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5 Best Compass Watches in 2020 – Buyers Guide

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Finding the best compass watch for you can sometimes prove difficult. The reason being there are so many options and features that are often included with these compass watches if can sometimes be a little overwhelming which to choose.

Today I am going to help you understand things that you should be looking for when buying a watch with compass functionality and a roundup up of some of my favorite compass watches available on the market. Now let’s help you find the best compass watch for you!

5 Things to Consider Before Purchase

#1 Compass Accuracy:

One of the very first things you should be thinking about from the start is what you need that compass functionality for. If it’s for something where precision is needed you are going to need a watch that’s well renowned for its accuracy and reliability. For people who don’t need the pin point precision but need the general functionality, looking for a watch with such precision won’t be a necessity.

#2 Durability and Build Quality:

Of course to some people it may seem obvious but it is definitely worth mentioning the build quality. It’s especially important if you are going somewhere where the watch will need to be more rugged and durable. Therefore, its important you choose a watch that is made with more durable and long lasting materials. A watch like this Casio watch is a good example of a durable watch it’s band is made from a flexible but strong material called Resin and the main watch enclosure is made from stainless steel which is another high quality material that will for sure stand up well to the elements.

#3 Warranty:

It’s important to consider when buying what warranty is offered with the watch. Not only does a warranty cover for the set amount of time but it usually shows that the manufacturer is willing to stand behind their product. This is an often a really strong sign of a quality product. I would personally advise avoiding watches that don’t offer a warranty or a short 3 months one. Of course the longer the warranty the better. It’s important not to overlook this when buying!

#4 Price and Affordability:

Sometimes a watch that has a big price tag may not be suited to you anymore than its cheaper counterpart which is half the price. Let’s just say for example you want the compass functionality but aren’t particularly fussed if it’s slightly of the perfect reading but still provides a solid consistent reading. If you have this in mind there isn’t much point in spending the extra amount if you are just wanting the watch for the compass functionality alone.

#5 Screen Quality:

It’s nice to have a quality screen that can be read even in the brightest of lights or at night without much problem so it’s definitely worth thinking about.

It’s worth mentioning some displays are larger than others and provide an easier to read screen and even a back-lite screen. But sometimes this can come with some downside. Screens that are larger often need to be charged more frequently and the endurance of these watches just aren’t as good. Especially watches that have a back-lite screen typically use more power than ones without. My advice here is to carefully look for feedback on what watches provide better battery life. Of course if you don’t mind having to top up the battery more frequently then it shouldn’t matter to you about that. One final thing to mention here is watches like the Casio watch have solar power charging built into them. This greatly improves the overall battery life and I would definitely recommend it for someone who seeks long-term endurance with their watch.

My Top 5

#1 Most Affordable

Casio Men’s SGW100-1V Twin Sensor Digital WatchCasio Men's SGW100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Watch

From many reports and my own experience this watches compass accuracy is pretty solid, it usually is perfect or almost perfect which is great considering the price point of this watch. While this watch is more basic in terms of the overall features that it offers, it is still consistent in the main areas. One of my favorite things about this watch is the battery life that it provides. Mainly due to it not being as power hungry as some of the other watches that I have mentioned below its able to have a batter life of about 3 years, that is absolutely absurd. You will most likely struggle to find anything that can compete which this watch in terms of that for the quality it provides and the insane endurance it offers. Some of these watches that have the compass functionality need to be charged as often as every day, so I really hope that it emphasizes the battery life of this beast of a watch!

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#2 Best Screen and Design

Suunto Core Black MilitarySuunto Core All Black Military

This watch has many variations but this one is the what they call the black military one. I really love the design and the build quality. This watch could be easily worn on any occasion it just screams style! Not only does it look great but when you wear this watch you just know it’s a quality product just by the sheer feel of it. Truly marvellous!

This watch has a lot of useful things for activities like hiking or camping. These features include altimeter, barometer and of course the compass. Sometimes these 3 features together are called ABC. It’s one thing having these features but from my testing and people who actually have compared results with the actual ABC tools the results are always very accurate. So if you are looking for accuracy this watch will definitely meet that requirement with flying colors. This watch has a host of other features just click on the image and it will take you to the amazon page so you can take a look at them all for yourself. In terms of style this is one of my favorites.

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#3 Best All Rounder

Casio Men’s Ana-Digi Sport WatchCasio Men's Ana-Digi Sport Watch

The compass feature on this watch is very good. The way it works is the 2nd hand on the watch points to wards the north when activated. While it isn’t the most comprehensive compass functionality it does still do the job but the other features on this watch which make it a great all rounder for me. This watch has a thermometer which is a really handy function that can switch between your desired unit of choice wither Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The watch can also tell you when the next sunrise or sunset will be. I personally really like this feature as when you are hiking it is very important and useful to know when you have to set up because the darkness will fall soon or even whether you want to wake up in the morning to see that beautiful sunrise. I feel this feature is often overlooked and it really adds value to this watch. One final little cool feature I like is the ability to see the different time of other cities around the world, pretty neat. It also comes with all the other functionality you would expect such as stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm and date etc.

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#4 Most Accurate Compass

G-Shock GA-1000-1A Aviation Series Men’s Luxury Watch – Black / One SizeG-Shock GA-1000-1A Aviation Series Men's Luxury Watch - Black / One Size

The accuracy on this watches compass is second to none. Once you hit the compass reading it will give you an accurate reading within a few seconds. After comparing lots of results to the correct one I can say this watch is the most consistent out of any watch I have tested when it comes to providing accurate compass reading.

This watch is not loaded with a lots of features but I sort of like it because of that. If you are just wanting the compass functionality and some other basics this watch is ideal for you because Casio haven’t overloaded it which too many features, to perhaps keep it as simple as possible. I also like the mixture of the design offering both analogue and digital options which is a nice flexibility to have.

A couple of the added features that are useful and worth mentioning are the thermometer and the night mode which basically illuminates the watch to make the analogue portion of the watch light up so you can see it clearly at night. If your mean focus is on accuracy this is the best watch for you.

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#5 My Favorite

Casio Men’s PRW-2500T-7CR Pro Trek Tough Solar Digital Sport WatchCasio Men's PRW-2500T-7CR Pro Trek Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch

I would be here all day explaining the reasons I have chosen this Casio watch as my best compass watch. So let me pin point a few things that I really like most about this watch.

At night it has feature where it recognizes when you look at its screen and it automatically illuminates without you having to press any buttons. Very useful and pretty cool as well.

I love the design of this watch it has a rugged look and has a nice mixture of earthier colors which I enjoy it’s as nice change to the common black watches you often see in this market.

Finally the brilliant 5-month battery life that is consistently topped up by the built in solar power into the watches face. Realistically it could go for longer assuming it get some access to light on a more frequent basis. Some people have reported using this watch for 2 years without having to switch out the battery, it’s incredible for a watch of such power.

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