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The 5 Best EDC Bags – Buyers Guide 2020

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To find the best EDC bag I must consider a host of different features and elements to be able to decide what are the best bags. The most important things that I consider and you should too before buying any bag –

Carrying comfort: Of course carrying comfort can sometimes be overlooked. It’s important that the bag you go for is comfortable, especially if you plan to carry a lot of stuff with you or plan carrying it for extended lengths of time. Most of the time I will recommend backpacks that have 2 straps because they are the most comfortable to carry even if you are overburdened with a lot of heavy gear. A 2 strap bag nearly always spreads out the weight better which makes for a more comfortable carrying experience. Also its important to have straps that are well padded with a comfortable material. If you are only planning on carrying a few things that are lightweight it may not be as important for you to prioritize this as much as some others but I would definitely recommend you do regardless.

Material used and bag durability: It’s important that the materials that have been used are both durable and lightweight. It needs to be durable to be able to withstand the general wear and tear that most bags have to take. It’s also preferable that it’s a lightweight material that makes it more portable and it won’t add unnecessary weight.

Compartments and carrying space: Of course this is dependent on the individual but I like bags that have different compartments to store different things. I find it easier to keep tracks of where each of my things are and its makes it more accessible for me because every time having to rummage through the whole bag just to find one thing is a nuisance. If its in a compartment you rarely will have this issue, so compartments are useful not just for the storage element but for the organisational element as well.

Design and style: While not important for everyone, design ties in with how the bag is made and how comfortable and durable it is because of that. I like my bag to look good and not overly bulky but that is just my preference. It will also be different depending on your needs and when and what for you will be using the bag for.

Value for money: In my round ups I always select my favorites bags from a range of different prices so that one of the options will be suited to someone for each of the prices ranges.

All of the bags that I have listed below are my personal favorites that excel in all the categories that I have listed above. I will highlight my favorite features and elements of each bag to help you better decide what is the right option for you.

Best EDC Bag: My Favorite 5 Bags

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack

As I mentioned above I tend to prefer bags that have 2 straps but this backpack is too great an option with only 1 strap. While this bag only technically has one strap it is a bag it’s a wide strap which greatly disperses the weight which makes it very comfortable to carry for an extended time.

Let me talk about the size of this EDC, is about the perfect size to carry a folder/file of pages (a4 size) along with a host of other smaller things in the many compartments. That’s one of my favorite things about this bag, is has so many different sections and compartments you almost certainly will have the perfect compartment to store anything and everything that you need.

One final thing to mention about this bag is made from a polyester material that feels durable and rugged and I am confident it will be very durable and will stand the test of time. You get all of this for a very affordable price!

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack

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Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

This thing I most love about this bag is it flexibility. What I mean by that is it can be used for a lot of different things. I can use it to carry my trainers and clothes for my visit to the gym, I can use it to carry my GPS and water and snacks for my hiking trip or I can even carry my 15” laptop on my way to work. This backpack is so versatile I love it.

This bag has plenty of pockets and inside slips for anything you want to store inside, exactly 5 exterior pockets and 3 interior slips to be precise. Not only is there a lot of different compartments to store your things but the main compartment is very substantial and should be able to hold a lot of your books, EDC gear or whatever you intend to keep inside. One final thing to mention about this bag is its coated in a waterproof material that does exactly what is says, keeps your belongings dry even when the bag gets covered in water, it’s very consistent and durable and I would recommend this EDC backpack to anyone!Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

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Direct Action Messenger Tactical Bag

While I typically recommend and prefer backpack style bags I would be stupid to not include this EDC shoulder bag because of how great a bag it is!

The form factor of this bag is basically like a briefcase, if you are looking for a lot of room I would recommend another one of the bags I have mentioned here. Don’t get me wrong though there is plenty of room inside this bag.

Because of this bags low profile, it is very light and easy to carry around, definitely a very portable option. If you want to store your laptop inside its possible if its 15” or less anything bigger will not fit. Almost every tablet will fit inside including the iPad pro. There is a compartment that is designed for laptops but it would not fit a 15” laptop so you will have to use the main compartment for that, anything 13” or less will fit in the laptop compartment which allows for the main compartment to be used for whatever you do desire. There are plenty of side pockets for whatever you need to store as well as a pouch for a water bottle as well.

The final thing I would like to talk about is the quality of the bag overall, the seams are very high quality and along with the outside panels which have 3 layers of protection which makes this bag ultra-durable. This bag is the ideal option if you aren’t packing to heavy and want a lightweight bag that is going to stand the test of time because of its incredible quality.Direct Action Messenger Tactical Bag

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SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

This backpack is a great option if you need a lot of space to carry your things. It’s the biggest bag in this roundup – it can hold a 17” laptop to give you an idea of its footprint. Its has plenty of pockets and places to store things inside which is great.

Even though this is the biggest bag in this round up it so comfortable to carry. Mainly because of padded straps that are ergonomic. If you are going to be carrying your bag around a lot this is definitely worth your consideration.SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

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Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack

Red Rock are known to provide quality products, and in this case it’s no different. In terms of durability and quality materials this bag has to be your best bet. The seams all are very well put together and the zippers are very premium. I am sure they will be very durable and stand the test of time solely based on their quality. This backpack is a great option for someone who’s on the go a lot like a hiker or backpacker. As they will put their backpack through a lot more punishment this is a top choice for them.

While this bag doesn’t provide the most space, it still provides plenty of room to store your things inside, it can comfortably store a 13” laptop inside. It’s pockets are particularly big which is ideal for a hiker to store their accessories inside. It also comes with a separate 2 liter pocket which is handy if you need the additional space. This is one of the best travel backpack options and one of the top EDC bags for men.Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack

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