about using two hands for this device because the tail-cap switch can simply be used with one hand.

Overall, this device continues to prove its worth to customers. This device continues to prove its worth to customers. The Streamlight uses a 1xAAA format, allowing you to love it even more, months after purchase. One thing to be aware of: the finish on the flashlight can easily be scratched up by the pocket clip, if left in your pants. Do not buy this flashlight if you are looking for it to be scratch free. However, if that is not one of your standards for an EDC flashlight, then investigate this device further. Overall, if you are looking for a great flashlight, look no further than this product at a low price.


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Streamlight 88031 ProTac 2L Tactical Flashlight with White LED

This model, the Streamlight Tactical Flashlight, is the most expensive of the five, but is worth the price entirely. With C4 LED Technology, this LED torch can last for over fifty-thousand hours, making this one of the longest lasting flashlights on the market. This one-handed operating device has three modes: strobe, momentary, and variable intensity, which can be used by you at the appropriate times. Sometimes, these devices can be so small that you might forget to take them out of our pocket and place it in the washing mashine. Its top-rated design is waterproof. It can last a meter down in the water for up to thirty minutes. Unlike the first flashlight mentioned, this flashlight’s face cap will not roll off and its pocket clip is removable when needed. Powered by lithium batteries, this device will go and go. This flashlight has lived up to its stiff competitions since it was released in the market.

The Streamlight is a great, heavy duty light to attach onto your belt. It burns through tinted windows and rips through anything in its path making it the most handy security flashlight for men and women in uniform. If you have a job dealing with the nighttime, this flashlight should be looked upon as one of the best flashlights you have ever owned. At a bit expensive yet reasonable price, this pocket flashlight will surprise you with its versatility and stability for the many years to come.


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Fenix Flashlights E12 130-Lumen Flashlight

The Fenix Flashlight is also one of the most popular options available today. It has an adjustable beam of light that ranges from low to high intensity settings. It uses high strength alloy casing, made out of aluminum, and even has a limited lifetime warranty, where many of the other devices on the market do not. This flashlight has a maximum output of one-hundred and thirty lumens with the use of only one AA battery. It is a compact aircraft grade device that is only four inches long. It is waterproof at two meters for thirty minutes, making it a longer lasting device in the water than the second flashlight mentioned.

This Fenix flashlight cheaper compared to the Streamlight flashlights, making this a good middle-grade price of all the flashlights in the market. Many customers have been satisfied with their purchase of this product. You will not have to sift through videos and reviews looking for the right flashlight. This flashlight will be the best bang for your buck. This light is one of the brightest and one of the most compact. It is so small that you won’t even notice it in your pocket. With qualities like that, this flashlight should be noticed.


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American Tactical Supply Company Flashlight

This product could be the number #1 EDC flashlight you will ever own. With its adaptability, this flashlight can be used in many different settings. For example, it can be handled as a traditional flashlight that you store in your pocket, but it also can be attached to your weapon of choice. This pocket flashlight also has many intriguing features. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be connected to the wall. This allows your device optimal time to supply more energy for your battery. Its eight-hundred lumens bring darkness to light, using a ten watt LED. This flashlight’s aluminum construction is durable and water-resistant for long-lasting usability.

Simplicity shows itself with an easy on/off operation, when in need of tactical situations. It’s pocket-sized, so it won’t be hard to lug around. Its solid ranking will help you feel at ease when buying this flashlight. Its all-aluminum alloy light feels like a beast. The battery lasts seemingly forever, and the LED at the front is amazing! Just make sure to never look at its light directly. At eight-hundred lumens, it is enough to light up a large room. You could even use it in a dark room like a floor lamp to light up the entire place. As you can see, this emergency flashlight is more than capable of handling the darkest of nights or the darkest of rooms.


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J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight

This J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight may change your thoughts on all other EDC flashlights. At maximum output, it is extremely bright at four-hundred lumens. The LED bulb creates an intense beam that lights up to eight-hundred feet ahead. It has different light modes, which include: intelligent, high, and low. These modes will help you under any circumstance. One issue that might arise with this device is the unexpected change with light modes. Some people thought that it was of some annoyance because while it was left in the pocket, the light would go off. This flashlight uses three AAA batteries, which will give you hours of usage. As a tactical flashlight, it would be perfect outdoors fishing, hunting, or camping.

If you are a fan of NASCAR, this is the official flashlight of Joe Gibbs Racing and the Number 19 car driven by Carl Edwards himself. This is also the cheapest EDC Flashlight in this list but you will get great value for your purchase.  Its high-quality ratings are a testament to the make-up of this flashlight, making it one of the best in the business.

In general, you can gauge how great a flashlight is if you would buy it for your own family. You do not want to get junk for people that you care for. Many customers will purchase this flashlight over and over again. Some might even say it is better than lights that some have paid hundreds of dollars for. It’s amazing for hunting and the clip is great to keep on the ammo belt or connected to the pocket. Many customers have even bought this product for their family. If you would buy it for your family, you know this flashlight is top tier.


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