5 Best Altimeter Watches & Buying Advice – Updated 2020

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There are a great selection of altimeter watches on the market but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming which altimeter watch you should choose. Here I have listed some important things you should look out for when choosing the best altimeter watch for you and some of my favorite altimeter watches available right now.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying

#1 Altimeter accuracy: Something you should consider before making your decision is the accuracy of the altimeter and if you really need pin point accuracy consistently or if you just want something in the correct general area. There is different levels and consistency and these should always be considered before you buy.

#2 Other features: It’s typical that watches that offer an altimeter have other features included, maybe you want them, maybe you don’t. But it’s worth considering some other common features that you should consider.

If you didn’t know altimeter is commonly included alongside to other measuring tools these tools – barometer: used to measure the atmosphere pressure around you usually used to help in determining the weather. The other feature usually included is a compass: of course a compass is used show the direction you are going relative to your current co-ordinates. All these features are usually called together as ABC representing each of the elements. These features are worth considering when you are buying a watch that has the altimeter included.

#3 Reliability and warranty: I would always consider buying a watch that has some sort of warranty provided upon purchase. Not only does this cover you for that set time but it shows that the manufacturer knows the reliability of their product is great and is willing to stand behind it. Of course the longer the warranty the better the protection and usually the better and more consistent the product quality.

#4 Pricing and affordability: Depending on the accuracy that you need with the altimeter some watches provide better accuracy than others and that is worth considering. You can easily go for a lower priced option and the accuracy will be lower but will still can be relatively good, it’s just dependent upon what you really need.

#5 Battery endurance: Some watches will need to be charged frequently as much as every day. Whereas some watches such as this Casio watch can last 6 months or even more. Again when looking at the watch you like always should consider how the battery endurance is and if it meets your needs and requirements before purchasing.

The Top 5

Here I will round up my favorite altimeter watches and decide which is best for each relevant category. Let’s get to it.

Best DesignSuunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Depth Measurement

Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Depth Measurement

While not everyone may be concerned with the design and style of their altimeter watch I personally think it’s an important quality to have especially when you want to use the watch for everyday life not just for the functionality you originally purchased it for.
While this Suunto watch is not just a one design watch I do love the amount of options and different designs and styles with this range. I do like the all black design as can be seen in the photo. There are many other variation and colors which can be seen by clicking here on Amazon. Not only does this watch look great but it also has a premium feel and build quality. Once you put this watch on you know it’s a high quality product just by the sheer feel of it. Luxurious!

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Most Accurate AltimeterCasio Men's PRW-3000-1ACR Protrek Black Sport Watch

Casio Men’s PRW-3000-1ACR Protrek Black Sport Watch
In terms of accuracy with the altimeter this watch is top notch. Every time I have tested this watch the measurements have always been very accurate and matched to the readings that it should be. This isn’t only true for the altimeter but the other measurements including the barometer and compass.
This watch has a lot of other features included like auto calendar, water resistant to 100 meters, can function up to -10 degrees C, thermometer, sunrise/ sunset data, solar powered with 7-month battery. This list goes on and on, its really remarkable how many features this watch comes with its for sure to blow you away. Check out all its features here.

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Best Battery/Endurancecasio watch

Casio Men’s PRW-3000-1ACR Protrek Black Sport Watch

Not only does this watch have the most accurate altimeter but it provides the best battery life on any watch in this category. Casio claim the watch can last 7 months on a single battery and that’s without the any light, so realistically you should be getting more than that thanks to the watches built in solar panel with I really love a lot. If you aren’t familiar with some of these watches that offer altimeter functionality some of them will need recharged as often as daily. This really show that this watches battery is truly outstanding and definitely will last for whatever trip or expedition that you have planned ahead!

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Most AffordableLad Weather German Sensor Weather Forecast/Digital Compass/Altimeter/Barometer Men's Sports Watches

Lad Weather German Sensor Weather Forecast/Digital Compass/Altimeter/Barometer Men’s Sports Watches
This watch is surprising good especially considering the price. While this watch won’t give you a super accurate rating for the altimeter is still does a pretty great job overall, its only about 1-4 feet of what the actual correct amount is at a worst case. So this watch will definitely be suitable for most people out there. I would give it an 8/10 for altimeter accuracy.

The other features on this watch such as the compass and barometer are both very solid and have a surprisingly great accuracy as well. Again I would rate this 9/10 for their accuracy in these areas. I like the design of this watch, it comes with some nice color options and the materials used seems to be of solid quality which will most likely help with the durability in the long run.

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My Favorite Altimeter WatchCasio Men's PAG240-1CR Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch

Casio Men’s PAG240-1CR Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch
Not to be confused with the previous Casio watch that I mentioned earlier. This Casio watch is very similar in many ways to the 1st one. The main difference is the price is usually quite a bit cheaper than the other one and it offers all the features that the other one has just at a better price. I also prefer the design of this watch. It has a more rugged look and style. It’s definitely capable to stand up to your next hiking or camping trip.
To let me emphasize all the features this watch provides let me provide you a list as below:
 -Digital Compass
 -Works at temperatures as low as -10 C
 -31 time zones
 -Automatic calendar
 -Incredible 6 months + battery life
 -Water resistant Design
 -2 Year warranty
I know a watch having all of these features and actually providing them all and them actually working as they should can be a difficult task for Casio. But with this watch everything works perfectly and as it should which is very impressive considering all the technology and options it provides to the user. This is a brilliant starter altimeter watch and it’s my personal favorite best altimeter watch right now!

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