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5 Dog Camping Tips – Perfect For the Avid Camper

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Ever since I was a young kid I loved camping and being outdoors though I wasn’t always a dog lover from birth. That suddenly changed when I came across CollectiBulldogs site where I suddenly fell in love with bulldogs. 

I particularly loved the backstory of the bulldogs and the images which made it more personal for me. From that point I decided to get a bulldog myself and we have been happily in love ever since then. 

Of course being an avid camper myself we take our dog with us whenever we go camping and some thing I hadn’t considered was some of the issues that came up when we were camping when I first got my dog I wish I had known prior to going. 

Below I am going to talk about some of the tips and advice I have learnt from my own experiences so you can truly enjoy your next camping trip with your dog!

Dog Camping Tips – Our Top 5 

1. Find The Right Campsite

Some campsites simply don’t allow pets. Needless to say you should look before you go about the campsite and that they allow dogs. 

Some campsites cater to dogs whereas others just simply allow them, ones that cater to them more have facilities and utilities that could maybe be useful and there is no doubt that one of these campsites is the ideal choice.

2. Bring a Pet First Aid

There has been a couple of situations where I had been camping and needed a first aid kit for my pet. Needless to say, I didn’t have the foresight to bring one with me before. It’s a valuable thing that should be considered and brought for every trip. 

Keep in mind that a regular first aid designed for people isn’t the same – you should get one that is made particularly for pets. They are relatively inexpensive and can be bought for relatively cheap from amazon here.

3. Camping and Barking Dogs Don’t Go Together

In case you didn’t already know if you have a rowdy dog that is prone to barking don’t take them on your camping trip. The reason I say that is because there is nothing worse than a dog constantly barking when you are camping. 

It’s best to get your dog to the point where they are calm and more comfortable with strangers around when they aren’t barking often if at all. Perhaps you really still want to go camping and your dog has this problem finding a secluded camping spot may be a good alternative for you. 

4. Bring Towels 

Keeping your dog dry and clean is important when you go camping. In fact I learnt the hard way because my dog had a problem with nail fungus that I believed was because I didn’t keep him dry and as clean as I should have.

Sometimes a simple but effective piece of advice is to bring towels with you. Whether your dog gets wet or damp or his paws get muddy having some towels on hand will be extremely useful. 

If you have ever been out with your dog for a longer time and he has gotten dirty or wet you will know how much of an annoyance is it. This is only amplified when you are camping because you simply don’t have a quick solution at hand unless you have a towel or something like that with you.

5. Clean Up After Your Dog

As silly as it might seem to remind you it’s important to scoop the poop. Not just so the smell doesn’t linger but also for the respect of other campers who are nearby or campers who may come after you. 

There is nothing worse than a bad smell at the campsite so we don’t want this to happen if we can avoid it.

Dog Camping Tips – Conclusion

Whether you are a serious camper or a casual these tips will prove helpful for everyone involved. Usually the most seemingly simple tips are often the most useful and practical and in this case it proves even more true. Either way have a great adventure with you and your doggie!

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