K2 Summit 20 Review – Best Premium Cooler at an Affordable Price?

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If you are looking for a cooler that can live up to the hype of a cooler like a Yeti cooler, then this cooler could be an ideal choice for you. It has everything you would want from a premium and high end cooler all at an unexpected great price point. Here in my K2 Summit 20 Review I will cover all aspects of this cooler to find out if it really lives up to the hype and if it’s worth buying.

K2 Summit 20 Review

Build Quality

The K2 Summit 20 is made from a roto-molded polyethylene, it is one piece which means better insulation and longer ice retention than a unit with many pieces where heat can be lost. Where the cooler is held together using latches which are made from positrac, they feel strong and will close securely to keep inside cool. The carrying strap is well-padded and comfortable to carry even when the cooler is fully loaded. There are also rubber feet on the underside of the unit which stops the cooler from moving around that’s particularly useful when on a smooth surface.

In terms of capacity I was able to fit inside 24 cans and 10lbs of ice and was able to see impeccable ice retention which I will cover in the next section. The cooler measures in at 12.6 x 15.6 x 16.9 inches and weighs about 14 pounds. This means it’s quite portable for a hard sided cooler and not overly big or bulky which makes transportation quite simple and easy which is quite importantfor some users.

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Ice Retention

When it comes to the ice retention on this unit you are recommended to have a 2:1 ice ratio meaning 2 thirds of the cooler would be your contents and the other third would be ice. In my experience, you don’t need to put as much ice inside, it would only be recommended if you are wanting to obtain a longer ice retention. About a quarter to a fifth of ice was plenty for me to easily for 2-3 days of ice retention. In fact, the ice barely melted at all in the first 48 hours which shows how well the cooler functions. If you want longer ice retention and you go for the 2:1 ice ratio you are easily going to get 4 days of ice retention even in hotter weather of 30 Celsius. In terms of sheer value for money in terms of ice retention you are going to struggle to find a cooler that is better for the price or in fact even in the same ball park.


I decided to include a style category because of how impressed I was by how this cooler looks. It is available in 3 different colors – grey, white and green. All of which look classy and premium especially in person. I personally used the white one and get a lot of remarks asking what cooler it was and how fancy it looked. If you are looking to make an impression this is a great choice!

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Value for Money

Sometimes when I review a cooler and it offers everything you need and more but the price is way too high, then it wouldn’t offer such get value for money even though it was a brilliant cooler overall. If you are on the market for a cooler that offers all the premium features like superb ice retention and build quality all at a price that is cheaper than its competitors then a K2 Summit 20 is a ideal choice. While a Yeti cooler for example may offer small advantages over this K2 Summit 20, they are often not worth the price difference and this is why the K2 Summit 20 is such a great purchase!


I wanted to mention about this coolers warranty. It has a 7-year warranty. Yes, you read that right it has a 7-year warranty! Not only does this offer a nice level of cover for many years but that often shows confidence in the quality of the product. Typically, companies who offer such a long warranty know that their product is premium and going to last, so it’s proof of that.

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Round Up

If you are on the market for a high-end cooler without the high end price this is a great option for you. If offers all the features you would expect of a cooler of double the price – brilliant ice retention, amazing and durable build quality. Its easily one of the best coolers I have used and I can recommend it knowing that it will do its job all while looking cool and lastly for years to come!

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