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RTIC Cooler Review – Best Premium Coolers for the Money?

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RTIC are an up and coming brand when it comes to becoming more known and respected when it comes to their cooling products. They offer a selection of different coolers of which are becoming known for providing great overall quality, quality that is similar to the likes of Yeti coolers all at a much more affordable price point. So, can they really live up to the hype? Here in my RTIC cooler review I will give my thoughts on them so you can better decide if they are worth your hard-earned money.

RTIC don’t have a massive selection when it comes to different designs and styles of coolers. Their 2 main options are the base hard cooler which is available in 3 sizes – RTIC 20 Cooler (20 quart), RTIC 45 Cooler (45 quart), RTIC 65 Cooler (65 quart). They are also available in some different colors such as white and tan, but typically the tan color is the best seller and usually goes for the most affordable price. They have a soft pack cooler which they call the RTIC 20 soft pack which means it can hold 20 cans alongside the ice, they also have one which is capable of holding double the RTIC 40 Soft Pack.

RTIC Cooler Review – RTIC Coolers for Sale

RTIC Cooler 65 Quart Tan

As I mentioned before there are different sizes available but I personally used the 65-quart size in the tan cooler. Let me start of by talking about the design and style of this cooler. It has a simple design that looks classy especially in person. It’s roto molded which basically means it’s a very strong and durable piece of material that not only is tough but allows for incredible insulation.

The latches that close the cooler are very strong and sturdy and the material that’s been used feels top quality. This is particularly important for the latches on a cooler. In my past experience when using some other coolers – that tends to be an area that is a weak point but not on this cooler – they are very durable and reliable and will create a tight seal.

When it comes to the size of this cooler – its big, it can hold 64 cans inside and that’s a good general way to know for the other size available so roughly 1 quart = 1 can so then you can decide which would be the best size option for you. So, a good ice to contents ratio is 2-1 or 3-1 so roughly when you have ice inside you can have 40-50 cans which is great.

rtic cooler

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Of course, one of the main tests when it comes to coolers is how long it can keep things cool on the inside and retain the ice. In particular, this size is just incredible when it comes to maintaining the ice inside. After using it for 10 days straight I still had ice inside, that was at temperatures of 80-90. That’s insanely impressive, it’s one of the best coolers when it comes to ice retention I have ever used! When it comes to the other sizes, you are not going to get just the same length of ice retention when compared with the bigger model but most people are saying that even the smallest size of 20-quart is able to retain ice for 5-6 days in 90+ weather. It shows that all of 3 size options have absolutely amazing ice retention and that’s my guess of why they are becoming so popular.

On this 65-quart version the handles are solid and easy to carry, though when the cooler is full it would be a hard task for one person to carry alone, so you can either have 2 people carry it or buy a cart with wheels like this one, so you can easily move the cooler even when its full.

This RTIC cooler is easy for me to recommend, it offers everything that you would expect from a premium cooler like a Yeti cooler all at a much more affordable price, it’s truly a great purchase!

rtic cooler 65 quart

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RTIC Soft Cooler

RTIC 20 Soft Pack

If you are looking for a smaller and more portable option, a cooler like the RTIC Soft Cooler could be the perfect option for you. It measures in at 9.25” wide, 13.25” long and 14” tall. Basically, this makes it so simple and easy to carry – it’s very portable. The strap is strong and well padded, so even when the cooler is fully loaded its comfortable to carry even for an extended time. I personally carried it for 2 hours and it didn’t feel uncomfortable at any point.

When it comes to the design of this cooler, its looks simple and high quality, it has a small zipped compartment on the front side and a mesh compartment on the back side for some small storage options. The main compartment where you will be keeping things cool makes up for most of the space. When I am reviewing coolers that have a zips it’s important that the zipper works well and creates a tight seal, tend to be a problem on lower quality coolers. In both cases, it does a great job – the zipper never stuck or got caught and created a tight seal – it worked as you work expect from a premium product.

RTIC 20 Soft Pack

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How the insulation works on the cooler is basically the main compartment is surrounded by foam insulation roughly 1 inch on the top and bottom and 2 inches on the sides which obviously greatly helps with ice retention.

When comparing this cooler to a hard-sided cooler like the one above it’s not going to match it when it comes to ice retention but for a soft sided cooler it is just amazing. I could get 3-4 days of ice retention in temperatures of 70-80, it keeps everything so cold for that time which I was mightily impressed with.

A common problem with some cheaper coolers like this one is the cooler sweats and condensation starts to cover the outside which means you must dry it if you want to carry it. With this cooler, you won’t have this problem which is a nice advantage to have.

This cooler is truly a great option if you want something that offers more portability than a hard-sided cooler. You get all the quality you would expect from a high-end cooler but at low end price, its such great value for money and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

RTIC 20 Soft Pack back

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