Pelican Coolers for Sale – Are they Worth it?

pelican coolers for sale

When it comes to pelican coolers for sale you have a plethora of different options and choices so you should easily be able to find the one that is best suited to you.

Pelican are compared with some of their competitors like Yeti often resulting in Yeti vs Pelican discussions, I will discuss that later in this article.

Pelican Coolers for Sale – The Top 3

#1 Pelican Elite Cooler

This Pelican elite cooler is available in 3 different sizes 30 quart, 50 quart and 70 quart, it’s also available in a selection of different color options as well to best suit your needs. When it comes to design I personally like this pelican cooler the most, not only does it look classy and high end but it’s also so durable and rugged.  

Everything about this cooler is top notch – the build quality being a roto molded construction is great along with the hinges being easy to use and creating an air tight seal which is of course important for holding ice. When it comes to holding ice I was able to easily get a week of ice retention in temperatures of 80+ , so you are going to get amazing ice retention, and that’s the main reason they are so popular. This pelican cooler has a drain plug if needed which can be useful.

One thing I didn’t mention about this cooler and the other Pelican coolers above it that they have a lifetime warranty. Not only does this cover you if you ever do happen to have an issue but it shows that the company is willing to stand behind their product and that is of more value that the warranty itself. It’s usually of no surprise that products that come with longer warranties never need to make use of them and Pelican are no exception to that! It’s also worth mentioning that all Pelican cooler are made in the USA this basically means a more quality and higher end production that of which can’t be said for some of the other cooler alternatives.

#2 Pelican Wheeled Cooler

A common problem with some bigger coolers is that when they are heavily loaded they can become very difficult to carry. This wheeled cooler is available in 2 different sizes 45 Quart and 80 Quart. Having the wheels built into the cooler alongside the handle which you will use to pull it. Having the wheels makes for a cooler that would have been more difficult to move much easier and more simple to transport. I often wish many other coolers would offer this option because it’s so beneficial to have.

When it comes to ice retention this cooler is tremendous. On the 45 Quart version, I could get 10 days of ice retention in temperatures of 70-80. That was so impressive, that’s comparable to the other best coolers on the market, which are in usually more expensive than the Pelican coolers so that’s an important selling point to consider.

When it comes to the build quality this cooler is excellent. The main body of the cooler is made from a roto molded construction which not only makes for great quality and durability but it also greatly improves the insulation which in turn allows for the amazing ice retention times. Pelican are the ideal cooler if you are planning on using them mainly for storing drinks – they have cup holders on the top side on the lid and a bottle opener on the front middle of the cooler, both of which are a handy inclusion.

#3 Pelican ProGear Elite Cooler, 65 Quart

This variant of Pelican coolers is available in a host of different sizes from 35-Quart all the way up to 150-Quart. It is also available in a host of different color options anything from white to orange, you are sure to find that right size and color that suits you best. Here I personally opted for the 65-quart size which is the middle of the road when it comes to the different size options.

When it comes to all Pelican coolers there are usually a few things that stand out when comparing to other coolers. Their durability, value for money and ice retention.

First off let me talk about durability – this cooler is built like a tank, it is one of the most durable coolers I have ever used. It is strong and I dragged and dropped it and it didn’t show any signs of wear. The value for money on this cooler and all Pelican coolers are great, they are usually only a fraction of the cost when comparing with the likes of Yeti. Of course, the ice retention on this cooler is amazing.

I could get 7-8 days of ice retention on these coolers in temperatures of 90+ so I am sure if the temperature is lower you can easily get 10-11 days which is really top of the line when it comes to coolers, and that’s the main selling point of this cooler and all Pelican coolers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size is best for me?

If you are considering which size is best and you are concerned about ice retention the bigger sizes are going to slightly edge out the smaller sizes when it comes to ice retention but the difference is quite small overall.

When it comes to sizes, 40-60 Quart should be plenty for most families on a 4-5 day camping trip, a good size indication is a 1-1 ratio meaning a 50 quart cooler can hold 50 cans of drinks alongside ice, this is a good size estimate to follow if you aren’t sure.

Pelican Coolers Vs Yeti – Are Pelican Better?

I often get the question about Pelican coolers vs yeti. When comparing the 2 each have their own pros and cons, let me explain a few of them. Pelican are more durable than Yeti and that also makes them a little heavier in general. Pelican have similar ice retention to Yeti coolers – its almost identical.

Pelican are only a fraction of the cost of Yeti and are without a doubt better value for money than a Yeti cooler is. There are many things that you can compare but it is often down to your personal preference and what you need from a cooler. Hopefully this has given you a little insight to choose the best option for you.

Should I buy a Pelican Cooler?

It’s easy for me to recommend Pelican, they have all the qualities of a cooler that is double or even triple the price. Brilliant ice retention, some of the most durable coolers on the market and all at a great price point. If you are already thinking of buying one, go and take the plunge and make a great investment that is going to last you for years and years to come!

Be sure to check out my article Coolers like Yeti but Cheaper to see the other options you have!

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